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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

EYC’s autumn walk art

The Rainbows looked at art by Andy Goldworthy and used the natural materials they had collected during their autumn walk to make their own art.

Year 3’s Ancient Egyptian scavenger hunt

This morning in maths Class 3 children have completed an Ancient Egyptian scavenger hunt challenge. First they had to solve calculations in order to find the letters on the scavenger hunt! Using the letters they had found they then had to decode a mystery message……..THE GREAT SPHINX 👀

Year 5’s Mighty Maths Mission

Class 5 investigated the relationship between distance from the sun and time to orbit it. We designed our experiment, checked for anomalous results and drew conclusions from the data.

Year 5 – 51 Things to do at Southwold

We have created art from natural materials, tracked bugs around the Forest Schools area and made shelters for us and for wild animals.

EYC celebrate Harvest Festival

EYC held their harvest festival yesterday. We learned about where our food comes from and how we can help people who don’t have money to buy food. We sang some harvest songs and enjoyed joining in with actions. A big thank you for the donations!

Year 1 – Always Award

Class 1 are loving the glow in the dark dodgeball for the always award. It was so much fun!!

Community Rangers support Lenton and Wollaton Day of Action

Today our Community Rangers, supported the Lenton and Wollaton Day of Action. They joined the community litter pick and helped to clean our local park with help from: our local councillors, Neighbourhood Development Officer and Community Protection Officers.

The children will have returned to school to promote the importance of keeping our streets clean and looking after the community to their peers.

The children were amazing and are a credit to the school and community.

Year 2 – Always Award

Class 2 have enjoyed their always award. Glow in the dark dodgeball is so fun!

Year 2 become Rosa Parks

Class 2 have been learning about Rosa Parks and her bravery in making a stand against segregation. We have been writing a diary as if we are Rosa Parks and to help us understand what a trial was, we held our own mock trial.

Year 1 build boats for Pirate Sam

Class 1 are making boats for Pirate Sam so he can sail around the Pacific Ocean! Let’s hope they don’t sink!!!

World Champion boxer Jawaid Khaliq visits Southwold

KS2 children listened to the first British Asian World boxing champion, Jawaid Khaliq, talk about his fascinating life. They enjoyed a high energy Boxercise session – a truly inspirational day. We loved meeting Jawaid and hearing his story as part of our Black Future Month.

EYC – Poetry Day

Rainbows watched Michael Rosen’s Chocolate cake on Thursday which made us laugh out loud! Today, we shared some poems of Michael Rosen to the class, and we looked at some simpler poems.

EYC – World Mental Health Day

What a busy day we’ve had in EYC! As part of ‘World Mental Health Day’, we have come to school dressed in bright colours.  This is to make us feel happy.  We read the story of the ‘Colour Monster’ and acted it out using coloured scarves to represent the different emotions. We also played an emotions matching game and drew five people who we could talk to if we were feeling sad.

Year 2 trip to Criche

Class 2 went on a trip to Crich Tramway museum on Tuesday. They had a great day learning about how trams were powered and how they have changed. They enjoyed riding old trams and going on a woodland walk, spotting different wood carvings. Did you know it took 12 horses to pull a tram in one day?

Year 1 World Mental Health Day

Look how colourful Class 1 are for world mental health day!!! Be happy everyone!!!

Year 3 trip to Beeston Lock

Yesterday Class 3 went to Beeston Lock to conduct some geography fieldwork. We learned about the history of the canal, looked for geographical features in a treasure hunt and collected data on how the canal is used today. We even had time to play Pooh sticks as part of our 51 things to do at Southwold!

EYC’s treasure hunt

EYC have been reading the story of ‘The Treasure Hunt’.  We were very lucky to receive a letter from Percy inviting us to join in with his treasure hunt.  We had such fun following the clues and finding the treasure.  Luckily, the animals looked after the treasure before Percy had a chance to eat it all. Yummy!

Forest Schools

It was Group 2’s turn to build shelters, learning important lessons about compromise, listening, sharing and friendship along the way.

Year 1 paint with Steve Brazier

Class 1 were so very lucky to have an artist come into class to show us how he paints using water colour. We were amazed to see how he paints whilst being visual impaired and it inspired us to paint like him.

Year 2 explore transport with charcoal

Class 2 used charcoal to create drawings of different modes of transport that could be found in Radford both now and in the past. They explored using the charcoal and blended with their fingers, before drawing their final masterpieces.

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