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Please have a look at all the amazing learning experiences that go on here of which we are very proud. We regularly update our school calendar and upload blogs and newsletters to make sure parents and pupils have the information they need. Please feel free to contact the school directly with any queries you may have.

Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Year 3 – Big Arts

Class 3 have enjoyed learning about Batik during Big Arts Week.  We created Egyptian-themed Batik coasters.

Year 1 Computing

Class 1 have loved having the laptops out. They were amazing at logging onto them and onto purple mash and making their own avatars. It was so much fun!

Year 1 Big Arts

Class 1 have loved exploring their facial features and looking at the colour of their eyes and hair. The best bit was actually painting the portraits of themselves.

EYC’s big art attack!

EYC have enjoyed making their big art attack using objects within EYC garden, and transient art pictures with natural objects that they have collected.

Year 3 work with dictionaries

Class 3 have been expanding their vocabulary! We have been using our dictionary skills.

Year 3 hook day – Ancient Egypt

As an introduction to their new project about Ancient Egypt, Year 3 enjoyed making clay cartouches and inscribing them with hieroglyphics!

EYC experiment with ‘germs’!

EYC did an experiment to show how liquid soap can get rid of the germs. It’s amazing!

They had a bowl of water and sprinkled black pepper in pretending that it was the germs. The children then put their finger with soap on into the bowl of water and noticed that the black pepper went to the sides of the bowl. That showed them that the liquid soap repelled the germs away.

Year 5 Space Hook day

As a way of introducing our Space topic Year 5 have been:

    • Experiencing what its like to eat space food, (not great!)
    • Making moons from clay.
    • Sewing constellation patterns.

We can’t wait to answer all those questions and discover everything we can!

Year 4 digestive science

“How does our digestive system fit in our body?”

These were Class 4’s guesses before today’s science lesson. How close were we?

Year 6 experience the Battle of Britain

Yesterday afternoon, Year 6 gained an insight into what it might have been like for a London family during August 1940. They entered the classroom with the sounds, smells, and fears of the Battle of Britain. They sought protection inside our Anderson shelter because German planes were flying overhead. We listened to the rallying cries of Churchill’s ‘finest hour’ speech and created our own lines of enquiry to investigate.

Pupils later examined how and why WW2 started, who its leaders were and what was meant by ‘The Phoney War’

Doughnut competitions!

The Tiger bubble and the Penguin bubble went, ‘head to head’ in a doughnut eating competition.  Children had to put their hands behind their back and only use their mouth to eat the doughnut. The Penguins won!  We couldn’t leave out the teachers though, so Mrs Benner, Mrs Beresford and Miss Wilkinson also went, ‘head to head’  – there’s no surprise that Mrs Benner won!

The Gingerbread Man

This week Year 1 have loved the story of The Gingerbread Man and have baked and decorated their own characters.

Dance Around The World

Active Notts and the Notts SGO Network have worked in partnership to develop a series of free dance resources that are aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils (although Key Stage 2 and Foundation children may also enjoy taking part). “Dance Around the World” resources comprise of a video of approx. 10 minutes which includes a warm up, dance routine (linked to a country) and a simple worksheet to accompany each dance. We are encouraging our pupils to use them at home to help young people to stay mentally and physically healthy through taking part in physical activity. Two resources will be released each week with the first two being Africa and Egypt and can be downloaded from:

We really hope that you find the resources useful and your children enjoy taking part!

RSE Day 2020

Don’t forget to take part in activities linked to RSE Day 2020 on Thursday 25 June – please note that the link to the web page where you can find information and where the live streaming will be held has changed and is now  

 Lots of information and further links can be found below:

Nottingham Music Service are proud to be a part of RSE Day 2020 alongside other local Arts organisations, and we hope you will enjoy the activities that we have created:

 10.50am – Secondary activity

Nottingham Music Hub explore collaboration and cooperation through the music of Liam Bailey. Nottingham musician Liam sings the emotional song ‘Love My Neighbour’, performed as part of the Hockley Hustle festival 2017. Claire Dyer analyses Liam’s words and encourages us to think about the meaning behind the song.  The task is to think about Liam’s lyrics: what is he trying to say? Can you create a story, poem, rap or song based on the themes of Liam’s song?  

11.00am – Activity suitable for All

Nottingham Music Hub explore collaboration and cooperation through the song ‘If Every Child Could’. This song is a collaborative piece written and performed by pupils in Nottingham schools. What would happen if every child could? Using the phrase ‘If every child could…’ create your own set of lyrics – collaborate with your family or classmates!  

 11.20am – Activity suitable for age 7 – Adult

Nottingham Music Hub explore collaboration and cooperation through the Voces 8 method. Join Graham as he takes us through a vocal collaboration piece, using 8 different musical ideas from across the world and layering them to create a piece of music. Have fun with your family, classmates and teachers producing a wonderful collaborative piece of music following Graham’s instructions!


Music from Nottingham Music Hub – listen along to a selection of music as you eat your lunch!

We can’t wait to hear how you get on with these challenges, and hope that you have a really great day on RSE Day 2020!

Get involved in RSE Day 2020!

On Thursday 25th June RSE day will be taking place. Throughout the day there will be a livestream for children and parents to get involved in.

On the day various artists will also be setting creative challenges for children and families to have a go themselves. The links to watch and join in will be added to the page below on the day.

The theme for RSE Day 2020 is Books I Love About Love and Read On Nottingham and Nottingham City Libraries have created special book lists around the theme. They have selected inspiring stories, novels and non-fiction books, which will develop love, kindness, understanding and empathy in children, young people and adults alike. Schools and families can join in by reading and sharing their favourite books about relationships and love using the hashtags #booksIloveaboutlove and #RSEdayNottm @RSE_day

You can also find 10 Ideas for RSE Day 2020 for Parents and Carers on the RSE Day website.

Nottingham Music Hub online lessons

The Nottinham music hub been very busy creating new resources for children with and without instruments, as well as preparing for our exciting city-wide musical project Babethandaza! The first lessons are now available on the Digital Lessons page of the Nottingham Music Hub website, and on the Nottingham Music Hub YouTube channel!

In addition to these, there lessons for children in any year without an instrument, including Somewhere Over the Rainbow Lesson 2.

For children with a flute, they have new lessons being uploaded very soon in both the Easier and Harder KS2 folders.

For children with a guitar, they have new lessons on Winding Stairs and Yankee Doodle.

RSE Day 2020

Two years ago we were delighted to take part in the first ever RSE day and we had so many comments about our wonderful photo of all the bunting that we had made about our families. It made me feel very proud of our lovely school.

On Thursday 25th June we will be celebrating RSE day again. It is an annual celebration of excellent Relationships and Sex Education that educates children and young people about healthy relationships and positive sexual health. We have enjoyed taking part in this wonderful celebration yearly.

However, this year it will be slightly more challenging, but I know that it is something that we can still do as a school.

The theme this year is “Books I love about love.”


A letter has been sent out this week with your learning packs with lots of ideas for you, so that you can get started on creating some fantastic work to celebrate this special day. The closing date for your entries is Monday 22nd June.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Mrs Stone

Mr K’s Garden Species Survey

Here’s my list of animals who shared my garden during my survey. There are many others who come and go like swifts, buzzards, sparrow hawks and gulls. I hope you like the video of the newts and the leech at the end. I’d love to hear about and see any photos of animals you found.

Biodiversity day with Mr K

To mark Biodiversity day here are some of the animals I share my garden with. Why don’t you try going on your own backyard safari. I will be spending an hour counting all the different species I see using my garden and hopefully photographing a few.

If you want to join me, sit quietly in your garden with a pencil and piece of paper and watch and listen for birds and flying insects. Each time you see one make a mark on your paper. If you can, take a photo to help you identify the different species. ( we’d love to see your photos and who knows, may be able to help identify any you’re struggling with!)

After half an hour or so, quietly and carefully explore the plants for mini beasts. Look under stones, leaves, sticks (always remembering to put everything back as you found it) Again, every time you find something, make a mark and take a photo if you can. If you have a pond make sure you explore it safely with an adult.

Alternatively take your paper and pencil with you when you go out for your exercise and count all the different animals your see whilst you’re out. Again please take some photos if you can.

Let us know how many you find and remember to send us some photos

VE Day challenge

Some of our pupils rose to the VE Day challenge and completed some high quality activities – thank you for sharing these, you have been working hard! We hope you enjoyed the VE Day celebrations

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