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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Rainbows Maths day

We talked about how maths was all round us. The children did not believe me, so we looked at numerals on food packaging and talked about what it was for. We watched a clip about Mrs Winkler making a pasta bake for dinner. She was right, there was a lot of maths!

Because we are reading about Goldilocks, we made porridge. Again, the maths language kept coming: double, sharing, full, empty, 180 ml, 800 W and 1 minute. At the end, we checked if more children liked porridge or not like it. Guess what? We had lots of Goldilocks!

EYC Home learners – Chinese dragons

We cannot believe all of these wonderful Chinese dragons that the children are making at home!

EYC make pancakes!

As it’s pancake day on 16th February EYC children have been learning how to make them. They loved eating them and the favourite topping was maple syrup.  What fun they had later tossing the pancake!

Year 1 make fruit salad

The children have made their very own fruit salad. They chopped, peeled and cut the different fruits. They had apples, pears, bananas, oranges and raisins. The children said they were delicious! They did brilliantly, well done!

Year 6 Safer Internet Day

Year 6 remote learners explored methods used to encourage people to buy things online as part of Safer Internet Day. They found examples of when and why it is important to understand the motive behind online content. 

Year 1 are SMART!

Class 1 have been learning how to stay safe on the internet and what we should do if we need help. We know the SMART rules. Safe, Meet, Accept, Reliable, Tell. Are you a SMART internet user?

Year 3 use data handling software

Class 3 loved using data handling software to calculate how much it would cost to buy a robot!!

Year 6 Junior MasterChef Challenge

We have been blown away by our next generation of chefs: Year 6 home learners took part in our Junior MasterChef Challenge. They had to create two of their own dishes. As always, they went above and beyond and created a 3-course menu!

Year 4 draw Vikings

Year 4’s blended learning session this afternoon was making accurate drawings of people, including proportion and placement, whilst drawing Vikings! Children tried hard to draw the effect of light/shadows – didn’t they do well?!

EYC’s feel good Friday!

We had a feel good Friday, learning all about emotions and how we can make ourselves and our class puppets feel happy. We made fruit faces, did yoga, relaxed with cucumber on our eyes and made yummy feelgood smoothies.

Year 3 get creative with pneumatics

Class 3 engineers have designed and made robots which use pneumatics to move it’s parts. WOW! What creativity we have seen!

Celebrating Year 3’s future engineers!

Celebrating our home learners and future engineers. Look at our robotic hands designed to solve challenges!

Year 4’s highs and lows

Year 4 home and school learners talked honestly about the highs and lows of lockdown, then created rollercoasters to display their feelings, as part of Children’s Mental Health Week.

Southwold Superstars!

Two home and two school learners are recognised from each class every week for their amazing effort in learning. Home learners receive their certificates through the post. We can’t wait to find out who are our Superstars today!

Our Rainbows are connected!

The Rainbow class did a SCARF lesson about how we are not all together at the moment but how we are still feeling connected. In school and at home, children decorated their jigsaw piece. The jigsaw pieces of the children who are currently in school are displayed on our window. We cannot wait to have all the pieces together and make our jigsaw complete. We have seen on Tapestry that the pieces at home also look amazing!

EYC’s Home/School Maths

Did you know that the Rainbows are all able to do the same maths? The children in school and at home get the same lessons. In school, we use counters to work out our maths problems, but at home children have been very creative in finding things to use. The teachers are very impressed with all the learning that is happening!

EYC ‘The Train Ride’

Mrs Beresford read the story ‘The Train Ride’ for the children to watch on Tapestry. She also sang the song ‘The Train is a Coming, Oh Yes’ for the children to learn.

Today the Trekker children had the task of cutting out shapes and using them to make their own train following the instructions demonstrated on Tapestry.

Class 6 prepare for our Spring Bloom!

As soon as the sunshine came out today, Year 6 took the chance to dig and plant some flower seeds, ready for a spring bloom! It will be lovely to have colourful flowers everywhere on site.

Class 6 enjoy maths

Year 6 have been estimating, measuring and converting metric measurements at home and in school!

Year 3 Home Learners create robots

Look at these fabulous robots created by our amazing Year 3 home learners, using anything they could find around the house – they have been so resourceful

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