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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

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Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Year 5 Street Dance with Freedom Foundation

Year 5 are so very lucky to have Freedom Foundation UK teaching them street dance sessions this term. The focus already on self-esteem, self-awareness and resilience is amazing.

Stanley visits EYC

EYC had a lovely visitor today: our school dog, Stanley! Mrs Clifford taught us all about how to look after him and we had lots of questions. We took him for a walk around the big playground and played ‘fetch’ with his ball. He was so well behaved and we loved playing with him.

Year 4 create Viking shields

Year 4 have learned about how the Vikings used their shields to protect themselves when invading. We saw how they created a wall with their shields. We trained using our shields and practised creating the ‘tortoise shell’ of protection against arrows from Viking invaders (Mrs Blair throwing foam javelins!!)

Year 2 Dot painting

Year 2 learned the dot painting technique to create their own Aboriginal hand print to represent humans belonging to and protecting the earth. They chose their own symbols and earth colours and compared dot painting to pointillism, a more modern form of dot painting.

Year 5 Collaboration challenge

Year 5 took part in a collaboration challenge! We were only allowed 6 sheets of newspaper and 4 pieces of sellotape. We had 20 minutes to build the tallest tower. There were prizes for the winners and those showing the best teamwork.

Year 6 grafitti!

Some of Year 6’s graffiti tags – aren’t they effective?!

Year 5 recreate the New York skyline

In Year 5, we have used our knowledge of creating gradients and making shadows from last term to create these beautiful New York skyline pictures.

Year 4 Project Hook Day

In Year 4 we have loved the project hook days and are busy creating an immersive Viking classroom environment! Look at the amazing shields we have designed and made and the figure head for our Viking longship!

Year 3 Project Hook Day

Year 3 have been busy during their hook days to launch into their new project: ‘Can we survive without robots?’ They have designed and built robot models, completed effective chalk drawings and created robot personas! The classroom is already full of robots!

Year 5 Project Hook Day

For our first project hook activities, Year 5 created totem poles, following the patterns from the North American tribes and using bright colours to make them stand out. We stacked 3 different sections and created fierce animal heads to match the true Native American style! We also made North American dream catchers.

EYC Perfect Pet Project

This term EYC’s project is, ‘Which amazing animal is your perfect pet?’  For our ‘wow starter’, we made animal masks and pretended to visit the zoo.  We went into the hall and used the equipment to hop like a rabbit, slide like a seal, bounce like a kangaroo, hide in the mountains like a bear and balance across the bridges trying hard not to get eaten by the sharks. Such fun!

Year 6 Project Hook Day

As part of Year 6’s hook days into their new project, they took inspiration from the anonymous artist, Banksy, to create their own stylised graffiti tags. They demonstrated skills in colour contrasting, repeated sketching and shadow outlining. They can’t wait to create more graffiti walls!

EYC Christmas party fun

EYC have had a fantastic Christmas party.  We played party games, ate lots of yummy food, played pass the parcel and even had a visit and a present from Santa!

House Team challenge design winners

School Parliament and House captains had the tricky task of choosing the winners of the house team challenge – to design the inside of one of our beach huts! There were so many entries and they chose winners or runners up from each class. We will now use elements from the nine winning designs to create amazing beach hut spaces! Pupil leadership is so strong!

KS1 Achievement, Behaviour and Kindness winners

Congratulations to our KS1 achievement, behaviour and kindness winners of Autumn Term 2021 – you should be very proud of your teachers’ positive comments about your amazing attitudes and achievements!

KS2 Achievement, Behaviour and Kindness winners

Congratulations to our KS2 achievement, behaviour and kindness winners of Autumn Term 2021 – your teachers shared all about your wonderful attitudes and achievements and you should be very proud of yourselves!

Christingle at St Peter’s Church

What a lovely morning attending a Christingle service especially for our school at St Peter’s Church in Radford. Huge thanks to all at St Peter’s for our warm welcome and special service – and for the Christingle for everyone!  It has been a long time since we visited the church due to the pandemic, so it was great to go back!

EYC – Christmas Jumper day

EYC Christmas Jumper Day was EYC Christmas FUN day!!

Environment Week showcase assembly

A huge well done to all our classes, who presented their learning to the rest of the school in our Environment Week showcase assembly – wow! You really know so much and understand the importance of making a difference to our world!

Lilian Greenwood’s Christmas card competition

Well done to all of the children who were recognised by Lilian Greenwood MP for their highly commended entries in her Christmas card competition – and of course to the overall runner up!

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