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Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Nature Garden Project – Session 4

Today our pupils helped to create our ‘Beebay’ with a variety of habitats for wildlife to enjoy.

The children also planted shrubs to create a green wall on our school grounds.

Our horticulturalists were very impressed with their collaboration, resilience and care for nature.

Year 6 transition workshop

This morning, Year 6 had their final Transition workshop – this time with Into University. After a brief recap of their Into University journey since Year 4, the focus changed to moving up to secondary school in September. Children completed four activities including giving advice, timetabling and skills. After their recent visits to their secondary schools and the recent workshops, children are excited for September!

EYFS Stay and Play

EYFS had a great time at their stay and play. Mummies and daddies enjoyed it too . We also enjoyed being outside using all the scooters, bikes and climbing.

Year 3 & 4’s project exhibition

It was lovely to see so many parents engaging in their children’s learning today at the Year 3 and 4 project exhibition. We were particularly impressed with your Roman army testudo (tortoise) formation!

Key Stage 1 trip to Bolsover Castle

This week Key Stage 1 finished their topic all about castles, as part of our Creativity Collaboratives project with a great visit to Bolsover castle.  The children had the chance to see parts of the old ruins of the castle, look out over the battlements, see rooms as they may have originally been used and dress up in traditional clothing.  What a great first hand experience for the children to have to enhance their learning.

UK Parliament Assembly

Our Key Stage 2 pupils took part in an assembly delivered by UK Parliament. Pupils learnt about The Houses of Parliament, The House of Commons and The House of Lords. The discussed a proposed bill, shared their opinions and voted. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed learning about democracy as part of their British Values.

Turning Grey into Green Spaces – Nature Park Project

Our horticulturalists, pupils and parents worked on the next phase of the Nature Park Project. Trees and shrubs were planted to help create ‘green walls’ and wild gardens in our school grounds. The allotment was also tended too: weeding and more planting.

Winner of Great Green Read National Literacy trust competition

Well done to our pupil for her amazing story about a group of rabbits and a trickster badger and sly fox! She won the Great Green Read National Literacy Trust competition and was presented with two beautiful books and a certificate today, as well as, some wonderful books for our school. Keep writing you clever girl – perhaps you’ll become a famous author one day. Well done!

Year 3 Science

This afternoon in science we tested the permeability of 6 soils; clay soil, chalk soil, clay loam, sandy soil, chalk loam and peat soil. We poured 300 ml of water through each soil. After 5 minutes, we measured how much water was in our beaker.

Family Garden – Session 2

Today are Green Team and pupils, staff, parents and horticulturalist Andy worked on the school allotment. Pathways were cleared, bark chip cleared to reduce weeds and enable access. They planted vegetables, salad and herbs plants to provide food for our pupils eat. They also started to restore the pond to promote biodiversity and a home for frogs. Our pupils loved meeting the frogs!

LACA Caterers Challenge Award – Bronze Winners

Congratulations to our Southwold catering team, won Bronze in the Caterers Challenge for their brilliant costumes, recipes and engagement with the school in Eat Them To Defeat Them! The team also cater for special diets and foster positive relationships with the children and school. Thank you so much, for all that you do for our pupils.

Family Gardening Club – Nature Park Grant

Today we started our first project to develop the school allotment, involving parent volunteers and their children and Year 6 pupils. Working alongside Andy and his team of horticulturists, they showed great collaboration and perseverance to clear the grounds.

Next week, we will meet again to continue the project.

This is part of our commitment to improve biodiversity and empower children to make a positive difference to both their own and to nature’s future.

A Day of Welcome – Refugee Week

What a colourful day we have had taking part in ‘A Day of Welcome’.  Our pupils wore green and/or yellow or their traditional outfits to celebrate this day. Children completed activities discussing what makes a home, using various languages to describe this.

Our pupils showed that they know why it is important to make everyone feel welcome. As well as, how to welcome children and their families to our school.

Thank you so much to parents, who provided traditional foods and desserts to share. Learning about other cultures helps to build strong relations, understanding of one another and a happy community.

Manjit Sahota – Refugee Week Spoken Poetry

Our pupils enjoyed their spoken poetry workshop with poet Manjit Sahota.

Linked to Refugee Week theme of ‘Home’. Our pupils listened, wrote and performed their poems to their peers.

What a wonderful morning to welcome and celebrate our different cultures.

Thank you Manjit – our pupils loved every minute 😊

Refugee Week – Southwold welcomes NEST visitors

As part of Refugee Week, today our No Outsiders welcomed students from NEST (educational provision for asylum seeker and refugee young people). Our No Outsider Team told them about their leadership role, diversity and inclusion manifesto and our multi-cultural school.

NEST students met pupils in Years 3 – 6 and talked about their home countries, traditional food, culture, sports and much more. Our pupils asked lots of interesting questions and were keen to learn more. It was lovely to hear our pupils talking to our visitors in their spoken language too!

Year 6 investigate light

This afternoon, we completed our final lesson on light.  Children investigated how filters affect the colour of objects. Children had to make predictions before completing the practical part of the experiment. Once results were discussed, children had to write a conclusion.

Running out of Time event

We were absolutely proud and privileged to be part of the ‘Running out Of Time’ event that is currently happening nationally across Britain, to raise awareness of climate change and bring communities together.  The children showcased some of the work they have been and are currently involved in, addressing environmental issues and looking after our world.  Our Green Team led the way by taking the baton on the race around our school field; a baton which contains a message that will be presented to our government when it arrives in London. We were also joined by local councillors and our local MP Lillian Greenwood, making this a real community event. This has provided the children to be part of a unique opportunity, raising awareness of climate change which will continue to affect our citizens of the future.

Year 3 SCARF session

In SCARF this morning we were very lucky to have a fun online event to learn about, ‘My healthy brain and body.’ We played a game deciding if the contents of a shopping bag were healthy or not, talked about a ‘Feelings Wheel’ and how to feel good. Finally, we learned a ‘Wellbeing Rap.’ 😀❤️

Year 6 Residential – Walesby Forest

Year 6 had a fantastic time at Walesby Forest for their two-night residential. Throughout the stay children’s attitude and perseverance was fantastic, and children tackled so many new challenges such as climbing, kayaking and laser tag. Well done Year 6!

Year 3 Roman Workshop at Wollaton Hall

Class 3 have had a fabulous day at Wollaton Hall taking part in a Roman workshop. We wrote our names using Roman letters, drew artefacts from a Roman bathhouse and learnt about Roman food.

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