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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Southwold musician’s assembly

What an entertaining assembly seeing the children from Classes 4,5 and 6 performing to the whole school audience.

Thank you to the teachers from the Nottingham Music Hub for making this possible.

 This term the pupils in year 4 have learned to:

Sing with an awareness of breathing in order to support the voice in longer phrases

Sing with an increasing awareness of tone of voice and shape of the melody

Sing with musical expression

Control basic instrumental technique (blowing and tonguing/strumming, holding instruments correctly)

Develop the skills to play in time with a backing track

Learn short melodies by ear

Continue to pitch a range of notes accurately

Listen attentively to recorded music and identify musical details

Play in a range of styles

 This term the pupils in year 5 have learned to:

Sing confidently in a variety of styles with increased control of longer phrases through breath support and good diction

Hold a part in a instrumental ensemble when others are performing different parts

Follow a conductor to achieve accurate starts and endings

Begin to develop understanding of 5 line stave as a way of representing pitch (maybe start with one or two lines)

 This term the pupils in year 6 have learned to:

Show awareness of blending and balancing with other performers

Hold own part in an instrumental ensemble

Follow hand signals from a conductor

Stanley Sparkles helps in EYC

Stanley Sparkles was amazed to see how the Trekker children rolled the dice and either counted the spots or saw the spots in a pattern to know how many there were.

EYC count down to Christmas

It’s 22 sleeps to Santa and the children in EYC are getting excited!

They have decorated Christmas trees and listened to stories about Christmas and Santa.

Today they made their own drink of hot chocolate just like Santa did in the story ‘Shhh’ after he had had a busy night delivering all the presents on Christmas eve.

Year 6 Maths Challenge

This morning, children were challenged with measuring a variety of angles taped onto their tables. Children measured each angle using a protractor for accuracy. Children then challenged their partners to measure interior angles in different shapes. In addition, the children labelled their answers with information on the type of angle. The lesson helped to reinforce angle rules and terminology. The children also very much enjoyed being allowed to write on the tables!

Year 1 make fossils

Class 1 have been learning about the Fossil expert Mary Anning and we made our own sea creature fossils out of clay.

Year 1 get Christmassy!

Class 1 have been making salt dough Christmas decorations. We are very excited for Christmas!

Year 6 Christmas Experience

Year 6 participated in an interactive Christmas experience to explore the Christmas story. Working in small groups, pupils rotated around three different and engaging interactive zones. In each zone, the pupils explored the identity of the baby Jesus from different viewpoints of the key Nativity characters helping to form a picture of his identity. A big thank you to Crossteach for delivering this exciting workshop.

Year 5 investigate gravity

Would it be easier to carry your shopping home on Mercury on Neptune?

Class 5 used newton metres to measure the weight of a pot of coffee on different planets, investigating how the strength of gravity relates to the mass of an object.

Southwold’s Secret Readers!

Every Monday afternoon, Year 1 and 2 love to welcome a ‘Secret Reader’ from Year 6. They know a Year 6 pupil is coming to read them a story, just not which pupil until they have arrived!

Community Rangers get active in the community

Our Community Rangers met with our Neighbourhood Development Officer and Housing Patch Manager, to share their ideas for developing the local community. They all want to make our community a better place to be.

Year 1 make jam sandwiches!

Class 1 today have followed instructions and made yummy jam sandwiches for the lighthouse keeper Mr Grindling. They were very yummy!

Year 6 visit the Holocaust Centre

On Tuesday, the children had the unique opportunity to listen to Holocaust survivor Steven Mendelsson who detailed his remarkable life journey. His video testimony will serve well in deepening their knowledge and understanding of The Holocaust.

Following lunch, we entered an authentic exhibition called The Journey, and were guided through Leo’s (a young Jewish boy) personal journey in the time period in Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1938. This was an interactive experience and gave Year 6 pupils the chance to truly reflect on their own lives and the choices they make. It also encouraged the children to live without prejudice, always be kind and to always consider the impact of their actions. We also considered how there are some children in the world today who are still being treated unjustly or are in danger from war and conflict.

We’d like to thank the centre for an excellent, informative and emotional visit, and the children too for living up to our high expectations! They were a real credit to the school – well done!

Year 3 recreate Ancient Egyptian art

Year 3 have been amazing us with their painting skills. We have recreated Ancient Egyptian wall friezes and made a huge sarcophagus. Aren’t they great?

Year 5 visit the National Space Centre

On their trip to the National Space Centre, Class 5  learned how to control a Mars Rover from Earth, about Britain’s own Space Race, and how to become an astronaut! It was out of this world!

Year 3 make Egyptian pouches

Year 3 designed and made their own Ancient Egyptian Pouch from fabric they had dyed from natural materials such as beetroot and spices. They also learned how to sew on gems and sequins correctly. Aren’t they beautiful!

EYC get physical!

EYC received a very exciting delivery today … six brand new scooters! The children really enjoyed zooming around the playground and were great at sharing and taking turns.

EYC start their Mighty Missions

Last week the children in the Rainbow class looked at a book about a girl that was having a birthday. This week the children are doing their first ‘Mighty Mission’. Their Mission is to write about what is in their party bag. What fabulous writing they have done. Wearing their magic ‘Mighty Mission’ capes really excited them.

Year 3 tie dye

Class 3 used natural materials, such as spinach, blueberries and beetroot, to dye fabric. We are going to use this fabric to make Egyptian purses and pouches!

EYC explore changing colours

In EYC the children have been exploring colour and how colours can be changed when they mix them together. They spooned a little bit of powder paint into a tray and used a pipette to add water, – “Look! Red and blue makes purple” they said. When they had mixed their colours they used their paint to make an Autumn leaf

Year 5 & 6 Mini Police attend Remembrance Parade

Year 5 and 6 Mini Police pupils visited the Police Headquarters to participate in their Remembrance Day Parade. They showed their respects to those who have died in the line of duty. The pupils also learned about the work of police dogs and watched them in action!

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