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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

EYC go to the moon!

EYC went to the moon today! They had so much fun re-enacting the story of Whatever Next with their props. What a memorable experience!

Year 3 invent robots!

Year 3 inventors continued their robot designs, “upgrading” them after evaluation. The classroom is going to be filled with automatons!

Year 3 build dens at Forest Schools

Year 3 had a lovely time den building in their Forest School session this week. We were given a tarp and some rope and had to design and build them all ourselves.

We came up with lots of different designs using various things we found in the playground.

We successfully built dens that would house 5 people and none of us got wet!

Year 1 learn to weave

Year 1 have been weaving baskets today, in response to the book Handa’s Surprise. The children wove the baskets in silence, they were so absorbed in learning this skill!

Year 5 Hook Day – “What is the state of America?”

For their new essential question, “What is the state of America?”, Class 5 have been experiencing Native American culture this week. We have sewn a quilt, looked at genuine Native American artefacts (thank you to Nottingham City Museum and Galleries!), and listened to folk tales around a fire.

Notts Fire Brigade visit Year 2

Oh wow, Year 2 love-love-loved the visit from the fire brigade. They discovered the equipment in a fire engine, practised with the water hoses and tried on clothing. They compared these with equipment used in 1666 at the Great Fire of London. Many thanks to Nottinghamshire Fire Brigade for their fab input!

Year 3 visit the Bauhaus exhibition

Class 3 visited Nottingham Contemporary to see the Bauhaus exhibition today. We then had a ‘Metal Party’ and transformed ourselves into robots with special powers!

Year 1 Hook Day – ‘Where Does Our Food Come From?’

Class 1 were getting messy today! We made papier mache fruits, collaged animals from the Handa’s surprise story and painted tangerines for our tree. It was great fun!

Year 6 Hook Day – How has crime altered over time?

Working within their research group, the children first created a plan for their figure. They had to annotate their drawing with what each historical element will be made from. Pupils reviewed their research from previous lessons to establish the appearance of their historical criminal. They ensured historical accessories such as, tricorn hats, swords, pistols, wigs and red flags were incorporated into their designs. The children then made judgements based on their historical evidence before work collaboratively to produce a human collage.

Class 1’s allotment flourishes!

Class 1 went over to the school allotment and couldn’t believe their eyes with the potatoes and carrots that had grown.

We picked them and gave them to our school cook who said she would wash, cut and cook them for our dinner tomorrow. We can not wait to taste them!

Achievement Assembly

Well done to all those children who won awards in our achievement assembly, especially those for behaviour and progress, but also for outstanding attendance and homework… Wow!

Always Award!

Well done to the majority of pupils who behave well all the time. Always Award this half-term was skipping and some of the talent on show was superb!

Class 1 make Christmas decorations

Class 1 have been busy making lots of Christmas decorations … Merry Christmas!

Year 5 and the toilet paper solar system!

As a farewell to out first topic on space, we created a scale model of the Solar System… using toilet paper! We placed all the things we have learned about – planets, dwarf planets, moons and probes – to answer our essential question ‘What Else Is Out There?’

Choir perform at Christmas in the City 2019

Our fabulous choir had an amazing time performing at Christmas in the City 2019 with the Nottingham Music Hub. They loved singing ‘If Every Child Could’. Our parents yet again showed incredible support. We were blown away by the talent and confidence of all the children!

Southwold musician’s assembly

What an entertaining assembly seeing the children from Classes 4,5 and 6 performing to the whole school audience.

Thank you to the teachers from the Nottingham Music Hub for making this possible.

 This term the pupils in year 4 have learned to:

Sing with an awareness of breathing in order to support the voice in longer phrases

Sing with an increasing awareness of tone of voice and shape of the melody

Sing with musical expression

Control basic instrumental technique (blowing and tonguing/strumming, holding instruments correctly)

Develop the skills to play in time with a backing track

Learn short melodies by ear

Continue to pitch a range of notes accurately

Listen attentively to recorded music and identify musical details

Play in a range of styles

 This term the pupils in year 5 have learned to:

Sing confidently in a variety of styles with increased control of longer phrases through breath support and good diction

Hold a part in a instrumental ensemble when others are performing different parts

Follow a conductor to achieve accurate starts and endings

Begin to develop understanding of 5 line stave as a way of representing pitch (maybe start with one or two lines)

 This term the pupils in year 6 have learned to:

Show awareness of blending and balancing with other performers

Hold own part in an instrumental ensemble

Follow hand signals from a conductor

Stanley Sparkles helps in EYC

Stanley Sparkles was amazed to see how the Trekker children rolled the dice and either counted the spots or saw the spots in a pattern to know how many there were.

EYC visit White Post Farm

The children and adults from EYC thoroughly enjoyed their trip to White Post Farm. They fed and held animals, had a chat with Santa and took part in the nativity. What a busy day. Time for a little sleep on the bus on the journey back!

EYC count down to Christmas

It’s 22 sleeps to Santa and the children in EYC are getting excited!

They have decorated Christmas trees and listened to stories about Christmas and Santa.

Today they made their own drink of hot chocolate just like Santa did in the story ‘Shhh’ after he had had a busy night delivering all the presents on Christmas eve.

Year 6 Maths Challenge

This morning, children were challenged with measuring a variety of angles taped onto their tables. Children measured each angle using a protractor for accuracy. Children then challenged their partners to measure interior angles in different shapes. In addition, the children labelled their answers with information on the type of angle. The lesson helped to reinforce angle rules and terminology. The children also very much enjoyed being allowed to write on the tables!

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