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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Music Camp 2021

We had a wonderful time at Music Camp. Learning how to read music and performing in a ” Monster Band”. Smiles and laughter filled the day along with the melodious sounds of our flutes and guitars. Huge thanks to Nottingham Music Service.

EYC – What Keeps Percy Busy in Autumn?

As part of our project, ‘What keeps Percy busy in Autumn?’ we read the story of the ‘Secret Path’ and went on an autumn walk looking for Percy and his animal friends.  We found Percy in his shed.  He was very kind and gave us lots of fresh vegetables that we chopped up and made into delicious soup.  Yum, yum!

Whole school Wider Opportunities afternoon

Wider opportunity lesson sequences started on Friday, with cookery, IT, art, song writing and forest school sessions, and a focus on PSHE and enhancing the curriculum!

EYC SCARF session

EYC had such a fun SCARF lesson, playing and learning with balloons. Each balloon had a picture of a classmate who they had to find and make friends with.

Year 3 become Egyptian artists!

As part of our ‘Wider Opportunities’ afternoon, Class 3 have been researching the work of artists and craft makers from the Ancient Egyptian era. We have been looking at how this has helped historians to learn about the past! The children have also learned how to create ‘tertiary colours’ which was predominant in Ancient Egyptian art 🎨

EYC’S surprise present!

A present from two very special ladies.

EYC would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Beresford and Mrs Pinkett for our wonderful new friendship bench.  We look forward to sitting on it and making lots of new friends.

Year 6 design WWII planes

Year 6 have been very busy designing and constructing WW2 planes. Pupils also worked together in a series of challenges to develop their communication skills.

Year 6’s allotment goodies!

Class 6 couldn’t wait to get back to it in the allotment. They enjoyed potting our strawberry runners, measuring themselves against the sunflowers 🌻 and picking our green beans. They are keeping an eye on the potatoes ready for our WW2 recipes.

Year 1 Hook Day – What lies beneath the sea?

Class 1 are in full flow of being in their new classroom and are loving being hooked into their new project called ‘What lies beneath the sea?’

Year 5’s astronaut training

Class 5 prepared to blast off into space by training to become astronauts. We tried lots of dehydrated and pouched foods (some were better than others!), tested our physical skills doing bear crawls and crab crawls and then tested our observation and drawing skills with a piece of constellation art.

Year 3 dye clothes like the Egyptians!

Class 3 have been looking at how the Ancient Egyptians created dye for their clothes and materials using natural products. This included chopping, boiling and fixing different fruits and vegetables. Look at the vibrant colours we created! 🍓🍊

Year 3 create Egyptian Wesekh

Class 3 children had a wonderful start yesterday, diving straight into our project “Ancient Egyptians”. They designed and created their own Egyptian Wesekh 💎

Southwold Beach Huts

Our beach huts are coming along nicely thanks to the additional support with painting! We can’t wait to launch our additional outdoor library and play spaces.

We will miss you!

Mrs Pinkett and Mrs Beresford led their last singing assembly today!  We will miss them so much!

Vipin Kindness Award 2021

The Vipin Award of Kindness 2021 🏆 was donated in loving memory of the local shopkeeper Vipin by his family, to be awarded yearly to one child in the whole school that has shown numerous acts of kindness.  And the winner is…… 🌟🌟🌟, who was nominated and received the most votes. What a prestigious award to win

We are so PROUD of you !

Sports Day

We’ve had a WONDERFUL time this morning with all children taking part in Sports Day. We are sorry there was no parent audience this year but the children were very happy and the Southwold team spirit was amazing!

Sports Day Highlights!

Two of the many highlights of today’s Sports Day were the ice-creams and the staff running race!! Thanks as always to the amazing Coronato Brothers for their support and kindness!

Year 6 vs staff football match!

Oh my. Year 6 took on the staff in an exciting football match today and the staff took it veeeeery seriously, with a 0-3 result. Well done to all the players and supporters, especially the wonderful Year 6 team!

Year 2 Money Morning

For Money Morning in Class 2 we played bookshops to help us find different amounts and use different coins and methods for finding an amount. The children LOVE books and loved pretending to be booksellers and customers.

Year 6 superstars!

Year 6 children appeared on East Midlands Today to talk about their feelings about the recent racism towards our wonderful English football players.  They loved the opportunity to share their views

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