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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

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Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Year 5’s Greek mosaics

Superb effort by the Class 5 to make their project icons ready for a timeline display! We think the Greek mosaic looks especially effective!

Year 6 Residential

Class 6 have had the most fantastic time on residential this weekend at Kingswood. Huge thanks to the staff for giving their time to make this so successful and well done to the children for their impeccable behaviour and sense of adventure – we are very proud of you!

Year 2 butterfly release

Class 2 released their butterflies!… We have watched them grow from caterpillars to butterflies and learnt about their whole life cycle. It was very exciting seeing them fly off – we wish them well!

Year 6 Wider Opportunities – Outdoor learning

Class 6 had a great wider opportunities day of outdoor learning. We were den building, pond-dipping, strawberry-picking and even habitat hunting. There was some great teamwork on display as children worked together to problem solve and discover a variety of invertebrates!

Year 1 Wider Opportunities – Cookery

As part of the school’s wider opportunities day, Class 1 had so much fun cooking. We made stuffed peppers, fairy cakes and gingerbread biscuits. We then decorated the cakes with lots of yummy toppings!

Year 3 visit Wollaton Park

Class 3 had a gorgeous day at Wollaton Park. We met ‘Mary Anning’ this morning, a world-famous palaeontologist, and learned about all the fossils she discovered. This afternoon we had lots of fun in the play area!

Year 2’s sculpture hunt

Year 2 really enjoyed our trip into Nottingham City centre to look at the sculptures. It was fantastic to see them in person to inspire us when we make our own sculptures.  We even received an email from NCT complementing us on our behaviour! Well done Class 2!

Platinum Jubilee street party and picnic

We loved our Platinum Jubilee Celebration street party lunch and picnic. We also were so happy to receive our commemorative book!

Whole school Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

For our Platinum Jubilee Celebration we had such a wonderful time playing traditional games on the school field, dressed in red, white and blue! We then sang the national anthem to celebrate the queen’s reign of 70 years!

EYC’s Jubilee celebrations

We have been busy playing games together balancing a ‘crown’ on our heads whilst walking over an obstacle course, driving the ‘queen’ round in her ‘carriage’ and some traditional games such as Hop-scotch and the Bean Bag game. After this we sang our national anthem and had a picnic on the grass with the whole school. What a lovely day we had!

Year 3 – Our Futures project

Class 3 had a wonderful afternoon with the ‘Our Future’ team. We had a chance to program Vernie the robot to follow a track, then we spoke to two volunteers and tried to guess what special job they did. In the end we discovered one was a radiographer and the other an engineer!

Year 5 – Our Futures project

Year 5 loved taking part in a robotics challenge led by the ‘Our Futures’ team, programming robots to make their way through a maze. We were trying to get the hoop and the ball in the target triangles!

Year 2 Golden Time

Year 2 had such a lovely golden time afternoon!


EYC celebrate the Jubilee

In EYC we learned about the upcoming Jubilee and made lots of different craft works. We made crowns, flags and the guards that look after the queen. We decorated biscuits with red, white and blue. What a lovely celebration day!

Year 3 Book Cafe

Class 3 had a gorgeous afternoon at the ‘book cafe’, reading our new books from the Young Readers Programme and National Literacy Trust. We shared and swapped books and discussed our choices. We are making recommendations for the school library and for our final personal book order!

Year 1 parents & Nottingham Contemporary art collaboration!

After sharing art packs and making videos, Year 1 parents came into school to make art with their children, led by Charlotte from Nottingham Contemporary! They designed then printed their own tote bag together to take home. So many parents got involved and it was such a special event!

Year 3 become Romans

Class 3 had a simply fabulous day being Roman soldiers and archaeologists. They learned how to play Roman board games and about the diet of Roman soldiers. Thank you parents who made some amazing costumes and, of course, to our Roman visitor!

Year 6 habitat hunting

Year 6 went habitat hunting and investigated our school grounds to discover the amazing array of life that thrives in the most unusual of places.

Year 5 screen print t-shirts

In Class 5, we made a design for our t-shirts using the computers. We then made a template and used screen printing to ink our design on to our plain t-shirt.

We are so proud of them and will wear them with pride!

Reception make daisy chains

The reception children enjoyed making daisy chains today. It was very tricky but that did not matter: we always try!

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