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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Southwold Primary School and Early Years’ Centre will be closing on Friday 20th March 2020, provisionally until further notice due to the Corona virus pandemic.

We advise you that pupils must continue learning during this closure and we are sending home ‘home learning packs

Teachers will upload learning activities on to the class page of the website each week: Please note that it is an expectation that children complete this home learning throughout the duration of the school closure in order for them to get their attendance mark.

 If you want to get in touch to share any concerns or emergency information, please don’t hesitate to do so via

And remember: if you or your child feels ill and you want to know what to do next, please use NHS 111 online.

We advise you to support the learning of your children home but also know that looking after your children, friends and families, and each other is incredibly important and we hope that essentially you stay safe and well. Thank you for your continued support.  We will be in touch with more information as it arises.

It has been a strange time recently for mums and dads, children, teachers, grandparents – everyone!

You know that school will be closing for a while to keep people healthy and stop lots of people getting ill. We will stay in touch and we will be thinking of you all. When it would usually be school, you will continue learning at home. Teachers will email your parents learning activities and put them on the school website and we will be on a computer ready to help! You will be with family at home and hopefully have chance to get outside too. A few of you (if your mums and dads have jobs which they have to be at) will come to school. It will feel a bit different but will be fun (we promise)!

You will have taken a pack of learning home or had it delivered. Keep following your teachers’ guidance and keep learning.

We know lots of you will be feeling a bit anxious about what is going on but that is okay. Ask questions, talk to people around you about your worries. We know you might fall out with brothers and sisters and mums and dads but remember to love each other and care for each other. Make sure you all give each other a bit of time – time to be worried, stressed, angry, whatever!

Take care! Keep smiling!

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Year 5 – Science Week experiments

For Science Week, Class 5 are investigating the effect of acidic solutions on the enamel of our teeth. We are going to observe how eggs (whose shells are also enamel) change over time when exposed to solutions with different pH levels, which we tested today using universal indicator paper.

The day the dentist visited

Today we had a visit from a local dentist who taught us about the importance of looking after our teeth. We have learnt lots about our teeth and how to care for them.

EYC’s gravel pit opens

Southwold gravel pit opened today in EYC garden.

The children showed lots of teamwork filling and emptying buckets and wheel barrows together using trucks and diggers.

World Book Day … and week!

What a successful World Book Day we had yesterday and a fabulous focused week. We always celebrate reading but this was a great further opportunity to come together to share different stories and characters in many different ways.

Year 3 celebrate World Book Week

Year 3 loved their comfy read slot today and delved into books with so much ease and focus, in book character costume or in pyjamas!

Year 1 enjoy World Book Week

Year 1 love, love, LOVE reading! – they fully embraced World Book Week in school and have enjoyed sharing so many stories. They cosied up on blankets and beanbags with a good book and a hot chocolate!

Year 4 visit Central Library for World Book Day

Class 4 visited Nottingham Central Library on Thursday to celebrate World Book Day. We dressed up in some fabulous costumes, read lots of new and interesting books and everyone even got to take home a brand new book of their own! We had lots of fun listening to storytellers and taking part in fun activities such as ‘The X Factor’ and making superheroes! We are excited to read our new books over the weekend.

Year 4 celebrate World Book Day

Class 4 celebrated World Book Day by acting out their story and composing questions for the main character before doing a hot-seating challenge.

EYC celebrate World Book Day

EYC we had such an exciting day today celebrating World Book Day. It was a day full of stories, drama and songs!

Year 1 create wheelbarrows

Year 1 had great fun making wheelbarrows with a moving wheel on our Design and Technology days. The children showed lots of resilience and worked hard to make their models. Well done to all.

Cosy reading for World Book Day

The delicious hot chocolate is ready, the twinkly lights are up and the comfy blankets and pillows are laid across the hall. It can only mean one thing- it’s time for a cosy read!

Year 5’s science experiments

Class 5 have been having fun with chemical reactions in Science! First we added vitamin C tablets to soapy water, then we blew up gloves by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create carbon dioxide.

Year 6 and the oil slicks!

Today at IntoUniversity, Year 6 investigated which material is best for cleaning up an oil slick! An expert from the University of Nottingham told them how oil is excavated and transported. Pupils put their oil-slick skills to the test to the find the most successful way to remove the oil.

Year 6 Science week at IntoUniversity

Children began their ‘Science Experiments’ focus week by completing a series of exciting challenges. These included: designing aerodynamic balloon rockets, creating lava lamps, exploring what conditions make yeast come alive and investigating how animals have adapted in the wild.  In the afternoon, the children had a special secret mission to solve. They were challenged to answer different reading comprehension questions based on their famous scientist. This top-secret research will then be presented to an audience later in the week. A very eventful and exciting first day was enjoyed by all!

Year 5 learn gymnastics

Class 5’s PE topic this term is gymnastics. We started by learning about balancing and how to make them more interesting using different heights and shapes!

Our Top 50, 100 and more reads!

Our Top 50 Reads became our Top 100 Reads but the children’s thirst for books is growing so quickly that we have expanded the number of book titles further. Lead by our pupil librarians, they discuss and recommend books to each other; it is wonderful to witness such a love of books, encouraging our reading culture.

After school Science Club

Today, pupils from Years 1, 2 and 3 got busy after school with some science activities. We explored magnets and lights, built and tested flyers and made a gorgeous mess with cornflour and water, also known as Oobleck. Our fantastic Science Ambassadors from Years 5 and 6 helped with the fun!

Year 1 print with fruit

Class 1 children used fruit, vegetables and paint to print with. They made patterns and pictures of faces. We had great, messy fun!

EYC celebrate pancake day!

What a fantastic Shrove Tuesday was had by all in EYC today.

The children followed instructions to make pancakes. They chose their topping and finally got to eat them. ‘Super delicious’.

The children in the Rainbow class did some instruction ‘Wow Writing’ of how to make pancakes.

Then came tossing the pancake skills. Children, staff and parents had such good fun.

The finale was an amazing turnout from the parents that attended the EYC pancake story time session.

Happy pancake day!

Capital One begin EYC’s renovations!

Our fabulous friends at Capital One came to help with the renovations of our outdoor learning area in Early Years today. They have removed an old pergola and decking, fixed planters, cut back hedging, painted and restored the mud kitchen – a busy day’s work in the freezing cold! We send our thanks from all of us for all their hard work.

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