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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Year 4 World Maths Day

Class 4 have taken part in an addition and subtractions maths treasure hunt today for ‘World Maths Day’! There were several questions and answers hidden all over the classroom for them to find. The children worked brilliantly in pairs to find the right numbered question and calculate their answers. Miss Wheeler and Mrs Blair were so proud of how well the children helped each other out and embraced the active session.

Year 6 – World Maths Day

As part of ‘World Maths Day’, children went outside the classroom to participate in an active and very competitive maths lesson!

Each pupil had a player card consisting of a variety of numbers. Mr Paton then called out various statements relating to the cards, for example: a square number ‘greater than’ 30, a cubed number, a prime number and a mixture of multiples. Each pupil matching the statement ran to the middle and returned with a piece of small PE equipment from the centre. The team with the most equipment at the end, won.

The activity helped to reinforce key vocabulary and mathematical facts. Later this week, pupils will present their ‘player card’ data onto pie and bar charts.

Year 1 measure a blue whale!

Today we enjoyed our active Maths lesson and we loved measuring 30 metres on the playground, which is the actual size of a blue whale.

We discovered it is the same size as 26 Year 1 children!

EYC’s autumn walk

EYC went on a local walk this morning. Together with lots of parent helpers (thank you!) we looked at how the trees are changing in autumn and we collected lots of autumn material to look at in our classes.

A huge thank you to all the grown-ups who helped us!

Pupil Presentation Committee

This year’s pupil presentation committee is even harsher than last year’s!! If you want a pen licence, you really need to be showing consistent pride in your work to these pupil leaders!

World Mental Health Day

We had great discussions during our assembly this morning to mark World Mental Health Day 2019, followed by some relaxation techniques, which Stanley Sparkles, our wellbeing dog, joined in with!

KS1 enjoy a sunny playtime!

KS1 children enjoyed morning playtime in the sun … relaxing with books, constructing with bricks and playing schools!

Community Rangers work with Community Protection Officers

The Community Rangers joined their CPO leaders to take a walk around the local area, looking for improvements that they can perhaps make. They discovered that litter is definitely an issue and reducing this will be on their action plan!

Year 1’s Autumn walk

Class 1 enjoyed our Autumn walk today in the sun, collecting leaves to make an Autumn picture. We then we wrote some exciting sentences about our experience.

Mrs Bun the Baker visits EYC

Mrs Bun the baker came in today to answer children’s questions.

“Do you make Tiger bread?” they asked

“No I’ve never it before,” she replied.

The children explained to Mrs Bun the ingredients and instructions for making bread

EYC make bread

EYC have been very busy this week learning how to make bread.

“Who will help me to make some bread?”

“We will said the chicks.”

“Who will help me to eat the bread?”

“We will said the children.”

The children then took their bread home to share with their families.

Year 6 visit The Safety Zone

On Friday afternoon, Class 6 participated in ‘Safety Zone’. They were provided with tips, advice and guidance on how best to keep safe in a variety of everyday scenarios. They worked in small groups and experienced ‘real life’ situations. The event provided children with the opportunity to learn about personal safety in an engaging and realistic setting.

Lunchtime Allotment Club

Lunchtime Allotment Club started this week. We are clearing the ground and getting ready to build our raised beds and plant a range of autumn winter vegetables for us to eat

Year 1 explore the senses – hearing!

Class 1 went on a learning walk to see what they could hear.

Our pupils read from a special class book to Iggy Inference the viper.

Can you see him on her shoulder?

Year 1 explore the senses

Class 1 have been learning about our five senses and what they are. We have been testing our sense of taste so we tried different foods including lemons! … From the photos, do you think we liked the food?

Year 6 experience The Blitz

Year 6 gained an insight into what it might have been like for a London family during the first night of the ‘The Blitz’. They entered the classroom with the sounds, smells and fears of the terrifying event. They sought protection inside our Anderson shelter.

We listened to first-hand accounts to enhance our understanding of the event. Over the coming weeks, children will write their own informative newspaper reports about the dramatic events that took place on the first night of the Blitz.

Working in pairs, the children then analysed a newspaper report on ‘The Blitz’ (WAGOLL), annotating their work on larger sugar paper. They were able to evaluate the text, commenting on the purpose, structure and specific language. Children were able to ‘read like a writer’ and explain why the writer choose to use certain layout features and descriptive techniques.

Year 1 – Big Arts Week

The children in Year 1 have loved Big Arts Week!

They made clay sculptures in the style of Henry Moore, designed plates using marbling like Amber Khokar, made poppies to remember our soldiers, learnt that Henry VIII had 6 wives and looked at the Star of David symbol that represents Judaism.

They had so much fun!

Year 6 experience WWII at Perlethorpe

Children from Class 6 enjoyed a stimulating and eventful day at Perlethorpe Campus. Through role play the children understood what it was like to be evacuated to the countryside. We first greeted by a very strict Mr Rider, who was the Air Raid Precautions Warden and the co-ordinator of evacuees in the area. The children were soon billeted to local people in the Perlethorpe estate and were given a variety of duties to fulfil. Children also examined various suitcases filled with WW2 artefacts. They were challenged to infer the owner of each artefact.

In addition, children also visited an Anderson Shelter to discover how as the night raids became so frequent, many people who were tired of repeatedly interrupting their sleep to go back and forth to the shelters, virtually took up residence in a shelter.

EYC story time with parents

EYC had their first story time session today and what a success it was as parents and children enjoyed listening to a story told by the teachers!

Story time is every week. Come along and join us to have some fun and pick up ideas.

Year 5 – 51 things to do before we’re 11¾

Class 5 went to Wollaton Park on Friday to build homes for wild animals – one of our 51 things to do before we’re 11¾!

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