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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Look at all our Easter winners – from achievement to Easter bonnet to Easter raffle to kindness awards.  Well done everyone, what a lovely end to the term!

EYC Easter Egg hunt

The Easter Bunny left Easter eggs for the Rainbows to find in our EYC garden. Oh what fun the Rainbows had finding them all!

Year 1 and 2 make bug hotels!

Class 1 and 2 loved going on a tree walk and then making bug hotels for the bugs in the school playground.

Year 5 pond dipping

Class 5 spent a delightful afternoon, pond dipping and bug hunting in the allotment. We found woodlice, centipedes, worms, shrimp, frog spawn and diving beetles. There were happy smiles and shrieks, children conquering their fears to hold creatures and sharing their knowledge. What science is all about. Balancing was fun too 🙂

Rainbows spring walk

The Rainbow children made their own binoculars and then we took them on our Spring walk around school. What a beautiful day for some outdoor learning in Science Week!

Year 1’s big bug hunt

Class 1 loved going on a big bug hunt. We found so many different bugs on our travels!

Year 2’s big bug hunt

Class 2 really enjoyed doing the bug hunt today. We learnt about why bugs and minibeasts are important and spent some time looking under rocks and around trees for them. We found ants, wood lice, caterpillars, snails, beetles and slugs.

Year 2 wax paintings

In Class 2 we have been creating wax resist paintings based on the Great Fire of London. We learnt about Batik art and used this technique to help us do our paintings.

Year 6 Primary Parliament

On Wednesday, Year 6 participated in a Primary Parliament initiative to learn all about the census! 

After first learning about the history of the census, they conducted several surveys to create a unique snapshot of their class. They then presented their findings to other local schools and councillor Sally Longford. They discovered so much – including that 14 children in the class can speak another language!

EYC Easter Egg rolling

Children in Reception did Egg rolling today. This was a good opportunity to use our maths language: which egg went the furthers? Which egg stayed the nearest to the slide? What was the number on the winning egg?

After lunch, we sat down and wrote about the experience. We are getting so good at using our phonics skills!

EYC’s Easter observational paintings

Rainbow children came to the painting table to make an observational painting of our Easter display. They selected their colours carefully and the result was stunning!

Year 2 design fire engines

Class 2 have been doing lots of Design and Technology work this week. We have been exploring axles, wheels and chassis and designing our own fire engines to carry a cup of water 1m. We have had lots of fun!

Year 6 – Grace Jones experience

Year 6 were encouraged to respond individually and share different perspectives of the iconic Grace Jones. They were given of a virtual tour of ‘Grace Before Jones’. This experience allowed pupils to reflect on Grace Jones’s multiple identities and continue to celebrate Black culture. Pupils were then inspired to create their own unique fan art.

Year 5 are graffiti artists!

Class 5 had an absolute ball creating tags, logos and mash ups with our Graffiti Artist Nathan ‘Small Kid’ Bainbridge.

Year 6 – Claymation!

This has been another brilliant week for Year 6, who continue to produce great work.

They planned their own stop frame animations in a storyboard to show how three prisoners managed to escape from Alcatraz prison in 1962.

They crafted their own clay figures along with props and sets. They also added sound, visual effects and explored green screen backgrounds too. They then used stop motion to select and combine backing tracks, story openers or clips to add to their animations.

Year 3 begin Arts Award

Class 3 had a wonderful afternoon starting their Arts Award journey. We are so excited to see what they discover!

Year 4 Norse creation through dance

Year 4 imaginatively planned, practised, performed and evaluated their dance sequences depicting the Norse creation story!

Year 1 Live nature drawing

Class 1 loved the Live Nature Drawing with Sharon Rentta by Scholastic and produced an amazing piece of work just like the illustrator.

Year 2 celebrate World Book Day

In Class 2 we shared our favourite books with our friends at school and at home. We also watched a talk with Cressida Cowell and are inspired to go and write our own stories.

Year 1 Milk Carton Elmers!

Class 1 loved making their very own milk carton Elmer. It was so much fun!

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