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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Presentation Committee award pen licenses

Year 5 representatives of the Presentation Committee met today to decide who will be awarded pen licenses. They were very strict as usual but quite a few pupils got through the tough process this week! Feedback is given to those who are nearly there.

Year 3’s glockenspiels ensemble

Year 3 loved accompanying the Egyptian audio music with a whole class glockenspiel ensemble! Well done Class 3, it sounded beautiful!

Year 6 meet writer, Satinder Chohan

Year 6 were excited to meet the writer behind The Girl of Ink and Stars audio drama, Satinder Chohan. Children asked questions about how Satinder became a writer, how she adapted a book (novel) to become a script for actors, what challenges she faced, and her favourite children’s books.

Year 6 are inspired by Churchill

Year 6 used a variety of water colouring techniques to represent a verse from the poem ‘The Little Ships’ by Louis Borden. They were inspired by Winston Churchill – a medium that Churchill was very accomplished in as an artist.

Year 2 unite against bullying

We have been thinking about how different people feel this week. Sometimes a bully is a person trying to  ask for help because they don’t know how to make friends, sometimes the bullied person is someone who doesn’t know who to ask for help and a bystander could be someone too afraid to ask for help.

That’s why it is so important to know we all have someone to turn to and we need to unite against bullying.

Year 3 dye like the Ancient Egyptians!

Class 3 have used natural materials such as beetroot, spinach and turmeric to dye material just like the Ancient Egyptians.

Next week we are going to use the fabric to make a purse.

EYC celebrate Diwali

EYC have been learning about and celebrating Diwali. The children made Divas using salt dough or clay and decorated them to look beautiful.

They watched the story about Rama and Sita then did some high energy Bhangra dancing. What a celebration!

Year 3 create an Egyptian frieze

Class 3 have learned how the Ancient Egyptians created friezes to tell a story. The children have designed and made their own printing blocks, to create our own class frieze (keep a look out for the finished piece!).

Year 6 create mystery and myth!

Year 6 let their imaginations run wild after listening to an audio dramatisation of ‘The Girl of Ink & Stars’. We later transformed a local map of our area into a place of mystery and myth!

Year 1 enjoy a ‘Magic Breakfast’!

Class 1 loved their Magic Breakfast this morning! Their breakfast bagels filled them up and started off their day well. They’re now all fired up and ready to learn!

Year 1 – Hockey skills

Class 1 really enjoying their PE session with Mr H. We were learning new skills for Hockey and they all did brilliantly!

Year 5’s cracking eggsperiment!

Class 5’s DT day turned out to be an eggcellent challenge! Can you protect an egg falling from height, like an astronaut on re-entry? Some very intense design discussions occurred!

Year 1 celebrate World Maths Day

Class 1 loved being involved with world maths day! They drew shape pictures using chalk, threw a beanbag into a hoop and added up their scores, ordered and wrote numbers and timed themselves to see how many skips they could do in a minute. The best bit was measuring 30 metres and seeing how many children it would be to be the same length as a blue whale.

Year 1 get messy!

Class 1 have had a brilliant morning getting messy! We learnt about Mary Anning, the famous fossil hunter, and then we made fossils of sea animals using clay.

Year 5 get active on World Maths Day

Class 5 had great fun on World Maths Day! We had to answer lots of tricky arithmetic questions by throwing the quoit into the hoop with the correct answer. It got us up and active and we had fun competing too! A brilliant way to combine maths and PE skills in one.

Year 1 celebrate Mental Health Day

Class 1 have all arrived in yellow today to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Hello Yellow Day on Saturday 10th October. We are making sure we all look out for each other to stay happy and healthy.

Year 3’s shadufs

Class 3 designed, made and evaluated their own shaduf to collect water from the River Nile to feed their crops. What amazing results!

Year 5’s Mighty Maths Mission

Class 5 have been on a Mighty Maths Mission today. We have enjoyed being planets orbiting the sun. After careful measurements and a bit of number crunching we discovered that ‘Orbital period is relative to distance from the object’ or ‘The further away the planet is the longer it takes. We’ve enjoyed spotting anomalies in our data and trying to explain them.

Year 1’s autumn walks

Class 1 loved their autumn walk around the school grounds. We saw spiders resting in their cobwebs and we collected leaves that were red, yellow and brown. It was lots of fun!

Trekkers build a farm

In the Trekker room we have a new farm area with lots of objects that we have collected from outside. Look at all the fabulous buildings and fields the children have made for the animals using sticks, stones, pine cones and Kapla bricks. There was a lot of problem solving taking place. The children had to try their ideas to stop the buildings from falling down.

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