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Kate Clifford – Head Teacher

Broadening Our Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Science club

We explored Oobleck in Science Club today. We mixed cornflour and water until it was behaving both like a solid and as a liquid. We made ‘lava-lamps’ with water, oil and vitamin tablets and experimented with different designs for gliders.

EYC visit the ‘seaside’!

We went to the pretend sea-side today!

We went on a train (made out of bricks), played on the sand (sandpit), had a ride in a boat with splashing waves (material) and went swimming in the sea (the paddling pool).

It was a day full of awe and wonder!!!!

All the fun in the sea!!

Year 2 love reading!

Class 2 love reading. Some children took their books out at playtime to continue reading their favourite stories!

Year 5 – Science Club

Year 5 Science Club mixed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to create carbonic acid and sodium acetate, which inflated the plastic glove! They then discussed how to speed up the process.

Trekkers – Three Little Pigs

The Trekkers have been reading the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We’ve had such fun acting out the story and making our collage pictures.  “We’re not afraid of the big bad wolf!’

Year 6 Protest March

Pupils made protest placards to urge people to stop the effects of climate change. They have been inspired by environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who has accused world leaders of not doing enough to prevent climate change.

Year 2 – create Suminagashi

We have been learning about Suminagashi, Japanese marble printing. We made our own marble printed paper using this ancient technique.

Trekkers eat the Gingerbread Man!

After reading the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’, the Trekkers decorated a gingerbread man biscuit. We were very lucky that our gingerbread man didn’t run away before we ate him!! Yum Yum!

Year 5 get green!

We had a lovely time setting up our garden for Southwold in Bloom and starting to develop our Forest Schools area. Beans and potatoes planted and holes ready to move out lovely hawthorns.

Year 1 – National Literacy Trust live

Class 1 joined in with 6 other Primary Schools in Nottingham to listen to the National Literacy Trust live story session with Jonathan Emmett and Dr Adam S. Smith who read The Plesiosaur’s Neck. We are now entering the competition that was set … we hope we win!

Year 3 – Community Art

Continuing our ‘Arts Award’ Journey looking at what Art is, Class 3 took photographs of art in our community and even got a free ice lolly from the ice cream man – Thank you Coronato Bros 🍦

A special thank you to CPO Pete for coming along with us too!👮‍

Year 1 – Always Award

Class 1 totally enjoyed the ‘Colour Run’ for the Always award. We looked like rainbows!!

Year 3 – Roman artefacts

Class 3 had a wonderful afternoon looking at Roman artefacts. We discussed what they were made of, what their use was and who might have owned them.

Thank you to Access Artefacts at Nottingham City Museums and Galleries.

Year 1 – Southwold in Bloom

Class 1 had an amazing morning yesterday getting the outside of their classroom ready for ‘Southwold in Bloom’. They worked as a team to achieve their plans.

Rainbows make instruments

The Rainbows learnt some new skills today. They used real tools and wood to make their own musical instruments. Wow…look at the results!

Trekkers ‘can do it’!

The Trekkers have had another busy scarf session.  This weeks lesson was all about, ‘I can do it!’  They made a tricky assault course and they were very brave and had a go.

Year 3 compare Roman diets

Class 3 enjoyed their STEAM Project yesterday, comparing the Roman diet to a modern-day diet!

Year 2 design a wrap!

This week Year 2 children applied their knowledge of healthy world foods to design and make their own wrap, reflecting different cultures in Nottingham.

Year 4 go foraging

If you and 3 friends were trapped in a rainforest, how would you survive?

For Design & Technology, Class 4 took inspiration from Katherine Rundell’s ‘The Explorer’ to build mini-dens out of natural materials we foraged from Wollaton Park. We learned about how to make 3D structures stable, and about making strong joins using string.

Year 2 – African Drumming

Wow, what a talented class of children we have in Year 2! This afternoon they learnt how to play an African drum with singing accompaniment too. They have wonderful rhythm and voices!

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