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Year 4 Hook Days – Exploring Teeth & DNA

We have created our own teeth models out of card and marshmallows and DNA models too. They open and close like real mouths and we have them hanging up in our immersive classroom. We have learned that we are all made up of special DNA!

Year 1 – Hook day

Year 1 had a fantastic hook day delving into our new project!

Year 4 Hook days – shadow puppets

We have made shadow puppets as an introduction to our new shared reading book, Peter Pan. We made our own silhouettes some pictures of the characters and tested them out on the interactive white board. We can’t wait to use them during our sessions next week!

Year 5 channel Archimedes!

Ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes said, ‘Give me a place to stand and I will move the Earth.’ Class 5 put this to the test by measuring how much force was needed to lift 100g at different distances from a fulcrum.

Year 5’s Mighty Maths Challenge

Class 5 have been getting active in our maths lessons. We used cubes to help us work out a formula for the volume of  a 3D shape.

Then it was time for our Mighty Maths Mission. How can we calculate the height of  tree that we cant reach the top of? Thales the great Greek mathematician and his similar triangles to the rescue!

Year 6 Residential – Walesby

This week, Class 6 had a fantastic time visiting Walesby Forest for their end of year residential. They experienced adventure activities such as, laser quest, abseiling and raft building. All the children were wonderfully well behaved and were a credit to our school.

Southwold Sports Day!

A magnificent Sports Day took place yesterday. The rain held off and the races began! There was fantastic effort and sportsmanship – well done to all, and thank you to parents for being such enthusiastic and supportive spectators!

Year 3 and the worms!

Class 3 made mini compost bins to learn about how soil is formed.  Observe the worms working their magic!!

Year 2 Project Exhibition

Year 2 shared their learning to proud parents in the end of project exhibition. The children loved showing what they’ve been up to and also put the parents to work too, making them complete questionnaires. Thanks to so many parents for taking such an interest in your children’s learning.

Into University visit year 4

We had some visitors from Into University to come and show Class 4 all about different career paths. We spent time digging for fossils as palaeontologists, building and planning as construction workers and designing shoes for customers as product designers.

Year 6 enjoy maths in the sunshine!

Class 6 has a great time this morning calculating the area and perimeter of different rectangles  in the school playground.

Year 5 create a Greek menu

Last Friday we looked into what traditional Greek food is. The children designed menus for a 3 course meal and we then picked a starter, main and dessert to prepare and eat as a class. We loved chopping and cooking all the dishes together and most of us enjoyed tasting them too!

RSE day

We have had a very successful RSE Week and RSE Day in school.  Each year group completed important and relevant sessions, sharing learning in a whole school assembly.  We now have a ‘family tree’ in our entrance hall to celebrate that, ‘every family is unique’.

Year 5 build the Parthenon in Sheffield!

Class 5 had a fabulous trip to the Weston Park Museum in Sheffield.

We met some gods and some slaves (the slaves didn’t look very happy!)

It was all hands on deck to build the Parthenon 😊

After a busy morning building and acting we had a lovely picnic we explored the Ancient Greek items in the rest of the Museum.

Year 5 at Into University

It has been a very busy week in Class 5! On Tuesday we went to Into University. Class 5 were stars , they had a long walk in the rain but there were no complaints. The class worked very hard and were rewarded with wristbands and a class prize. We all had a lovely time and learned all about what to expect at University. There’s even a Chocolate Society at Nottingham University!! 😊

Science Ambassadors run lunchtime experiments

Today there was a science-share event at lunchtime. Our current science ambassadors, together with our newest recruits from Year 4, ran six different hands-on experiments for pupils to engage with and there were so many interesting discussions going on. The children were so keen to have a go that they nearly missed their dinner!

EYC walk like Handa!

The Rainbows have been reading the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ at their shared reading time. They had such fun trying to walk with a basket of fruit on their head just like Handa did in the story. Whoops, it was so tricky that the basket and fruit fell to the floor lots of times! 

EYC bake sea biscuits

EYC children have really enjoyed baking sea creature biscuits. They named, weighed and mixed the ingredients together to make them . When they were cooked they had a taste. Yum, yum, delicious!

EYC – Making maths fun!

Some girls in EYC  have been working together to build a tower for their Little Ponies.

They needed more cups to build it ‘because they hadn’t got enough’. It was so tall ‘because it went higher, higher, higher’!

We love learning through play and making maths fun.

Rainforest Animals in Year 4

Animal Magic Parties came into Southwold today and bought a whole host of rainforest animals in to show our Year 4s. There was a tarantula, snakes, a chameleon, a gecko, frogs, sugar gliders, tenrecs, scorpions and much more. We learned so much about these animals and how they survive in the different layers of the rainforest. Miss Wheeler was blown away by how brave they were! An unforgettable experience.

Year 4 bake flapjacks

Class 4 have made fruity flapjacks! They had to follow a recipe, including gathering their ingredients, weighing everything out, following the instructions given, cooking, mixing and baking. They turned out brilliantly and we had a fab time making them (and eating them!)

Year 5 hook day

Class 5 built working prototypes of Lunar Rovers for our first hook day. We evaluated them based on their speed, grip and the distance they travelled, then improved them based on the results.

Year 3 pond dipping

Class 3 had a fantastic afternoon pond dipping.  They found tadpoles, dragonfly larvae and water snails! Just wait until the pond is fully complete with pond dipping stations!

Year 5 maths challenge morning

We had a fabulous time at the Nottingham High School Maths Challenge morning with a few of our Year 5 pupils. It was great to see our children so engaged and enjoying their maths.

Year 6 calculate angles taped to their desks!

Today, Year 6 calculated the angles and lengths of lots of different triangles taped to their desks. Children measured each angle using a protractor for accuracy. Some children were challenged to find the perimeter and area of each shape. In addition, the children labelled their post its with information on the type of angle and triangle displayed. The hands-on lesson was enjoyed by all.

Visitors enjoy tea and cake!

We had a wonderful time hosting our friends from the local care home – tea, coffee and cake whilst listening to our beautiful school choir. Children then shared their learning and our guests reminisced about their school days, sharing their memories of school life. We look forward to seeing them again soon when they will join us for a school lunch!

Year 5’s science becomes art!

Class 5 dissected lilies to find and identify the sexual reproductive parts. We then created artwork from the different pieces for our display!

Year 5’s experiment update!

Week 2 of Class 5’s geranium and willow watch. The willow is starting to produce runners but the geranium is yet to show signs of asexual reproduction. We’ll update you after half term!

Trekkers make a commotion in the ocean

Our Trekkers had enormous fun today being jellyfish and making a commotion in the ocean!

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