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Sunflowers of peace, love and hope

We chose sunflowers, the national flowers of Ukraine, to write messages of peace, hope and love for all the victims of war in this world and enable the children to express themselves if they wanted.

Year 1 get planting!

What a lovely time we have had planting sunflower seeds in Class 1. We can’t wait to see them grow!

Pond Dipping with Forest Schools

This week we did some pond dipping to see what we could see. We found shrimp, diving beetles, caddis fly larvae, lots of mud, some leaves, twigs and frogs! The frogs felt ‘cold and slimy, a bit like a jelly-bean that’s been wet’

Year 5 create library posters

Class 5 enjoyed designing posters to decorate our constantly evolving library.

Year 2 build fire engines!

We have some very talented designers and engineers in Class 2! Using our knowledge of wheel, chassis and axle mechanisms, we designed, made and evaluated Fire Engines that could safely carry a pot of water across 10 metres. We had lots of success!

Year 5 Mighty Maths Mission

Year 5 completed a mighty maths mission looking at the measurements needed to make the perfect volcanic eruption. We measured bicarbonate of soda, water, washing up liquid and red food colouring, then put over our volcano cup. Once we added vinegar, we saw the eruption!

Year 4’s Viking day out at Perlethorpe

Class 4 had a super Viking day out in Perlethorpe!

We went there to learn about what life was like in Viking times. We learnt all about how they invaded Britain and how they fought. We even got to wear some of their artefacts. We got to find out what life was like for Viking slaves. We found how cruelly they were treated and had a go at making flour from grain. Something they would do all day. We made Viking jewellery and played a Viking game, with our shields.
In the afternoon we practised making our own Viking houses.

Super trip out!!!

Year 3 celebrate World Book Day

Class 3 had a fantastic World Book Day with the Nottingham Library Service. They heard The Plesiosaur’s Neck read to them by the author Jonathan Emmett and Palaeontologist Dr Adam Smith, as well as some great story telling from Robin Smith. Everyone got to choose a World Book Day book to take home as a thank you from the library.

Year 6 Book Tasting

Pupils sampled some juicy reads in short periods of time. They were introduced to different authors, genres and even recommended several titles to their peers. They spent a few minutes ‘tasting’ the front cover and blurb, reading the first few pages, and browsing each book for a first impression. All the children came away with a new wish list of titles!

Ukranian crisis donations

We are humbled by how kind our community has been and how everyone has come together to give donations to the people of Ukraine.  Thank you everyone – by tomorrow, this will all be on its way to some of those who urgently need it ❤️🧡💛

Year 2 – Pancake day

Year 2 had great fun celebrating pancake day taste testing pancake in class!

Year 6 escape from Alcatraz

To help answer our focus question, ‘Did anyone escape from Alcatraz?’ Year 6 were challenged with designing, building and evaluating a fit for purpose raft to escape from Alcatraz. Prison wardens insisted on several specifications that the children had to try and incorporate into their designs. They also had to adhere to a strict budget of $100 to buy all their materials. Having discussed which materials to purchase from the shop, the children began to construct their designs. We then discovered which raft could withstand the weight of 1kg and could stay afloat during rough seas!

Thank you for bringing in all your recyclable materials.

EYC celebrate pancake day

EYC have been celebrating ‘pancake day’.  We made pancakes and ate them with our favourite toppings.  Then we had a go at tossing them. Such fun!

Year 4 Mighty Maths Mission

Class 4 took part in a Mighty Maths Mission: Escape Room. They have had to use their maths skills to solve different problems: algebra rune puzzles, coded runes, and dragon coordinates. Great work class 4!

Teddy Bear hospital visit EYC

Teddy Bear Hospital visited EYC today. Children had brought their teddies and together they learned about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and fit. They also explored what kind of tools doctors need and use to look after us and make us better when we are poorly.

The Red Tree

The children reacted so thoughtfully and creatively to the story of ‘The Red Tree’ and the virtual production by Red Earth Theatre as part of National Storytelling Week. The display is now up in our entrance hall to celebrate their responses and it is very beautiful.

EYC and the Worrysaurus

The children in EYC watched the Worrysaurus story. We talked about who had helped him to feel better and what they did. Mrs Benner made a worry worm and poem for each of the Rainbows to take home and keep. The Trekkers sent in a photograph of when they were babies. They played a game, ‘Guess the Baby’ and looked at how they had grown.

Book Winners!

Class 3 have just been lucky enough to have our name pulled out of the hat to win 30 new books with a well-being theme! We look forward to receiving them from Nottingham City Library!

Rainbow Reading Initiative

Well done to our pupils who have completed another bookmark in our rainbow reading initiative by reading 30 times! They chose their prize and are keen to fill the next colour of bookmark!

Spring Term Always Award

Children loved the archery sessions for their Always Award.  Well done for such great behaviour this half-term!

EYC – Safer Internet Day

EYC have been learning all about ‘how to stay safe on the internet’ we watched a video about Jessie and dog playing on their tablet.  We learned about how important it is to always show a grown -up which games we are playing and to tell them if we see or hear something that makes us feel scared.  We really enjoyed learning all about Jessie and dog and we coloured in some pictures of them at home and told our grown-ups everything we have been learning about.

Safer Internet day

It’s Safer Internet Day today (Tuesday 8th February) and the children have had important key stage assemblies today to discuss the theme ‘Exploring Respect and Relationships Online’ to remind them of key iss

Year 4 with Nottingham Music Hub

Year 4 had a fabulous session today with Nottingham Music Hub, with flute and guitar players showcasing their new learning to each other so confidently. Well done everybody!

National Storytelling Week book sale

As part of our celebration of National Storytelling Week we had a second-hand book sale and the children loved browsing and choosing books to take home to read.

Year 5 experiment with watercolours

During their wider opportunities session on Friday, Year 5 focused on sketching backgrounds, middle grounds and foregrounds and experimented with watercolours to great effect.

Year 6 NSPCC Numbers Day – Multiple Heartbeats

Year 6 discovered how to find their pulse and the number of beats their heart makes per minute. They explored how this number changes following activity and had fun recording their results on multiple hearts.

Year 5 – NSPCC number day

Class 5 had great fun on NPSCC number day! We focused on how number comes up all the time in real life – especially when playing games! We played Blackjack, Frustration, Sudoku and Shut The Box. We looked at what skills we needed to ace these games. Lots of counting, probability, finding different possibilities and a bit of chance!

EYC Chinese New Year celebrations

EYC have had a lovely day celebrating Chinese New Year.  We have been playing in our Chinese restaurant, making dragons and lanterns,  eating delicious noodles, learning a new Chinese New Year song, dragon dancing and then writing all about our exciting day.

Year 5 – Chinese New Year

Year 5 learned all about the years of the Zodiac in Chinese culture – ask your child which animal of the Zodiac it was when they were born! We have also learned to write mandarin numbers from 0-10. Happy Chinese New Year!

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