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Autism Awareness week

At Southwold we celebrated Autism Awareness week by holding assemblies across school. The important messages we learnt were that:

You can’t see if someone is autistic, it is an invisible condition.

Autism means that someone’s brain works a little differently.

Each autistic person is different.

Autistic people have different strengths and may need more help at other things.

We learnt about the differences that people with autism might have; in their communication and behaviour, their thinking and understanding and their differences in senses.

We talked about how we could be better classmates. How can we be kind to one another? How can we support each other? How can we support our autistic classmates?

House Captains attend Primary Parliament

Our House Captains went to the Council House to attend Primary Parliament. The day focused on how to stay safe online. They learnt about 2 step verification, complex passwords, digital footprints, personal data and hacking both good and bad. Our House Captains are keen to share this information with others in school to help them stay safe online too.

Year 3 get inspired by Alaa Awad

In Year 3 art lessons, pupil have been learning about texture and collage. The pupils have almost finished creating this beautiful piece of art, inspired by the Egyptian muralist, Alaa Awad. Wow! We are very proud of the collaboration and creativity displayed by the class.

The Book Bus visits Southwold

We had a great day when the Book Bus came to visit last week.  We were all very excited to see the bus parked up in school and eager to see what it contained.  Once inside, we found lots of lovely books, ranging from fictional books about unicorns to non-fiction books about some of our favourite footballers.  There was something for everyone! Children went home with some lovely new books which they have been enjoying.

Children’s Mental Health Week – My Voice Matters

In assembly we shared the story of ‘Speak Up! You can make a difference’ by Nathan Byron and Dapo Adeola. Mrs Taylor led a discussion about how significant people like Rosa Parks and Marcus Rashford influenced others by using their voice to make a positive change. One pupil said, ‘together, many little voices can make one big voice which makes people listen’. How very true and insightful that is!

Family numbers morning

A huge thank you to all adults who attended our first-ever Family Numbers Morning. Children and adults worked in family groups across school completing a range of real-life maths activities such as creating birdboxes and creating 3D shapes among others! This afternoon, children will be coming home with their scrap books and a letter explaining how to use them. The first activity hand-in date is Friday 23rd February – we look forward to seeing completed tasks!

National Storytelling Week 2024

National Storytelling Week takes place every year and is a celebration of the power of sharing stories. This year it is being celebrated between 27 January and 4 February 2024.

Sharing and making up stories with your child is a great way to help them relax, develop empathy, and learn about the world. It also boosts their vital literacy skills. Dream up new worlds inspired by the everyday objects around you. Maybe a favourite teddy has unbelievable adventures whilst you sleep, or a pair of old shoes gives you magical powers when you wear them! The possibilities are endless.

We will be marking National Storytelling Week by encouraging the children to tell  their own stories.  Their stories could be as simple as what they had for lunch; or more imaginative, for instance telling us what they would see if they were an astronaut.  Storytelling is a great skill to develop, allowing children to use their imaginations and develop their communication skills.

Click on this link to discover a range of activities for your families to enjoy:

Storytelling Week 2024 Banner.original

Lunchtime Sports Leaders

Our enthusiastic Progressive Mini Leaders, enjoy leading sporting activities with our pupils. They are keen to promote exercise, teamwork and well-being, through fun games.

Instrument lessons

Our Year 6 pupils continue to develop their instrumental skills. Our guitarists were learning to play a Blues riff, whilst our flautists are working towards their Grade 1.

What great musical talent they have!

Reading Rangers

Our pupil Reading Rangers have a passion for reading, which they want to share with others. Today they launched their ‘Lunchtime Book Club’.

Pupils from each year group will be invited to the school library each week. Our pupils do love to read 😊

Anti-Bullying competition winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Anti-Bullying poster competition.  Their creative and original designs certainly make a ‘Noise About Bullying!’

Southwold Make A Noise About Bullying

This year’s theme is ‘Make A Noise About Bullying’. In assembly, we discussed the difference between banter and bullying.

Children wore their odd socks to celebrate what makes us all unique. Pupils were also reminded of the trusted adults in school and Mental Health Ambassadors they can talk too.

Southwold reflects on Remembrance Day

Children across school took time to reflect for Remembrance Day. Through poetry, art and reading of varied texts, they remembered those who have showed immense courage and died in all wars.

Our Year 6 Community Rangers read Flanders Field in our Remembrance Assembly, before our minutes silence and listening to the Last Post.

Southwold Money week

During assembly we asked the question: How important is it to understand money?

The children generated a great discussion. They talked about the need to save money, needing money to buy essential items and paying bills.  Some children also discussed the cost of living affected and how it impacts families. Our children gave examples of when they received money and what they did with it.

Crossteach Assembly

Crossteach visited our school this week.  The theme of the assembly was to discuss creations and discuss ‘Why God’s Words are Powerful?’ Our pupils showed respect for other beliefs and asked thoughtful questions.

House Captains attend Primary Parliament

Our House Captains attended their first Primary Parliament. With a focus on the environment and green space, they show great collaboration and creativity designing a new outside space for our community. Some excellent ideas were shared including a Reading Woods. They are looking forward to sharing their project ideas with the School Parliament and looking at ways to implement within our own school.

British Values Week

As part of Southwold’s British Values Week, each class will read one story linked to a British Values Rules. So what are ‘British’ values? There are certain values that have been attributed to being British, by the government and some institutions, and these fall into the following broad areas:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Tolerance & Respect.

This week, through art and discussion, pupils will further their understanding and knowledge of British Values, what the rules  means and how they are reflected in our school and own lives.

School Parliament Elections

Pupils in Key Stage 2 voted for their House and Vice Captain to lead our School Parliament.  They were inspired by speeches to help drive and support environmental issues, the local and wider community, inclusion and diversity

Voting was very close!  We now have our elected School Parliament and are excited about the campaigns to follow.

Primary Parliament

This term Primary Parliament was part of the Nottingham Year of Stories campaign. Our Primary Parliamentarians had a fabulous time, learning about storytelling and producing our own poetry and surreal tales of kindness. As ever, they were a credit to us all. Go “Team Beaver”!

75th Anniversary Windrush

In assembly, Mrs Salmeron shared her family’s migration from Jamaica, during the Windrush years. Pupils discussed why the Windrush generation migrated to England, what life was like for them, how they were treated, their jobs, home and much more.

We finished the assembly listening to a story by Dame Floella Benjamin, called ‘Coming to England’. The children were very knowledgeable, making links to our diversity pledge and inclusion. We also celebrated our multi-cultural school and that we are all welcome and special.

No Outsiders Team welcome visitors from NEST

Our No Outsiders Leadership Team, welcomed some special visitors this week from NEST.

It was an enriching experience for everyone involved. Our pupils not only had the opportunity to share languages but also create heartfelt welcome cards and ask some questions. They were able to deepen their understanding of the challenges refugees face. It was a great demonstration of empathy and inclusivity.

New library books!

Today Mr Paton shared lots of exciting books for our school library. Our pupils are very excited and continue to recommend more books!

There is book out there for everyone!

Primary Parliament

Our House Captains attended the Spring meeting for the Primary Parliament. They considered what nature means to us and how we could make a positive difference in our neighbourhoods. They returned to school with lots of ideas and met with Mrs Salmeron to plan the next steps for their House Teams next term.


Today’s focus for our CROSSTEACH assembly was looking at how God sees all of his people as important and that he builds up his people when he calls them to do certain roles. In the assembly today, we learnt the importance of not judging a book by it’s cover.

Book sale!

All these amazing books are being sold after school today to support buying new books for our library. Thank you to all the parents who purchased books for your support,

Turkey & Syria Fundraising

Thank you so much for your support to raise funds to help those affected by the earthquake in Syria. So far we have raised £420! We have had a wonderful selection of cakes and biscuits. Thank you for taking time to bake or buy cakes for today.

Children’s Mental Health Week – Mental Health Support Team (MHST) Assembly

We are very excited to be joining partnership with MHST, who are funded by NHS England to support the mental wellbeing of children in both primary and secondary schools and colleges.

Today, to launch Children’s Mental Health Week, Educational Mental Health Practitioners led a whole school assembly to introduce MHST. They discussed what mental health is, how we feel, who we can talk to and ask for help and the importance of looking after our mind.

Pupils will be involved in more activities throughout the wee linked to this year’s Mental Health week theme; “LET’S CONNECT”.

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