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Southwold Sports Day!

A magnificent Sports Day took place yesterday. The rain held off and the races began! There was fantastic effort and sportsmanship – well done to all, and thank you to parents for being such enthusiastic and supportive spectators!

RSE day

We have had a very successful RSE Week and RSE Day in school.  Each year group completed important and relevant sessions, sharing learning in a whole school assembly.  We now have a ‘family tree’ in our entrance hall to celebrate that, ‘every family is unique’.

Visitors enjoy tea and cake!

We had a wonderful time hosting our friends from the local care home – tea, coffee and cake whilst listening to our beautiful school choir. Children then shared their learning and our guests reminisced about their school days, sharing their memories of school life. We look forward to seeing them again soon when they will join us for a school lunch!

Always Award – skipping!

Today we held another amazing Always Award for the children who consistently behave well in school. This half-term the reward was a skipping workshop and it was incredible to see just how many skills the children could showcase at the end of the day!  Lots of ropes were purchased at the end of the day so the children can keep skipping!

Southwold’s Top 50 Reads

Our Top 50 Reads library was open today, with many of our children choosing a wonderful book to read over the Easter holidays. The library will be open every week next term for children to bring back books and choose new titles. It was lovely to see how excited they were about the books!

Spring term Achievement and Behaviour Awards

Congratulations to our Spring Term Achievement and Behaviour award winners – your behaviour, your attitudes to learning and the progress you have made have been outstanding – you should be very proud of yourselves!

Music Assembly

Our Music assembly was wonderful, with children showcasing their talents.  Children in Years 4 to 6 played guitars and flutes, including their own compositions.  It is clear to hear the progression in skills across the age groups, with children learning to play the instruments year on year.  Year 3 played the glockenspiel, as a class ensemble so well, to Bob Marley and everyone sang.  EYC children led the finale, playing the chime bars and singing, ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. What a lot of talented children we have!

Mothers’ Day afternoon tea

Our Mothers’ Day reading afternoon tea was such a success. Parents shared books with their children, whilst listening to our amazing school choir, and of course eating lots and lots of cake! Our School cook gave mum a trip down memory lane with traditional cornflake tart, caramel tart, biscuits and muffins.

Mr Kingham meets a childhood hero!

Mr Kingham had a fabulous time at the Nottingham Teaching Assistant Conference, meeting a childhood hero, Johnny Ball, and learning new ways to support and inspire our wonderful children.

EYC – 51 things to do before we’re 11¾

EYC have been having enormous fun playing in the mud kitchen making mud pies, black soup…. ‘yucky’ (that’s what one of the children said!!)

Southwold’s Nativity

There was such a lovely Nativity performance this morning with wonderful acting and the whole school singing beautifully to support the Christmas story.

Autumn Term Achievement and Behaviour awards

Congratulations to our Autumn Term Achievement and Behaviour award winners – your teachers said so many positive things about your behaviour, your attitudes to learning and the progress you have made – you should be very proud of yourselves!

Christingle at St Peter’s Church

A whole school visit to St Peter’s Church for the Christingle service was very special. Many thanks to Mark and Carolyn for making it so engaging and for all the hard work that went into it. It is an annual celebration that our children love and it really does get us into the Christmas spirit.

Southwold perform at the Royal Concert Hall

An amazing musical experience at the Royal Concert Hall on Wednesday evening.  Our talented choir and members of the Area Band performed beautifully and confidently alongside so many other city school pupils.  Well done to everyone… such an inspiring thing to be part of.  Thanks to Nottingham Music Hub.

Lilian Greenwood MP’s Christmas card competition

It was lovely to welcome Lilian Greenwood MP into school to present special recognition awards to these three girls for their Christmas Card competition entries.  This is a competition our school enters every year.  The theme this year was Christmas and the National Health Service (NHS). So many other children received certificates to congratulate them on their entries.


Southwold’s 50th Birthday celebrations

We joined in with our school’s 50th birthday celebrations by dressing up in clothes from the 1960’s. We  also did lots of different activities such as hopscotch, paint spinning, chalking and two-ball. We had such a fabulous, fun day.

Nottingham Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Day

Today is the very first annual Nottingham Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Day and we have made special bunting in school to celebrate healthy relationships. We are really pleased to be taking part in this important day to promote positive and healthy relationships #RSE

Mini beast exhibition

In EYC we celebrated the end of our mini beast project by inviting parents to watch our exhibition. We dressed up as different mini beasts and sang our songs. We talked about facts, danced the life cycle of a frog and acted out the life cycle of a butterfly. We had a wonderful time.

Maths Open Classrooms

Our parents and children enjoyed learning Maths together this morning during our Maths Open Classroom. The children loved showing off their Maths skills and parents were very impressed with their clever children! Our Open Classrooms are a great opportunity for parents to learn about their children’s learning in school and to help them be confident to support their children’s learning at home. Watch out for more Open Classrooms in the new school year.

Southwold WINS Road Safety Quiz!

‘And the Winner is…Southwold!’ The Nottingham City Council Road Safety Quiz Trophy was handed over to our brilliant quiz champions in our assembly this morning. We are enormously proud of their near perfect performance in the quiz and the trophy is now ours to keep for a whole year. Well done to all of the children involved and also a huge thank you to Sandra from the Road Safety Team for presenting the trophy.

Easter at Southwold

Easter Assembly at our school saw children receiving achievement and behaviour awards as well as a raffle and an Easter bonnet parade.

EYC celebrated Chinese New Year

EYC celebrated Chinese New Year by doing lots of fun activities. We made some dancing dragons and we tasted some Chinese food. It was yummy. Then we went into the hall to dance with our big dragon, whilst playing along to the Chinese music. Some of us played the triangles and bells and drew the dragon with all its feet. It was a busy but exciting day.

Spelling Bee Winners!

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Winners.  After three rounds of spelling tests with very challenging words, our class winners have cliamed their title!  All of the children studied hard and perfected their spelling skills to claim first place in their class spelling competition.

Well done to every child in school who took part, they should be very proud of achievements. Thank you also, for the support given by parents and for attending our awards ceremony. 

We are already looking forward to next year!

Safer Internet Day

Southwold’s Safer Internet Day got off to a great start with a parent NSPCC E-Safety workshop. Parents actively participated in and contributed to discussions about internet use. They gained valuable information to help keep their children safe whilst using the internet.

Throughout the school, all pupils fro EYFS to Year 6 took part in a range of activities to help develop their knowledge of keeping safe online. We were overwhelmed by the sensible and mature attitude of our pupils, who showed a good understanding of the importance of staying safe online as well as how to stay safe.

Well done to all for a very successful day.

Spelling Bee Semi Finals!

School House Captains organised and led a fantastic Spelling Bee Semi-Final.  

Enthusiastic pupils from Years 1 to 6 were set the challenge to  learn 30 new words from their year group word list, as well as other ambitious words!   

We were completely overwhelmed by the spelling standards of our pupils. Congratulations to all of our amazing pupils who reached this stage.  

Finalists are now preparing to see if they will be their year group Spelling Bee Champion 2018.  Good luck!

Monkey bars!

On Friday 26th January, our new Monkey Bars were installed on the edge of the school field. School Parliament campaigned for these bars during the last academic year and they have finally arrived to the immense pleasure of the children!

Pupils are loving having a go getting from one end to the other, but many have realised they will need a lot of practice and their arm muscles will need to strengthen!

Southwold’s Spelling Bee Challenge

Spelling is one of our school improvement priorities this year – we need to get better at spelling!

Our house team captains led this inter-house Spelling Bee challenge. Every class were given a long list of spellings to learn over a month. The children were then tested by a captain and the scores calculated. For each correct spelling, a child received one house point so the house point token boxes are filling up quickly!

The highest scorers are now entering the quarter finals – look out for the grand final, where parents will be invited in and a grand prize will be awarded to the overall Southwold Spelling Champion!

We think this Spelling bee Challenge is a great way to get children spelling, to gain lots of house points for the teams and to embed pupil leadership

Choir at Stonebridge City Farm

Our fabulous choir spent the morning at Stonebridge City Farm singing carols to their visitors. As usual, they were a credit to our school!

Autumn Disco

Super Autumn Disco with some great dance-offs!! Amazing energy and behaviour from the children and fabulous support by all staff who made this such a success.

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