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Year 2 – Forest School fun!

Making mini fires, mini animal dens, traps, digging for treasure, making animal footprints, jewellery and so much more! It was the best!

Year 2’s colour snake

We made a colour snake using two primary colours. It was so much fun! Can you make a colour snake?

Year 2 make a noise for anti-bullying week!

We discussed what bullying is and what we can do to stop it and who we can trust to talk too if we have a problem – we’re making a noise for anti-bullying week!

Year 2 celebrate Diwali

Today we made Divas and learnt about Diwali, which is the festival of light. Happy Diwali to everyone who celebrates it. 🎆

Toys Through Time Workshop – University of Nottingham

Pupils in Years 1 and 2 enjoyed a visit from Nottingham University.  They had the opportunity to explore how toys have evolved by material, shape, design and subject. Children enjoyed playing with a variety of games and toys – from Victorian board games to rubik cube!

Year 2 – Mutual Respect & Tolerance

Year 2 read a lovely book called ‘The ONLY way is BADGER’ and furthered their understanding of Mutual Respect & Tolerance. Pupils talked about the similarities and differences between themselves and others in class, explored the importance of being different and what they can do to make sure everyone in their class is treated fairly. Pupils drew self-portraits and wrote sentences about the things that make them special.

The book promoted our school value of respect and that everyone should be accepted and everyone is different – which is what makes Southwold very special 😊

Year 2’s amazing week in school

What a great week we have had in Class 2! We have been learning lots of different things in our lessons. We have loved PE, Design & Technology and Maths – and there is still so much more coming up!

Year 2 visit Nottingham University

What a super morning we have had at the University of Nottingham! We went on a tour, met some real students and did some activities. It has been great fun!

Year 2 become detectives!

What an exciting morning we have had with a special visitor from the university of Nottingham. We became university detectives and are so excited to visit the university next week.

Years 1 and 2 at Cadbury World

What a brilliant day we all had yesterday at Cadbury World. We found out how chocolate is made and all about Cadbury. We also got some free yummy chocolate!

Year 1 and 2 Art Workshop

Parents and pupils in Years 1 and 2 enjoyed using clay to create a hedgehog.  Pupils taught their parents the techniques:  pinch, roll and squeeze. After, they performed  ‘London’s Burning’, singing in rounds.  Thank you to our parents for their support. What a lovely we have had!

Pupils reading for pleasure!

Well done to our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils for completing another reading bookmark. They certainly do enjoy reading for pleasure.

Year 1 and 2’s interactive Science

Class 1 and 2 loved the live science session, learning about tractors and their link to space. It was very interactive and the children learnt just how complex tractors can be.

Year 2 create hedgehogs

What an amazing day! The children worked hard to form and mould the clay to make their own hedgehog! 🦔

Year 2 – National Literacy Trust delivery

OH WOW!!!!! What a surprise we had today when we got into class. There was a special delivery from the National Literacy Trust – our own books we had ordered! We are so excited to take these home and share them with our families.

Year 2 bake bread

Class 2 enjoyed baking bread today! We weighed out the ingredients, mixed, kneaded and made our bread balls. We are leaving them overnight and will cook them in the morning. It was so much fun! 🍞

Year 1 & 2 reading for pleasure

Classes 1 and 2 love reading books!! We’re sharing our favourites … but what is your favourite book?

Year 1 & 2 – History: Great Fire of London

Class 1 and 2 joined together for their history lesson. They were looking at pictures from the Great Fire of London and discussing what happened at that time and why they think the fire spread. They then made a plaque with important information to remember this event. Great teamwork!

Year 2 – Fruit tasting

Class 2 had a great afternoon in our DT lesson as we had a fruit tasting session and they tried a variety of fruits. They tried lime, lemon, orange, pineapple, apple, raisins and banana. The favourite fruit was pineapple. What’s your favourite fruit?

Years 1 and 2 – Samuel Pepys belongings

Classes 1 and 2 went on a hunt and found Samuel Pepys belongings buried in our playground!  The children dug a hole and out came a sack – it contained a wine glass, a diary and a quill. We are discovering more about his life.

Year 2 – Great Fire of London

For our Great Fire of London project, Class 2 enjoyed making houses and we collaborated on a class picture for our project display. Doesn’t it look fabulous!

Year 2 explore in Forest Schools

Class 2 have had an AMAZING afternoon in forest schools. We have been on an acorn hunt, made transient art pictures with natural objects, peeled a stick, made leaf bunting, had a guess at what is in the freely bags and made fire using a dragon sneeze. We finished with a game of duck, duck goose. What a super afternoon!!!

Year 2’s great start!

Class 2 have had a brilliant start to the new year. We have delved into our project and made different types of bicycles using clay and wire.

The children have been amazing!

Year 2 butterfly release

Class 2 released their butterflies!… We have watched them grow from caterpillars to butterflies and learnt about their whole life cycle. It was very exciting seeing them fly off – we wish them well!

Year 2’s sculpture hunt

Year 2 really enjoyed our trip into Nottingham City centre to look at the sculptures. It was fantastic to see them in person to inspire us when we make our own sculptures.  We even received an email from NCT complementing us on our behaviour! Well done Class 2!

Year 2 Golden Time

Year 2 had such a lovely golden time afternoon!


Year 2 investigate exercise

Class 2 investigated how exercise affects our bodies. They compared the pulse and heart-beat before and after exercise. They discussed the function of the heart and the importance of exercise and a healthy diet.

Year 2 play Samba!

Class 2 enjoyed learning about Samba music. They were taught about the drum instrument and learnt to play different beats and rhythms.

Year 2 – Geography

In Geography, Class 2 have been learning about why people leave their homes. These are called push and pull factors. The children worked together to discuss and sort push and pull factors.

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