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Year 1 and 2 make bug hotels!

Class 1 and 2 loved going on a tree walk and then making bug hotels for the bugs in the school playground.

Year 1’s big bug hunt

Class 1 loved going on a big bug hunt. We found so many different bugs on our travels!

Year 2’s big bug hunt

Class 2 really enjoyed doing the bug hunt today. We learnt about why bugs and minibeasts are important and spent some time looking under rocks and around trees for them. We found ants, wood lice, caterpillars, snails, beetles and slugs.

Year 2 wax paintings

In Class 2 we have been creating wax resist paintings based on the Great Fire of London. We learnt about Batik art and used this technique to help us do our paintings.

Year 2 design fire engines

Class 2 have been doing lots of Design and Technology work this week. We have been exploring axles, wheels and chassis and designing our own fire engines to carry a cup of water 1m. We have had lots of fun!

Year 2 celebrate World Book Day

In Class 2 we shared our favourite books with our friends at school and at home. We also watched a talk with Cressida Cowell and are inspired to go and write our own stories.

Southwold Superstars!

Two home and two school learners are recognised from each class every week for their amazing effort in learning. Home learners receive their certificates through the post. We can’t wait to find out who are our Superstars today!

Class 2 create microhabitats

This week, Year 2 have been learning about habitats. Today they collected twigs and leaves to create microhabitats. They placed these under the trees in the allotment, under trees so the bugs have some shade! They have already found a lot of minibeasts today.

Snowy lunchtimes!

Classes 1 and 2 have loved the snowy weather and playing in it with their friends at lunchtime.

Class 2’s ‘Home Learning Highlight’

Class 2’s ‘Home Learning Highlight’ this week so far… check out the Design and Technology projects that have started coming in from Class 2 home learners. We are designing, making and reviewing a candlestick holder that would have been great in 1666 when they didn’t have electricity!-

Year 2’s online live lessons

Year 2 have all been so amazing adapting to the new way of learning. Today we were looking at how to edit and improve our sentences for instructions adding adverbs and time connectives to bring clarity and order.

Year 2 unite against bullying

We have been thinking about how different people feel this week. Sometimes a bully is a person trying to  ask for help because they don’t know how to make friends, sometimes the bullied person is someone who doesn’t know who to ask for help and a bystander could be someone too afraid to ask for help.

That’s why it is so important to know we all have someone to turn to and we need to unite against bullying.

Notts Fire Brigade visit Year 2

Oh wow, Year 2 love-love-loved the visit from the fire brigade. They discovered the equipment in a fire engine, practised with the water hoses and tried on clothing. They compared these with equipment used in 1666 at the Great Fire of London. Many thanks to Nottinghamshire Fire Brigade for their fab input!

EYC’s autumn walk

EYC went on a local walk this morning. Together with lots of parent helpers (thank you!) we looked at how the trees are changing in autumn and we collected lots of autumn material to look at in our classes.

A huge thank you to all the grown-ups who helped us!

KS1 enjoy a sunny playtime!

KS1 children enjoyed morning playtime in the sun … relaxing with books, constructing with bricks and playing schools!

Year 2 investigate the impact of pollution

Year 2 children are able to explain how coral reefs have changed due to the impact of pollution. They can tell you how The Great Barrier Reef has shrunk (more than halved) due to pollution and the plastic effect.

They also discussed the devastating effect of plastic on the ocean and the creatures that live in it.

Year 2 Hook Day – Creatures under the sea

On our Hook Day we enjoyed a range of activities all about creatures that live under the sea.

We examined and felt shells, crabs and star fish just like a real marine biologist. We have also created a giant sea animal to swim above us – can you spot the whale and two manta rays. We used plastic that is often found polluting our oceans to create something beautiful.

Year 2 Project Exhibition

Year 2 shared their learning to proud parents in the end of project exhibition. The children loved showing what they’ve been up to and also put the parents to work too, making them complete questionnaires. Thanks to so many parents for taking such an interest in your children’s learning.

Year 2 make Christmas biscuits

Year 2 loved making Christmas biscuits with Mrs Wood as part of our Wider Opportunities curriculum, working together to follow instructions and mix the ingredients. They were so yummy!

Year 2 – 50 things to do …. conkers!

Year 2 had great fun achieving one of their ’50 things to do before we’re 11¾’ …. playing conkers!

Southwold’s 50th birthday celebrations – Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about the Royal Mail’s introduction of “First Class” and “Second Class” mail which came into effect in 1968. The class are enjoying designing their own stamps!

World Book Day – Year 2

Class 2 have delved right into world book day. We have so many amazing costumes and book characters. Well done to all children!

Year 2 – Roald Dahl project

Class 2 getting ready for their new project about the famous author Roald Dahl. Have you got the golden ticket? What new flavour chocolate bar would you invent?

Year 2 – Madhatters

Class 2 have had lots of fun using dip dye to colour fabric ready to make their hats this afternoon .

Year 2 – Recreating Alice’s Wonderland

Class 2 have been busy today making jam tarts for the Queen of Hearts as part of their project ‘How can we recreate Alice’s Wonderland?’

Class 2 – Healthy Eating 16/06/2017

We were really lucky to have a nutritional expert in Class 2 to show us how to eat and cook healthy foods. We looked at what foods we needed to stay healthy and how much of each we should be eating.

We also looked at where foods come from and sorted them into food from plants and foods from animals.

Then came the big surprise… making pizzas! We used healthy homemade dough (thanks to our fantastic expert) and created our own pizzas with healthy toppings.

They were delicious! A fun afternoon of learning and cooking for everyone.

Year 2 Cook Popcorn And Crisps 08/06/17

In Class 2, we have been learning about healthy diets and healthy lifestyles as part of our project. We made two healthy snacks: natural popcorn and baked apple crisps.  The children loved watching the popcorn pop in the pan, it smelt delicious and tasted it too! We realised we didn’t need to add sugar or salt, it was yummy just the way it was.

They also loved placing apple slices on baking trays and brushing them with oil, ready for the oven. They came out brilliantly and were a really sweet and tasty alternative to regular salty potato crisps.

We made some posters to share what we had learned and to convince everybody to ditch the junk food and make these healthy alternatives instead!

Year 2 – Exploring Food Around The World 7/6/17

In Class 2, we have been been tasting and talking about different foods as a part of our project, ‘How can we explore food around the world?’.  The children were given a taste test of lots of different foods including kiwis (New Zealand), pitta bread (Syria), dates (Tunisia), brioche (France) and feta cheese (Greece).

We then discussed where the food could be from and why. Then all was revealed! Each plate had the origin of the food underneath along with that country’s flag. We used this information to find these countries on a world map.  It was a fantastic afternoon with lots of interesting and delicious foods!

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