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Year 2 explore in Forest Schools

Class 2 have had an AMAZING afternoon in forest schools. We have been on an acorn hunt, made transient art pictures with natural objects, peeled a stick, made leaf bunting, had a guess at what is in the freely bags and made fire using a dragon sneeze. We finished with a game of duck, duck goose. What a super afternoon!!!

Year 2’s great start!

Class 2 have had a brilliant start to the new year. We have delved into our project and made different types of bicycles using clay and wire.

The children have been amazing!

Year 2 butterfly release

Class 2 released their butterflies!… We have watched them grow from caterpillars to butterflies and learnt about their whole life cycle. It was very exciting seeing them fly off – we wish them well!

Year 2’s sculpture hunt

Year 2 really enjoyed our trip into Nottingham City centre to look at the sculptures. It was fantastic to see them in person to inspire us when we make our own sculptures.  We even received an email from NCT complementing us on our behaviour! Well done Class 2!

Year 2 Golden Time

Year 2 had such a lovely golden time afternoon!


Year 2 investigate exercise

Class 2 investigated how exercise affects our bodies. They compared the pulse and heart-beat before and after exercise. They discussed the function of the heart and the importance of exercise and a healthy diet.

Year 2 play Samba!

Class 2 enjoyed learning about Samba music. They were taught about the drum instrument and learnt to play different beats and rhythms.

Year 2 – Geography

In Geography, Class 2 have been learning about why people leave their homes. These are called push and pull factors. The children worked together to discuss and sort push and pull factors.

Year 2 – Our Futures Project

Class 2 had some visitors from Our Future Project and the children found out about a range of different jobs which they could pursue. They engaged in various practical activities aimed to develop particular skills.

Year 2 build fire engines!

We have some very talented designers and engineers in Class 2! Using our knowledge of wheel, chassis and axle mechanisms, we designed, made and evaluated Fire Engines that could safely carry a pot of water across 10 metres. We had lots of success!

Year 2 – Pancake day

Year 2 had great fun celebrating pancake day taste testing pancake in class!

Year 2 Dot painting

Year 2 learned the dot painting technique to create their own Aboriginal hand print to represent humans belonging to and protecting the earth. They chose their own symbols and earth colours and compared dot painting to pointillism, a more modern form of dot painting.

Year 2 – Creative writing

We having been reading a very special story in Class 2 and are now on a mission to find out where our main characters have gone. The children are so excited to write their own creative stories for our special guests.

Year 2 experiment with marbling

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with marbling, investigating how ink floats and changes with movement.  The first step to creating a portrait of Queen Victoria.

Community Rangers support Lenton and Wollaton Day of Action

Today our Community Rangers, supported the Lenton and Wollaton Day of Action. They joined the community litter pick and helped to clean our local park with help from: our local councillors, Neighbourhood Development Officer and Community Protection Officers.

The children will have returned to school to promote the importance of keeping our streets clean and looking after the community to their peers.

The children were amazing and are a credit to the school and community.

Year 2 – Always Award

Class 2 have enjoyed their always award. Glow in the dark dodgeball is so fun!

Year 2 become Rosa Parks

Class 2 have been learning about Rosa Parks and her bravery in making a stand against segregation. We have been writing a diary as if we are Rosa Parks and to help us understand what a trial was, we held our own mock trial.

Year 2 trip to Criche

Class 2 went on a trip to Crich Tramway museum on Tuesday. They had a great day learning about how trams were powered and how they have changed. They enjoyed riding old trams and going on a woodland walk, spotting different wood carvings. Did you know it took 12 horses to pull a tram in one day?

Year 2 explore transport with charcoal

Class 2 used charcoal to create drawings of different modes of transport that could be found in Radford both now and in the past. They explored using the charcoal and blended with their fingers, before drawing their final masterpieces.

Year 2 investigate materials – shoes

As part of our science investigation, children investigated materials used to make modern day shoes. They discussed the properties of these materials and why they were suitable.

Children then compared them to shoes from the 15th century and materials available then. They discovered that rubber was not used on shoes until 1892! Wow!

Class 2 will be using this knowledge to help design a shoe for a famous athlete!

Year 2 – Creating animations

Class 2 pupils have been learning about Ellie Simmonds and her swimming achievements. They have used this knowledge to create an animation to inform others about her successes.  Children used a combination of features such as drawing, backgrounds, sound and movement to present this information to their audience. We certainly have some very creative pupils in our class!

Year 2 research the Olympic games

Children have been investigating the question: ‘Can all people compete in sporting events?’ With a focus on the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, children learnt about different sports people, their specialist sport and how they train.  Looking forward to Paris 2024, they researched previous Olympic medals and using the design criteria set by the International Olympic Committee, designed their own medal.  After, they made their medal using clay. Wow, what an amazing collection of medals were made!

Year 2 project ‘ How Can You Change The World?

As part of our project, ‘How Can You Change The World?’, children were introduced to significant people who have had an impact upon society.  Significant people past and present, ranged from sports people to activists to inventors. Using their art skills, children created portraits for our classroom display. They will go on to learn about their achievements and how this has impacted our lives today.

Year 2 Local History Week walk

As part of Local History week,  Class 2 visited Jubilee Campus site and learnt about the history of Raleigh.  Along the way we discussed and looked out for different types of transport in Radford that are used today.  We will compare them to those used in the past and significant people who helped to change how we travel and transport goods.

Year 2 investigate properties of materials

Class 2 pupils have been investigating properties of materials.  Using scientific vocabulary, pupils chose a selection of materials and discussed their properties. They compared different objects and the suitability of the material used, referring to its properties.  For example, pupils were able to explain why a chair could be made from plastic and not paper. Also why the classroom windows were made from glass and not brick.

Year 2 Money Morning

For Money Morning in Class 2 we played bookshops to help us find different amounts and use different coins and methods for finding an amount. The children LOVE books and loved pretending to be booksellers and customers.

Class 2’s classroom butterflies

We have been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly in Class 2. We have caterpillars in our classroom and love checking their progress each day. One of them has turned in to a Chrysalis, We wonder how long before we see butterflies!

Year 2’s little bags of happiness

Class 2 used the marbled fabrics they made to make little bags of happiness. They learnt how to sew a running stitch to join their fabric together.

Year 2 love reading!

Class 2 love reading. Some children took their books out at playtime to continue reading their favourite stories!

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