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Project – Who were the hidden heroes of WW2?

The Second World War (World War II) lasted from 1939 to 1945. It was fought in Europe, in Russia, North Africa and in Asia. Throughout this term, we will be investigating the essential question, ‘Who were the hidden heroes of WW2?’ We will discover different cultures and contributions from the Commonwealth and Empire as well as investigate the significant role women played to the war effort.

As writers, we will be looking closely at conveying the emotion of war by writing flashback accounts. In history, we will explore the different roles women played during the war and how their roles changed over time. Pupils will learn about the challenges and obstacles women faced during the war, including discrimination and unequal treatment. They will also learn about the resilience and determination of women in the face of adversity.

In design & technology, we will be exploring how to connect a crumble controller with more than one output, such as lights, ultrasonic distance sensors, and motors. We will learn how to program the crumble controller to control these outputs and create different functions.

Reconmended Reads

  •      Rosie Raja – Churchill’s Spy by Sufiya Ahmed
  •      Artic Star by Tom Palmer
  •      The Emergency Zoo by Miriam Halahmy
  •      Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden
  •      Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll
  •      Once by Morris Gleitzman
  •      Mohinder’s War by Bali Rai
  •      The Lion Above the Door by Onjali Q.Rauf
  •      When the Sky Falls by Phil Earle

We would love to see more reading bookmarks in Year 5. Please listen to your child read between 3 and 5 times a week and record every time you read with them in their reading diaries, so we can keep a record. This will really help with their reading fluency.

Your child will be given a spelling test and a times table test every Friday morning, so they need to be practising these throughout the week. Children receive  Dojo points for full marks in spellings and passing their times table test on TTRS.

Your child is given homework to complete in their homework book every Friday and this will need to be returned in school the following Thursday. They also have 6 pieces of project homework to complete. We love to see these as they are always amazing – they go straight up on our project homework display in the classroom for everybody to see. You have until the end of term to complete all six.

PE lessons are every Wednesday this half term, so please make sure your child is wearing their PE kit to school every Wednesday.

If you need to know anything else or need to speak with a member of staff, please come and see us.

Thank you,

Mr Paton

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