Year 5

Welcome to class 5’s page!

In Summer term, class 5 will be studying the Ancient Greeks and considering the question ‘What did the Greeks ever do for us?’ As part of this, they will study where the Greeks lived, their Gods, how they were governed and their influence on the democracy and philosophers of today. An incredibly exciting topic!

We will also be carrying out an independent fieldwork enquiry in our Geography work. This will provide pupils with an opportunity to develop their own enquiry focus and consider their data collection method before plotting a route on a map and then collecting, analysing and presenting their data. This links brilliantly to children’s experiences of coordinating experiments and investigations in science – demonstrating another subject area in which analytical skills are invaluable!

Recommended Reads  

  • Who Let the Gods Out? By Maz Evans
  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
  • Mission to Marathon by Geoffrey Trease
  • The Corinthian Girl by Christina Balit
  • The Orchard Book of Greek Mythsby Geraldine McCaughrean & Emma Chichester Clark
  • So You Think You’ve Got It Bad? A Kid’s Life in Ancient Greece by Chae Strathie
  • The Everyday Guide to Primary Geography: Local Fieldwork by Julia Tanner
  • The Street Beneath My Feetby Charlotte Gullian
  • Discovering Hinduism by Ellie Hughes
  • Amazing Muslims Who Changed the Worldby Burhana Islam

We would love to see more reading bookmarks in Year 5. Please listen to your child read between 3 and 5 times a week and record every time you read with them in their reading diaries, so we can keep a record. This will really help with their reading fluency.

Homework will be sent out each Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. There are also 6 pieces of project homework to complete.  You have until the end of term to complete all six.

PE lessons are every Thursday this term, so please make sure your child wears their PE to school (blue/white polo shirt and plain black shorts, leggings or joggers with their school jumper or cardigan). A reminder that there is NO swimming in the summer term. During SCARF lessons, children will be participating in Mini-Police sessions.

If you need to know anything else or need to speak with a member of staff, please come and see us.

Thank you,

Ms Kerrison, Mrs Laud & Mr Kingham

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