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Project – How did the Victorians shape Britain?

As historians, the children will be predominantly exploring crime and punishment throughout the Victorian period. Children will look at some societal changes during this period and some of the crimes that came with this relating to industrialisation and political changes. They will explore punishments such as transportation and investigate conditions in Victorian prisons.

In design and technology, pupils will use first hand and secondary sources to conduct relevant research into a Victorian diet. We will investigate what influenced their diet and compare ingredients to existing produce. Children will carry out sensory evaluations of a variety of current food products and present their findings in mathematical tables. Pupils will study (innovative) key chefs who have reinvented the Victorian diet, e.g. Heston Blumenthal. For our showpiece event, we will inviting parents’ and carers into school to sample our Victorian-style feast.

As artists, pupils will research the arts and crafts movement and focus on the work of William Morris who specialised in textiles. They will also be introduced to decoupage. Decoupage is the art or craft of decorating objects with paper cut-outs. By the Victorian era, magnificent decoupage designs were showing up everywhere. They taught decoupage to young women as a way to embellish objects of all kinds and display scraping projects, which was a popular hobby during that time. Pupils will take inspiration from Mary Delany to create their own decorative 3D sculptures using papier-mâché.

We would love to see more reading in Class 5. Your child will get a prize for reading at home – a bronze prize for reading 75 times at home, a silver prize for reading 150 times at home and a gold prize for reading 250 times at home. Please listen your child read between 3 and 5 times a week and record every time you read with them in their reading diaries so we can keep a record. Please bring your books into school by Thursday, so they can be safely returned. Your child will receive a new book each Monday.

Your child will be given a spelling test and a times table test every Friday morning, so they need to be practising these throughout the week. Children receive house points for full marks in spellings and passing their times table test on TTRS.

Your child is given homework to complete every Friday and this will need to be returned in school the following Thursday. They also have 6 pieces of project homework to complete. We love to see these as they are always amazing – they go straight up on our project homework display in the cloakroom for everybody to see. You have until the end of term to complete all six.

PE lessons are every Wednesday this half term, so please make sure your child is wearing their PE kit to school every Wednesday.

Please note we will also be swimming this half term! So please make sure your child has their correct swimming kit with them every Friday.

If you need to know anything else or need to speak with a member of staff, please come and see us.

Thank you,

Mr Paton

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