Pupil Leadership Teams


At Southwold Primary, we believe it is important for pupils to have a voice and to feel they have ownership of their school, taking part in important initiatives and decision making, as well as leading by example and respecting others. This ethos mirrors our school’s core values and British Values.

Wider Opportunities

We believe it is important to develop leadership skills alongside teaching our children to become good citizens within our school community, as well as the wider community.  When we think about leaders and their qualities, it is clear to see that these are the core values we want to develop in our pupils. There are many ways that leadership is grown and developed in our pupils. There are a range of Leadership Opportunities available for children to participate in.

Wider Opportunities Organisation

  • Each team will consist of two pupils from each class, (chosen by their teacher) and the team will be led by a member of staff.
  • The teams will meet each term and plan an activity to promote or raise awareness of issues linked to their area.
  • The team members from each class, will deliver the planned activity to their class peers, with the support of their class teacher.

Leadership Teams

  • Green Team – The Green Team will organise and lead activities with Mrs Taylor, to help make Southwold greener!
  • Mental Health Ambassadors – Children will liaise with Mrs Stone, promoting mental health and wellbeing.
  • No Outsiders – Our Diversity pledge supports the promotion and education of diversity and equality. Working alongside Mrs Kerrison, our No Outsiders representatives and team, promote this important message throughout the school and in our local community.
  • Community Rangers – Mr McArthur and representatives will lead and promote community activities both school and in our local area. These children are responsible for deciding on projects for the year and organising activities to support this.

 Other Leadership Teams

  • School Parliament – These children will make sure that targeted school priorities include all children in the school to give everyone a voice. They will focus on one action at a time, to make the school a better place for learning.
  • Reading Rangers – Librarians are responsible for ensuring the resources in the Library are fit for purpose, return books to the correct shelves and support Mrs Kerrison in auditing the genres and quality of the texts in our collection. They will also help to promote reading throughout school.
  • PE Leaders – These children will support Mrs Haywood and the PE coach during after school activities and sporting events. They will ensure our equipment (used for playtime and lessons) are in the correct place and in good order.
  • Play Leaders (PSCO’s) – These children will take responsibility for leading sporting games at lunchtimes and playtimes. They are trained to lead children in activities and are responsible for refereeing and organising activities.
  • Computing Ambassadors – They are responsible for ensuring that the computers/devices are ready for use in their classroom. They will support Mr McArthur in curricular and extra-curricular computing curriculum, promote internet safety across the school and ensure hardware is ready for use.
  • Science Ambassadors – working with Mrs Johnstone they will support science events and the curriculum.
  • Art Ambassadors – They will work with Mrs Laud, Mrs Taylor and our resident artist/s to support the curricular and extra- curricular arts curriculum.
  • Language AmbassadorsThese children support the arrival of non-English speaking pupil at our school. They will help them to support transition to the school and class, and support them during play and lunchtimes.
  • Music MonitorsMusic Monitors chosen from Class 4 will ensure all our instruments are in the correct place and in good order. They also support at music clubs and music performances.
  • Forest School – Forest School is an inspirational process that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees. This is led by Mrs Turner-Jones, who will work with each class every half term.
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