Our Vision & Core Values

At Southwold Primary School we aim to ensure that all pupils develop academic excellence, talents, creativity and leadership skills so they achieve their potential as responsible global citizens of the future.

 The school will aim to:

  • Offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is stimulating, meets the needs of every child and reflects our community and world
  • Help children to progress as much as possible by setting appropriate work and homework
  • Monitor attendance and punctuality. Inform parents if children are regularly late or absent. Take further action, following school attendance policy if necessary.
  • Set clear expectations about the highest possible standards of behaviour and let parents know if there are any significant problems with their child’s behaviour
  • Listen to children’s problems and be available to listen to parents. Ensure there is appropriate support and advice given
  • Provide equal opportunities for all our children so they can reach their full potential academically, socially and morally.
  • Celebrate the cultural diversity of our children and support learning by visiting places of worship and listening to visitors in school
  • Stop bullying and racism and any other actions that show disrespect or intolerance towards others
  • Be committed to promoting a community of mutual courtesy and respect
  • Work in partnership with parents communicating in a variety of ways about the progress of their child
  • Provide a warm welcome so that parents and carers know that the school values their contribution to school life and their child’s education
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure the safety, happiness and self-confidence of all our children
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