Project Overview

Our project this term is all about “Which clothes shall I wear in Autumn?” Although this question sounds simple, it will enable us to work on an exciting range of books, each of them giving us the opportunity to create interesting learning experiences and to cover a wide range of our Curriculum.

 We will learn why we have a school uniform and about our school and so develop our group identity. It will be a great opportunity to dress up in our favourite clothes and to discuss what we have chosen, probably noticing that we have different likes. Our books will support the understanding that we are all unique and different, that we are a very diverse school and that we celebrate this. We will, fingers crossed, have some nice weather so that we can get busy pretending to be pirates at the seaside. Arrrr!

But we will also have to dress in thicker clothing to keep us warm so that we can go on an Autumn walk

Our project books can also help us to have a strong maths focus; counting and patterns, and it can lead us to work on science and design and technology.

Clothes Overview EYC Sept 2022


The following document is the Early Years curriculum that has been adapted for parents’ use.  We hope you find it useful.

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