Project Overview

Our project this term is all about the question ‘How are animals used in traditional stories?’ For this we will be analysing story characters of traditional stories. How has the illustrator drawn the animals? And how has the author described them? Do we know of another story where a character is being used in the same way?

We will introduce our topic with a performance of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ by the teachers. Hopefully their creative energy will be contagious and we hope to see a lot of performances in our classroom afterwards. We will try out porridge, hopefully it is just right! We will look at how the bears live in the book and investigate if this is the same as how real bears live.

Our next story will be ‘The three little pigs’. How do pigs keep warm in the story? How do we keep our bodies warm, especially now it is getting very cold?

Our third story is about ‘The Gingerbread man’ which is a good excuse to make them.

Next we will read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Which food is good for Granny who is poorly? Which food should we only have as a treat?

Our last traditional story is ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and we reflect on how animals look the same (e.g. both have wings) and look different (e.g. colouring).



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