Year 4

Welcome to the Spring Term in Year 4!

Our project for the Summer term is titled: “How did the Romans change the world”

In history we will be learning about the Romans, we will be learning about why the Romans invaded and settled in Britain and how Britain responded to this We will then delve deeper into the Roman army and look at why it was so successful. Finally, we will explore the effect the Roman’s have had on modern Britain.

For the Geography part of our topic, we will investigate why people live near volcanoes. We will start by looking at the layers of the earth; then we will explore how and where mountains are formed; following this we will examine why and where we get volcanoes and the effects of a volcanic eruption.

In Design and Technology we will use computer aided design to create an avatar.

Our Shared Reading lessons will involve two books. The first book will be “The journal of Iliona” which will have strong links with the history part of our topic. Our second book will be “Escape from Pompeii” which will have strong connections with the geography part of our topic.

P.E. will be taught by a specialist coach every Wednesday for year 3 children and Thursday for year 4 children. Children should come wearing their P.E. kit on those days.

As always, we love to see the amazing project homework being brought to class. Please remember that your child must complete up to 6 Project Homework tasks over the term, in addition to their weekly homework. Feel free to ask for any help or resources your child may need.

Please ensure that you listen to your child read at least three times a week and record every reading session in their reading diary. We will keep a record of this. Each time your child reads at home, they will receive a stamp on their bookmark. Completing 30 stamps will earn them a prize from Mrs Salmeron.

Your child will bring home weekly spellings, it is really important children continue to practice these at home.

Lastly, we can’t stress enough how vital times tables are. Below, we’ve linked some fantastic websites that can really help boost your child’s times table knowledge. Let’s make learning fun and rewarding!

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