Year 4

Welcome to Spring Term in Year 4!

This term, year 3 and 4 will be learning about the Stone Age and answering the question, ‘Could you survive the Stone Age?’

We will start by finding out how the Stone Age people survived, look at how we know about the Stone Age and moving on to researching the legacy of this important era in history. In our Geography lessons we will doing a series of lessons on map work, incorporating our findings from our visit to Cresswell Crags. We will visit the Nottingham Contemporary in January to look at their Hollow Earth exhibition where we will learn about the history of the Nottingham caves.

In shared reading, children will be listening to the story ‘The Wild Way Home’. We will use this text to develop children’s comprehension skills.

In English, for the first half term, children will be learning to write a story with a moral. Children will be basing their short stories on the story of Aladdin.

In Maths, for the first half term, children will be learning to work out the area of shapes, for one week, we will then be moving on to multiplication and division.

As ever we love to see the amazing project homework coming in to class. Please remember that your child must complete 6 Project Homework tasks over the term in addition to their weekly homework. Please ask if your child needs any help or resources.

Please listen to your child read at least 3 times a week and record every time you read with them in their reading diaries so we can keep a record. Every time your child reads at home, they will get a stamp on their bookmark. 30 stamps complete a bookmark and they will get a prize from Mrs Salmeron.

Your child will be given a spelling quiz every Friday morning, so they need to be practicing these throughout the week. Your child is given homework every week. The homework is on a sheet which is now placed in children’s homework books.  The sheet will contain the following: three English SPaG questions; three maths questions (related to last week, this week and next week’s maths work); a list of spellings; and a times table sheet. This work needs to be completed each week and the homework book must be bought back every Friday.

PE lessons are every Wednesday for the first half term, so please make sure that your child wears their PE to school on this day. After spring half term PE will be on Tuesday. There will be no swimming in the spring term.

If you need to know anything else or need to speak with a member of staff, please do not hesitate.

Thank you,

Mr Clarke

P.S.  Times tables are so important, below are some links to some fantastic websites that can really help boost your child’s times table knowledge.


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