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Years 3 and 4 visit Theatre Royal, Nottingham

As part of local history week Year 3 and 4 visited the Theatre Royal to learn all about its past. They learnt that the first show was called ‘A School for Scandal’ in 1865 and that the theatre only took 6 months to build and cost £15,000!

Years 3 and 4 at Jorvik Viking Centre!

What a fabulous day Years 3 and 4 had in York! They became archaeologists, digging for artefacts. They also found out about Viking medicine and went around the Jorvik museum to find out about daily life of the Vikings.  The children gained lots from this hands-on experience as well as seeing part of the historical city of York.

Year 4 write on the tables!

In English, Class 4 children were allowed to write on tables!!! We did this to help the children think of all the things they might see, hear, feel and smell in a rainforest, ready for their descriptive piece of writing.

Year 4 Great Orchestra Experiment

Year 4 absolutely loved taking part in the Great Orchestra Experience this week at Nottingham Albert Hall. What a wonderful experience! Thanks so much as always to Nottingham Music Hub

Year 4’s Viking day out at Perlethorpe

Class 4 had a super Viking day out in Perlethorpe!

We went there to learn about what life was like in Viking times. We learnt all about how they invaded Britain and how they fought. We even got to wear some of their artefacts. We got to find out what life was like for Viking slaves. We found how cruelly they were treated and had a go at making flour from grain. Something they would do all day. We made Viking jewellery and played a Viking game, with our shields.
In the afternoon we practised making our own Viking houses.

Super trip out!!!

Year 4 Mighty Maths Mission

Class 4 took part in a Mighty Maths Mission: Escape Room. They have had to use their maths skills to solve different problems: algebra rune puzzles, coded runes, and dragon coordinates. Great work class 4!

Year 4 with Nottingham Music Hub

Year 4 had a fabulous session today with Nottingham Music Hub, with flute and guitar players showcasing their new learning to each other so confidently. Well done everybody!

Year 4 create Viking shields

Year 4 have learned about how the Vikings used their shields to protect themselves when invading. We saw how they created a wall with their shields. We trained using our shields and practised creating the ‘tortoise shell’ of protection against arrows from Viking invaders (Mrs Blair throwing foam javelins!!)

Year 4 Project Hook Day

In Year 4 we have loved the project hook days and are busy creating an immersive Viking classroom environment! Look at the amazing shields we have designed and made and the figure head for our Viking longship!

KS2 Achievement, Behaviour and Kindness winners

Congratulations to our KS2 achievement, behaviour and kindness winners of Autumn Term 2021 – your teachers shared all about your wonderful attitudes and achievements and you should be very proud of yourselves!

Year 4 are Stone Age hunters!

Year 4 were Stone Age hunters far from their home caves needing to build themselves some shelter. Great team work, great communication and some interesting designs.

Year 4’s science experiment

Today we learnt how to carry out a practical scientific enquiry, which involves a comparative and fair test. We did this to learn more about human teeth and which kinds of liquids decay our enamel. We used boiled eggs to represent teeth. We placed one boiled egg in coke, one in water and one in orange juice. The liquid which damages and disintegrates the eggshell the most, must be the liquid which causes the most decay on our teeth.

Year 4’s Cave Art

In Class 4 we learnt about cave art. We decided to make our own cave art and did this through creating our own paints (from natural ingredients) and then applied them to our cave wall – just like in Stone Age times!

Year 4 – Digestive system

In Class 4 we have learnt about the digestive system and all the ways your body processes food once it has been digested.

Year 4 go foraging

If you and 3 friends were trapped in a rainforest, how would you survive?

For Design & Technology, Class 4 took inspiration from Katherine Rundell’s ‘The Explorer’ to build mini-dens out of natural materials we foraged from Wollaton Park. We learned about how to make 3D structures stable, and about making strong joins using string.

Year 4 Norse creation through dance

Year 4 imaginatively planned, practised, performed and evaluated their dance sequences depicting the Norse creation story!

Year 4 enjoy Maths Day activities

Children at school and at home loved our Maths Day activities! We went on a shape hunt, learned about why beehives have hexagonal cells, then created tessellation artwork.

Year 4 work live with Thiago de Moraes

This morning, Class 4 took part in an online live draw-along with author and illustrator Thiago de Moraes to celebrate World Book Day!

Year 4 draw Vikings

Year 4’s blended learning session this afternoon was making accurate drawings of people, including proportion and placement, whilst drawing Vikings! Children tried hard to draw the effect of light/shadows – didn’t they do well?!

Year 4’s highs and lows

Year 4 home and school learners talked honestly about the highs and lows of lockdown, then created rollercoasters to display their feelings, as part of Children’s Mental Health Week.

Southwold Superstars!

Two home and two school learners are recognised from each class every week for their amazing effort in learning. Home learners receive their certificates through the post. We can’t wait to find out who are our Superstars today!

Year 4 experiment with electrical circuits

Year 4 loved learning about the components in an electrical circuit. In class we had fun trying different ways to make a bulb light up.

Year 4’s live Music Hub session

Our Year 4 bubble loved taking part in the live music lesson today with Nottingham Music Hub, learning about asymmetrical rhythms! It was lovely to see remote learners from Years 5 and 6 joining in the fun too! Many thanks to the music teachers for making it so engaging.

Year 4 investigate sounds travelling

Class 4 had a fabulous time investigating how far sounds travel by using the beat of a drum.

Year 4 build the digestive system

Class 4 built a model of the digestive system in class today using a sandwich bag, cups and a pair of tights! The messy fun helped us to understand the basic functions of the human digestive system.

Year 4 Fun Run

Year 4 had a great time participating in the Stand Up Notts 2020 Fun Run on Friday!

Year 4 digestive science

“How does our digestive system fit in our body?”

These were Class 4’s guesses before today’s science lesson. How close were we?

Year 4 visit Central Library for World Book Day

Class 4 visited Nottingham Central Library on Thursday to celebrate World Book Day. We dressed up in some fabulous costumes, read lots of new and interesting books and everyone even got to take home a brand new book of their own! We had lots of fun listening to storytellers and taking part in fun activities such as ‘The X Factor’ and making superheroes! We are excited to read our new books over the weekend.

Year 4 celebrate World Book Day

Class 4 celebrated World Book Day by acting out their story and composing questions for the main character before doing a hot-seating challenge.

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