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Year 4 explore Maths with Capital One

Super trip this morning to Capital One this morning to learn all about how maths is used in the working world.

We were treated to a presentation by teacher and tv personality Bobby Seagul. Bobby spoke with the children about how maths can be used in many aspects of life and even rapped for them!

The children spoke with different Capital One staff about their jobs and how maths is used. They met a software developer, a commercial manager, an analyst, a talent acquisition partner and a corporate responsibility lead.

The final part of the morning was a tour around the Capital One building and it was amazing!!! Highlights were hearing about regular delivery of doughnuts, the huge gym for staff and the playroom, which had football tables, tennis tables and a piano. I imagine lots of children in class 4 will now be wanting a job at Capital One!

Key Stage 2 – National Literacy Trust Young Readers Programme

The children in Key Stage 2 were all ecstatic to receive a surprise book yesterday, chosen specially for them, as part of the National Literacy Trust Young Readers Programme. This is the first of three events, where the children will receive a free book to support reading for pleasure. Next time, it’s their turn to choose. It’s been joyful to see everyone enjoying their books around school and sharing them with each other. Southwold loves reading!

Year 4 Design & Technology

All day the children have been designing and crafting their very own Ancient Egyptian money container.

By using their sewing techniques, the children have beautifully decorated the containers, incorporating ancient Egyptian symbols and patterns.

Their attention to detail is astounding!

Year 4 – experience Ancient Egypt through drama

Over the past two weeks, our talented students have embarked on an exciting journey to Ancient Egypt through the power of drama!

They’ve explored the mysteries of the ancient world through techniques like still images, transitions, thought tracking, and role-play – been Howard Carter, the remarkable archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun, delved into the world of Egyptian mythology’s deities and goddesses and explored the wonders of the pyramids!

Our drama based approach has provided a unique and immersive way for children to engage with history, fostering a deep understanding of the past and allowing them to embrace their creativity and confidence.

Year 4 investigate electricity!

Year 4 stepped into the shoes of the heroic lightkeeper Grace Darling as they explored the world of electricity.

The children rolled up their sleeves and explored household items to find out which ones conduct electricity (conductors) and which ones don’t (insulators). It was like being a detective in search of the invisible powers of electricity!

They not only grasped the fundamental concepts of conductors and insulators but also developed their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. It was a true spark of inspiration! ✨⚡️

Year 3 & 4 Project Exhibition

It was so lovely to see so many of our year 3 and 4 parents at our project exhibition. We used chalk to create Iron Man pictures, used QR codes to find out about the features of Antarctica and finished with a song about the continents. A real showcase of our autumn learning.

Music Camp – Ilam Hall

‘We had an amazing two days at Ilam Hall in Derbyshire for this year’s music camp. On Monday we practised in our instrument groups, had music reading classes and did ‘call and response’ across Ilam Hall grounds.  The day finished with a night walk, followed by hot chocolate.

After breakfast on day two we went back to our guitar and flute groups to practise. Before lunch we did musical orienteering. A final rehearsal after lunch prepared us for the grand performance later that afternoon.

The children worked so hard and gained so much musical knowledge. They also made new friendships and loved the Derbyshire countryside!’

Year 3 and 4 visit Beeston Locks

Our recent trip to Beeston Locks has left us buzzing with excitement!  We explored the history of this magnificent canal, uncovering tales of its role in transporting coal and lace.

We compared the canal to the River Trent and Amazon River, discussing how the canal is a man-made marvel, while the River Trent flows and Amazon River flow naturally.

Later on, we conducted a survey to observe and record the different types of people and transport passing us by on the busy canal and canal path. From cheerful boaters to cyclists whizzing through. The sheer diversity reminded us how active and vibrant our local area is.

Year 3 and 4 perform at Nottingham Playhouse

Calling all Shakespeare enthusiasts! Our brilliant Year 3 and 4 children have outdone themselves yet again! They recently took part in the prestigious ‘Schools Massive’ project, where they performed excerpts from the timeless classic, Romeo and Juliet!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that out of numerous schools, we were selected as one of only six to participate in this incredible project! And what’s more, they showcased their talents on the renowned Playhouse Stage – one of the biggest in the country!

We couldn’t be prouder of our students! Their commitment and passion for the arts are truly remarkable. This experience has not only deepened their love for Shakespeare but also provided them with invaluable skills in storytelling and performance.

Primary Futures – Raising career expectations

Class 3 and 4 had a very inspiring afternoon on Wednesday meeting Alison and Richard. As part of the ‘Inspiring Futures’ project, Alison and Richard came to talk to us about their careers. Alison works for the NHS and Richard works for the Environment Agency in flood management. What will class 3 and 4 do in the future?

Year 4 – Mental Health Support Team

We had special visitors at our school on Thursday afternoon – the Mental Health Support Team! They had an incredible discussion with our children about the different emotions they will experience as they grow up and gave them helpful tips on how to handle them.

Year 4 visit Twycross Zoo

Exciting news – our students had an unforgettable day at the zoo, getting up-close and personal with rainforest animals! From majestic tigers to colourful butterflies, we explored the exotic world of the rainforest and discovered the wonders of nature.

Not only did we have fun, but we also gained valuable knowledge about conservation and sustainability, and why palm oil can cause problems for rainforest life.

Year 4 host Into University

Into University is paving the way for future career choices at Southwold!

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Into University in Year 4, where they had a discussion about different careers with students. The focus was on product design, civil engineering and palaeontology.

Year 4 Hook Day

What a great first day hooking children into our project question ‘Why should we care about the rainforest?’
The children made a monkey from their handprint; created an origami frog; used feathers to create a piece of parrot art; and have created a rainforest in a jar!

Great Orchestra Experiment

Over 1,400 young people from Nottingham (including the Year 4 Southwold children) performed an excerpt from the rarely performed masterpiece, The Trojans, by French composer Berlioz. Pupils from 31 primary schools across Nottingham city took part in this incredibly inspiring and unique concert at Nottingham Albert Hall alongside the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra. A brilliant day!

Year 3 and 4 Stone Age Parent Art Workshop

Parents enjoyed travelling back in time to the Stone Age. The children shared their Beaker pots and how they used the clay coiling method. Using their art skills they taught parents how to blend with chalk and pastels.  Working together, families created amazing pieces of art.

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