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Year 4 visit Central Library for World Book Day

Class 4 visited Nottingham Central Library on Thursday to celebrate World Book Day. We dressed up in some fabulous costumes, read lots of new and interesting books and everyone even got to take home a brand new book of their own! We had lots of fun listening to storytellers and taking part in fun activities such as ‘The X Factor’ and making superheroes! We are excited to read our new books over the weekend.

Year 4 celebrate World Book Day

Class 4 celebrated World Book Day by acting out their story and composing questions for the main character before doing a hot-seating challenge.

Year 4 discover Viking artefacts

Year 4 had a wonderful time discovering Viking artefacts. We were able to handle each item, guess what it was used for, look at the materials it was made from and imagine it being used by real Vikings!! There were lots of amazing things to look at and we felt so lucky!

Year 4’s become Vikings at Perlethorpe

Year 4 had such an amazing day at Perlethorpe becoming Viking children and taking part in a whole host of exciting activities: den building, shield games, making jewellery, looking at artefacts and more. We learned so much about Viking life and Magnus the Viking made our day even more special and memorable. We realised how terrifying the Vikings really were and everything they were prepared to do to be successful. We have also come away with lots of new facts and stories to tell.

Year 4 World Maths Day

Class 4 have taken part in an addition and subtractions maths treasure hunt today for ‘World Maths Day’! There were several questions and answers hidden all over the classroom for them to find. The children worked brilliantly in pairs to find the right numbered question and calculate their answers. Miss Wheeler and Mrs Blair were so proud of how well the children helped each other out and embraced the active session.

Year 4 visit Eureka! National Children’s Museum

Class 4 travelled all the way to Halifax to visit the most amazing interactive museum! We learned all about the human body: how we digestive food, our senses, the different teeth that we have, all about our muscles and the skeleton and what makes our body so clever and special! We had a fantastic time in our session ‘Chew to the poo’ where we saw exactly how our food is digested in different parts of the body. It was absolutely amazing (even if it was a little bit sickly to see!) and we have come back to school with amazing knowledge.

Year 4 – Create lungs!

We created our very own models of the lungs using straws and balloons. We talked about the exchange of gasses within the lungs too!

Year 4 – Inspirational Art

As a part of our project, we are looking at influential and special people. We had the fun task of painting with both hands, using our mouths and with our eyes closed! We were amazed to see how some artists hadve painted beautiful pictures in special ways, despite their disabilties.

Year 4 Hook Days – Exploring Teeth & DNA

We have created our own teeth models out of card and marshmallows and DNA models too. They open and close like real mouths and we have them hanging up in our immersive classroom. We have learned that we are all made up of special DNA!

Year 4 Hook days – shadow puppets

We have made shadow puppets as an introduction to our new shared reading book, Peter Pan. We made our own silhouettes some pictures of the characters and tested them out on the interactive white board. We can’t wait to use them during our sessions next week!

Into University visit year 4

We had some visitors from Into University to come and show Class 4 all about different career paths. We spent time digging for fossils as palaeontologists, building and planning as construction workers and designing shoes for customers as product designers.

Rainforest Animals in Year 4

Animal Magic Parties came into Southwold today and bought a whole host of rainforest animals in to show our Year 4s. There was a tarantula, snakes, a chameleon, a gecko, frogs, sugar gliders, tenrecs, scorpions and much more. We learned so much about these animals and how they survive in the different layers of the rainforest. Miss Wheeler was blown away by how brave they were! An unforgettable experience.

Year 4 bake flapjacks

Class 4 have made fruity flapjacks! They had to follow a recipe, including gathering their ingredients, weighing everything out, following the instructions given, cooking, mixing and baking. They turned out brilliantly and we had a fab time making them (and eating them!)

Years 3 & 4 collaborate for Science Week

Years 3 and 4 loved their collaborative mission during Science Week: to investigate how we affect some parts of the world without going on a journey.  They learned about the layers of rainforests and designed and built their own rainforest in a box.  They discussed the affects of plastic and created a happy ocean environment.

Year 4 record data

Year 4 have been timing each other running the length of the playground so they could learn how to record data. They then displayed their data in a table.

Year Four’s Mighty Maths Missions

Year four children have taken part in a Mighty Maths Mission about plotting and reading coordinates. In pairs, they had great fun playing Battleships with Viking longboats.

Class 4 make Viking helmets

Class four enjoyed using papier-mâché to create Viking helmets. They measured their heads, blew up a balloon to the correct size and then moulded their helmets. when all the layers were dry, they trimmed them and painted them.


Class 4’s Viking visitor!

As part of their Viking project, class four were lucky enough to have had a visit from a real life, time travelling Viking!! His name was Kiltun Hairything. The children had prepared many questions for him and enjoyed listening to his stories about Viking life. They even gave him some bread and honey so he could keep up his strength on his return journey to 800AD. 

Class 4 – Interactive Maths

Class four went outside to learn how to classify shapes, using a Venn diagram. They talked about the properties of the shapes and put them in hoops, depending on their criteria.

End of term music performance

Years 4, 5 and 6 played their guitars and flutes beautifully in the end of term music performance.  It was clear to see and hear the progression through the year groups and the impact of weekly lessons.  It is also true that most children respond so well to music and art sessions within the curriculum.

Year 4 win Times Table Rock Stars

Year 4 have been working really hard at school and at home to win the Times Table Rock Stars Battle of the Bands! against Year 5. Miss Wheeler and Mr Dray are super proud of their efforts … keep it up everyone!

Year 4’s Monster Mash!

Year 4 children made a great effort to be ‘little monsters’ for their pantomime performance of the Monster Mash

Year 4 – Do the Cha-Cha-Cha!

Year four have been having fun learning the ‘Cha Cha Cha.’ They learnt the moves and then joined a partner to perform the dance to music.

Year 4 – The standing desk debate!

Year four have been taking part in a debate about standing desks. They stood throughout the lesson input and then, with a partner, they studied research to compile a list of arguments for and against!

Year 4 and the Demon Dentist

Year 4 pupils have written to David Walliams with great enthusiasm in response to reading  the Demon Dentist … they could not stop talking about how much they loved the book and about all the questions they have for him. Here is one of the examples

Year 4 – Gymnastics!

Year 4 have been enjoying their last gymnastics session; plenty of jumping and climbing. Some children even managed to make it to the top of the ropes! Miss Wheeler and Mr Dray were really impressed by their athleticism.

Year 4 – Eureka! museum ‘From Chew To Poo!’

Year four went on an exciting trip to the EUREKA! Museum as part of our study about the digestive system.

The children had a great time learning all about how the body digests food in a workshop entitled ‘From Chew to Poo!’

They followed the journey of a peanut butter and banana sandwich from being made, to being eaten and all the way to the ultimate finishing point. POO!

Gross but great fun!!

Year 4 – Rainforest Animals visit

We had a visit today from Rebecca at Animal Magic Parties who showed off her incredible animals. We met Black Beauty the tarantula, Comet and Turbo the meerkats, Shimmer the rainbow boa, Leggery the millipede, Boo the owl and a host of others, including a gecko, a chameleon and even a skunk! We learned lots about the animals and in particular, those you’d find in a rainforest, linking brilliantly to our project. A fantastic morning for sure!

Year 4 – Making rainsticks for magical music!

We created rainsticks by creating lots of strips of colourful patterns. We wrapped them and glued them onto tubes and filled the tubes with rice. We’ve had plenty of practise at shaking them and we will be using them in future music lessons! We’re really proud of how they turned out.

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