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Year 3 – Forest Schools at Wollaton Park

What a busy and fun-filled afternoon class 3 have had at Wollaton Park doing Forest School activities; looking at what’s inside a tree, bug hunting and bark rubbing.

We even had time for a hot chocolate!

Year 3 – Diverse families

As part of our wider opportunities lesson today, we have been learning about diverse families. We read the story of Grandad’s Camper and we celebrated the different families in class 3.

Year 3 – Forest Schools

Class 3 had a fabulous afternoon with Ms Turner-Jones carrying out a variety of Forest School activities. These included; making fire with a flint and steel, whittling sticks with a potato peeler to make a spear, bug hunting and making a swing. Great fun was had by all!

Year 3 – Forest Schools

Year 3 children had a fabulous afternoon carrying out a variety of Forest School activities. These included; building a swing, making fire with a flint and steel, whittling sticks with a potato peeler to make a spear and bug hunting.

Year 3 at Nottingham Contemporary

Class 3 had a lovely morning at the Nottingham Contemporary at their Hollow Earth exhibition. The exhibition brings together a wide range of responses to the image and idea of the cave. We learnt about the importance of caves from the Stone Age until the modern age. 

Year 3 Stone Age Hook Days

Class 3 had two fabulous hook days. We tasted seeds and berries that the Stone Age people would have eaten. We used chalk to create hand paintings and drew cave paintings on a stone. We made tools and weapons that the Stone Age people would have used. We are already hooked in to our new project!

Year 3 learn about friction

In our science lesson this afternoon we carried out an experiment to find which surfaces create the least and most friction by putting a car down a ramp. The higher the ramp was, the more friction there was between the car and the surface.

Year 3 sing with Nottingham Music School

This morning, Class 3 had a fabulous singing session with Alex from the Nottingham Music Service. We sung our hearts out!

Years 3 and 4 visit Theatre Royal, Nottingham

As part of local history week Year 3 and 4 visited the Theatre Royal to learn all about its past. They learnt that the first show was called ‘A School for Scandal’ in 1865 and that the theatre only took 6 months to build and cost £15,000!

Years 3 and 4 at Jorvik Viking Centre!

What a fabulous day Years 3 and 4 had in York! They became archaeologists, digging for artefacts. They also found out about Viking medicine and went around the Jorvik museum to find out about daily life of the Vikings.  The children gained lots from this hands-on experience as well as seeing part of the historical city of York.

Year 3 and 4 Viking Day at Wollaton Park!

Year 3 and 4 had a great Viking day at Wollaton Park, with lots of hands on activities and learning more about the Vikings.

Year 3 visit Wollaton Park

Class 3 had a gorgeous day at Wollaton Park. We met ‘Mary Anning’ this morning, a world-famous palaeontologist, and learned about all the fossils she discovered. This afternoon we had lots of fun in the play area!

Year 3 – Our Futures project

Class 3 had a wonderful afternoon with the ‘Our Future’ team. We had a chance to program Vernie the robot to follow a track, then we spoke to two volunteers and tried to guess what special job they did. In the end we discovered one was a radiographer and the other an engineer!

Year 3 Book Cafe

Class 3 had a gorgeous afternoon at the ‘book cafe’, reading our new books from the Young Readers Programme and National Literacy Trust. We shared and swapped books and discussed our choices. We are making recommendations for the school library and for our final personal book order!

Year 3 become Romans

Class 3 had a simply fabulous day being Roman soldiers and archaeologists. They learned how to play Roman board games and about the diet of Roman soldiers. Thank you parents who made some amazing costumes and, of course, to our Roman visitor!

Year 3 create animations

In computing, Class 3 learned how to create animations. We used lots of new skills, including duplicating frames, adding sound and onion skinning! Tomorrow, we will use these skills to make our own Roman invasion animation.

Year 3 paint Roman busts

Class 3 enjoyed painting their Roman busts and adding embellishments as part of their Wider Opportunities session. Don’t they look beautiful?!

Year 3 celebrate World Book Day

Class 3 had a fantastic World Book Day with the Nottingham Library Service. They heard The Plesiosaur’s Neck read to them by the author Jonathan Emmett and Palaeontologist Dr Adam Smith, as well as some great story telling from Robin Smith. Everyone got to choose a World Book Day book to take home as a thank you from the library.

Year 3 Project Hook Day

Year 3 have been busy during their hook days to launch into their new project: ‘Can we survive without robots?’ They have designed and built robot models, completed effective chalk drawings and created robot personas! The classroom is already full of robots!

KS2 Achievement, Behaviour and Kindness winners

Congratulations to our KS2 achievement, behaviour and kindness winners of Autumn Term 2021 – your teachers shared all about your wonderful attitudes and achievements and you should be very proud of yourselves!

Year 3 Egyptian dancing

We created an Egyptian dance using movement to retell a story about discovering an ancient Egyptian tomb. We listened to the music and added key moves to make our dance interesting.

Year 3 – 51 Things To Do At Southwold

As part of Class 3’s ‘51 Things to do at Southwold’ the children have held a scary beast! All of the children were so brave and touched the millipedes. A big thank you to Ashley from Stonebridge City Farm for bringing them in for us to see

Year 3 – Weston Park Museum visit

Class 3 had a fabulous day out at Weston Park Museum in Sheffield.

We learnt about the daily life of Ancient Egyptians, handled precious artefacts and we even made out own amulet. The Museum Educator was so impressed with our knowledge!

Year 3’s Ancient Egyptian scavenger hunt

This morning in maths Class 3 children have completed an Ancient Egyptian scavenger hunt challenge. First they had to solve calculations in order to find the letters on the scavenger hunt! Using the letters they had found they then had to decode a mystery message……..THE GREAT SPHINX 👀

Year 3 trip to Beeston Lock

Yesterday Class 3 went to Beeston Lock to conduct some geography fieldwork. We learned about the history of the canal, looked for geographical features in a treasure hunt and collected data on how the canal is used today. We even had time to play Pooh sticks as part of our 51 things to do at Southwold!

Year 3 make Egyptian cartouches

In their Art and Design session, Class 3 used their clay skills to create their very own Egyptian cartouche, following their designs carefully.

Year 3 become Egyptian artists!

As part of our ‘Wider Opportunities’ afternoon, Class 3 have been researching the work of artists and craft makers from the Ancient Egyptian era. We have been looking at how this has helped historians to learn about the past! The children have also learned how to create ‘tertiary colours’ which was predominant in Ancient Egyptian art 🎨

Year 3 dye clothes like the Egyptians!

Class 3 have been looking at how the Ancient Egyptians created dye for their clothes and materials using natural products. This included chopping, boiling and fixing different fruits and vegetables. Look at the vibrant colours we created! 🍓🍊

Year 3 create Egyptian Wesekh

Class 3 children had a wonderful start yesterday, diving straight into our project “Ancient Egyptians”. They designed and created their own Egyptian Wesekh 💎

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