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Year 3 – Big Arts

Class 3 have enjoyed learning about Batik during Big Arts Week.  We created Egyptian-themed Batik coasters.

Year 3 work with dictionaries

Class 3 have been expanding their vocabulary! We have been using our dictionary skills.

Year 3 hook day – Ancient Egypt

As an introduction to their new project about Ancient Egypt, Year 3 enjoyed making clay cartouches and inscribing them with hieroglyphics!

Year 3 celebrate World Book Week

Year 3 loved their comfy read slot today and delved into books with so much ease and focus, in book character costume or in pyjamas!

Year 3 visit Think Tank, Birmingham

Class 3 enjoyed a fantastic day at Think Tank Science Museum in Birmingham.  We loved looking around the exhibits to support our learning at school and we took part in a coding workshop.

Year 3 investigate inside a tree

What’s inside a tree?

Class 3 had a lovely walk to Wollaton park and explored inside a tree. We were amazed to find it still alive and growing. To celebrate we made grass trumpets.

Year 3 invent robots!

Year 3 inventors continued their robot designs, “upgrading” them after evaluation. The classroom is going to be filled with automatons!

Year 3 build dens at Forest Schools

Year 3 had a lovely time den building in their Forest School session this week. We were given a tarp and some rope and had to design and build them all ourselves.

We came up with lots of different designs using various things we found in the playground.

We successfully built dens that would house 5 people and none of us got wet!

Year 3 visit the Bauhaus exhibition

Class 3 visited Nottingham Contemporary to see the Bauhaus exhibition today. We then had a ‘Metal Party’ and transformed ourselves into robots with special powers!

Year 3 recreate Ancient Egyptian art

Year 3 have been amazing us with their painting skills. We have recreated Ancient Egyptian wall friezes and made a huge sarcophagus. Aren’t they great?

Year 3 make Egyptian pouches

Year 3 designed and made their own Ancient Egyptian Pouch from fabric they had dyed from natural materials such as beetroot and spices. They also learned how to sew on gems and sequins correctly. Aren’t they beautiful!

Year 3 tie dye

Class 3 used natural materials, such as spinach, blueberries and beetroot, to dye fabric. We are going to use this fabric to make Egyptian purses and pouches!

Year 3 and the worms!

Class 3 made mini compost bins to learn about how soil is formed.  Observe the worms working their magic!!

Year 3 pond dipping

Class 3 had a fantastic afternoon pond dipping.  They found tadpoles, dragonfly larvae and water snails! Just wait until the pond is fully complete with pond dipping stations!

Year 3 – 50 things to do before we’re 11¾

Year 3 enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Wollaton Park investigating what’s inside a tree and making grass trumpets!

Year 3 investigate Roman life

Year 3 are learning so many interesting facts about the Romans… Did you know soldiers had to stay in the army for 25 years?! Did you know they had to walk 20 Roman miles in 5 hours with 7 bags on their backs?! They had so much learning to share and were very proud of their work. Keep your enthusiasm for your project going!

Year 3 explore Wroxeter Roman City

Class 3 had a fantastic day out at Wroxeter Roman City.  We looked inside a replica town house and then learned more about the daily life of Romans from the 2000 year old ruins of the bath house.

Year 3 Hook Day – Romans

Class 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their Roman hook days.  We have relaxed in a foot spa, made coil pots, crushed  grapes to make wine, decorated shields and made Roman busts!

Year 3 visit the New Art Exchange

Class 3 had an amazing afternoon at the New Arts Exchange looking at Moroccan artist, Hassan Hajjaj’s portraits. After learning about his ideas and style of art work, Class 3 were inspired to create their own self portraits.

Year 3 build a robot!

Year 3 had an amazing day building their class robot.  They were disassemblers then assemblers, using a range of tools.  Finally they unveiled their robot to their parents in their end of project exhibition (his name is Mark Junior, named after the visiting artist Mark Haig).  They also showcased a performance poem, descriptive writing about the Iron Man and sang a song in French.  Well done Year 3!

Years 3 & 4 collaborate for Science Week

Years 3 and 4 loved their collaborative mission during Science Week: to investigate how we affect some parts of the world without going on a journey.  They learned about the layers of rainforests and designed and built their own rainforest in a box.  They discussed the affects of plastic and created a happy ocean environment.

Year 3 celebrate Pancake Day

Year 3 had so much fun making pancake batter and preparing the toppings.  They then cooked the pancakes, tossing to turn them.  Finally they all tried the delicious food.  Happy pancake day!

Year 3’s pneumatic challenge

Class 3 had an amazing afternoon of learning in the Art Room, designing and making moving robots. They were challenged to use pneumatic systems .

Year 3 experiment with compasses

Year 3 have been experimenting finding North on a compass using a bar magnet. They loved turning the bowl of water around to discover the magnet will always point North

Year 3 trip to Think Tank!

Class 3 had an amazing time at Think Tank Birmingham. We met lots of robots and created our own moving Lego designs, using coding to program them!

Year 3 control robots

Class 3 used Beebot and Robot Mouse, as well as  the A.L.E.X. app to control robots. They can answer their essential question, ‘How are robots controlled?’

Year 3 Exhibition – ‘Were the Ancient Egyptians Fabulous or Foolish?’

Year 3 presented their term’s learning beautifully and clearly to their families.  The children have obviously learned so much in all subjects to answer the project essential question: ‘Were the Ancient Egyptians Fabulous or Foolish?’  They read diary entries as Howard Carter discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb; they presented their impressive canopic jars; they sang all about what it was like to live in Ancient Egypt and so much more.  Well done Year 3!

Year 3 – Navigate the Nile

As part of our ’50 things to do at Southwold’ we had a really fun maths lesson navigating the Nile! We used grid coordinates to locate Egyptian landmarks. We used lots of mathematical language such as vertical, horizontal, north, east, south, west, clockwise, anti-clockwise and much more! We used problem solving skills to help the merchant find his way to Giza. We also discussed the history and geography of Ancient Egypt along the way.

Year 3 build a tomb for Queen Tut

Today, children from class 3 were challenged with building and designing a magnificent tomb for Queen Tut. Working in small groups, children began the day by designing their pyramid to protect Queen Tut in her afterlife. Queen Tut insisted on several specifications that her slaves had to try and incorporate into their designs. The slaves also had to adhere to a strict budget of 10 grains to buy all their materials from the nobles.

Having discussed which materials to purchase from the shop, the children then showcased their practical skills and began to construct their designs.

Later in the day, Queen Tut herself inspected the builds and suggested a few areas for improvement. Each design then had to withstand the ‘sandstorm test’ to see if they had met the specification. A very busy day was enjoyed by all!

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