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Year 6 – Forest Schools at Wollaton park

Today, Year 6 finished their Forest School learning by visiting Wollaton Park. Children participated in a scavenger hunt, created mini-habitats for their clay creatures as well the usual den-building and tree climbing. Thanks to Ms Turner-Jones for so many wonderful sessions; Year 6 have loved it!

Year 6 – Forest Schools

On Friday, Year 6 had their second Forest School session with the amazing Ms Turner-Jones. Children completed a range of activities including den-building, cloud hunting and making bows and arrows. The session concluded with the usual fire and yummy s’mores – we’re already looking forward to the next session…

Year 3 – Forest Schools

Class 3 had another fabulous afternoon doing Forest School! We made animal footprints in clay, threaded twig necklaces and used a flint and steel to create sparks. In the classroom, Ms Turner-Jones taught us how to tie different knots. We finished the afternoon off with apples roasted on the campfire and coated in cinnamon sugar!

Year 3 – Forest Schools

Class 3 have loved their first Forest School session! We have climbed trees, done bark rubbings, sawn wood, hunted for bugs and birds amongst lots of other exciting activities. Mrs Reddings loved the worm measurer! We finished the session around the campfire eating smores and drinking hot chocolate. We can’t wait for next week!

Year 2 – Forest School fun!

Making mini fires, mini animal dens, traps, digging for treasure, making animal footprints, jewellery and so much more! It was the best!

Year 1 – Forest Schools

What an amazing afternoon in forest schools – we had the best time pretending to be Percy the park keeper. We made dens, jewellery, firework conkers, tree swings, toasted marshmallows to make smores and so much more! It was the best day ever!

Year 1 Forest Schools

In today’s session, the children went on a mini beast hunt and explored the grounds looking for and identifying trees. They displayed great teamwork and observations skills.

Year 1 – Forest Schools

Year 1 had a fabulous first Forest Schools session – including going on a Gruffalo Hunt! We thought about how to be safe when climbing trees, carrying sticks, and making dens and using ropes. Our Gruffalo hunt helped us explore all the different areas of our Forest school and playground area. We spent some time looking at the different trees whilst trying to find all the characters from the book.

Year 6 Wollaton Park – Forest Schools

At Wollaton Park, we connected with nature and learn about the wonderful world around us. We explored for signs of animals, searching for footprints and animal droppings, honing our observation skills and discovering the presence of different creatures in the park.

We learned about different types of trees, examining characteristics and discovering the variety of leaves. We showcased our creativity and teamwork skills through den building and constructing shelters with the materials we found.

Our bug enthusiasts had a blast bug hunting – armed with magnifying glasses they found and observed various insects, learning about their habitats and behaviours.

Forest Schools

Class 4 learnt about survival skills this afternoon! They cooked on a fire, made a den, learnt how to tie a knot, used a saw and drill.

They are achieving so many of their 51 Things…

Year 3 – Forest Schools at Wollaton Park

What a busy and fun-filled afternoon class 3 have had at Wollaton Park doing Forest School activities; looking at what’s inside a tree, bug hunting and bark rubbing.

We even had time for a hot chocolate!

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