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Mr K’s Garden Species Survey

Here’s my list of animals who shared my garden during my survey. There are many others who come and go like swifts, buzzards, sparrow hawks and gulls. I hope you like the video of the newts and the leech at the end. I’d love to hear about and see any photos of animals you found.

Biodiversity day with Mr K

To mark Biodiversity day here are some of the animals I share my garden with. Why don’t you try going on your own backyard safari. I will be spending an hour counting all the different species I see using my garden and hopefully photographing a few.

If you want to join me, sit quietly in your garden with a pencil and piece of paper and watch and listen for birds and flying insects. Each time you see one make a mark on your paper. If you can, take a photo to help you identify the different species. ( we’d love to see your photos and who knows, may be able to help identify any you’re struggling with!)

After half an hour or so, quietly and carefully explore the plants for mini beasts. Look under stones, leaves, sticks (always remembering to put everything back as you found it) Again, every time you find something, make a mark and take a photo if you can. If you have a pond make sure you explore it safely with an adult.

Alternatively take your paper and pencil with you when you go out for your exercise and count all the different animals your see whilst you’re out. Again please take some photos if you can.

Let us know how many you find and remember to send us some photos

Home working!

It was lovely to see some of our children on our home visits yesterday. Your smiles certainly brightened our day. We got to see some of your lovely work, including this beautiful piece of natural art too!

Mr K’s garden

Hi everyone. Spring is sprung! 🙂

Some signs of spring from Mr K’s garden:

Ladybird; Lungwort; Rowan; Garlic.

We’d love to see what’s growing in your garden or on your walks.

Year 3 investigate inside a tree

What’s inside a tree?

Class 3 had a lovely walk to Wollaton park and explored inside a tree. We were amazed to find it still alive and growing. To celebrate we made grass trumpets.

Year 3 build dens at Forest Schools

Year 3 had a lovely time den building in their Forest School session this week. We were given a tarp and some rope and had to design and build them all ourselves.

We came up with lots of different designs using various things we found in the playground.

We successfully built dens that would house 5 people and none of us got wet!

Lunchtime Allotment Club

Lunchtime Allotment Club started this week. We are clearing the ground and getting ready to build our raised beds and plant a range of autumn winter vegetables for us to eat

Year 5 – 51 things to do before we’re 11¾

Class 5 went to Wollaton Park on Friday to build homes for wild animals – one of our 51 things to do before we’re 11¾!

Year 3 pond dipping

Class 3 had a fantastic afternoon pond dipping.  They found tadpoles, dragonfly larvae and water snails! Just wait until the pond is fully complete with pond dipping stations!

Capital One help our Green Team!

Where has our allotment gone?! So many thanks to an amazing team from Capital One UK who enthusiastically razed our existing allotment with rotting beds, ready for our children to plan and help rebuild a new model.

Forest School

This week at Forest School we have been planting yet more trees. After planting some hedgerow at the southern end of the playground we have started a little copse by the willows. We have planted some beautiful Dogwood, hazel and silver birch.

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