Southwold Primary School engages with a number of relevant external providers to enhance the breadth and quality of our curriculum.

We continue to build partnerships to help embed our creative approach to learning and alter and challenge mindsets around creative learning. We have worked with Nottingham Contemporary art gallery as part of the ‘Schools of Tomorrow’ project, resulting in a resident artist, Charlotte, in school for three years. We are now in our final year of the Creative Collaboratives project – a group of twelve schools exploring the overarching question “How can we improve the way our schools nurture children’s innate creative capacity and sustain their curiosity about the world?”

Nottingham University and Jubilee Campus are on our doorstep and we engage in ‘Into University’ experiences, which are also project-focused. Nottingham University have a literacy support initiative and their volunteers support with literacy activities across the school.

We are a partner school with School Readers who recruit and match volunteers with our school, to provide weekly, one-to-one reading support for children, prioritising those most disadvantaged.

Nottingham Music Hub facilitate music tuition, area band and citywide music projects, all of which we are proud to take part in.  Southwold Primary is a Music Mark school.

We have a strong link with our local MP, Lillian Greenwood and she often challenges us to complete projects or judges competitions!

Our local ward councillor and community protection officer work alongside our Community Rangers pupil leadership team to improve the local environment.

Southwold is also part of the Mini Police initiative, an engagement scheme designed to improve citizenship within our community and give young children the opportunity to learn about their safety, their role within their community and how the police work within the community to keep us safe.

We are more recently engaging with ongoing partnerships and individuals who act as role-models for our children within a diverse community.  Examples include Steve Brazier, a local blind artist; Belong, a charity which helps refugees and asylum seekers; Nottingham Education Sanctuary Team (NEST) and Capital One.

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