The school’s involvement with the Transform Teaching School Alliance continues to prove positive for partnership work, including Head-Teacher CPD and local health check.

Our annual Challenge Partners external review ensures that school is constantly reviewing and improving.  Four school leaders are trained to undertake reviews across the country and we have found this invaluable for sharing, adopting and refining great practice.

Constant, positive partnerships include those with our EIP family of schools, Central Learning Partnership, St Peters’ Church, Nottingham University, Literacy Volunteers and Inclusive Education Services. We have partnerships with two supply agencies who provide prizes for attendance and pupil fleeces (behaviour leaders). We have just secured sponsorship from the local ice cream company and they want to help us encourage better attendance.

We have a strong link with our local MP, Lillian Greenwood. School takes part in her annual Christmas Card competition.

We now have a strong link with Rob Gabbitas, Neighbourhood Improvement Officer, and he worked with school to organize (and fund) our Food Festivals and Community Coffee Mornings. He is now working with our Community Rangers to improve the community park.

Links with the university continue with the initiative ‘Into University’ and with visits from students, including from Malaysia and those wanting to observe the teaching of pupils with EAL.

The school liaises with partnerships wanting to use the School Hub for community offers, for example, Messy Play, Family Support and Adult Learning.

We have partnership with a school in Ningbo. Mrs Clifford spent a week in Ningbo in November 2016, alongside other Nottingham City head-teachers and leaders to build the partnership and agree collaborative projects and a four year plan of action. In March 2018, four children from our school will be visiting Ningbo as part of a collaborative Nottingham City schools venture.

Southwold Primary School - Nottingham