The school’s membership of the Nottingham Schools Trust proves very positive for partnership work, including subject leadership network meetings and focussed improvement projects.

We have engaged with a number of external providers to enhance the breadth and quality of our curriculum, for example Nottingham Contemporary, resulting in a resident artist in school for three years. Local community police officers lead our Community Rangers, mentor our children and hear readers and we are also part of the Mini Police initiative. Southwold has developing links with other community officers such as the Local Residents Association and together we are trying to improve our community.

Constant, positive partnerships include those with Central Learning Partnership, Nottingham University, Literacy Volunteers and Inclusive Education Services.

We have a strong link with our local MP, Lillian Greenwood. School takes part in her annual Christmas Card competition.

Links with the university continue with the initiative ‘Into University’ and with visits from students, including from Malaysia and those wanting to observe the teaching of pupils with English as an Additional Language.

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