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Early Years build a train!

EYFS enjoyed making a train for the start of their new book The Train Ride. They worked together to put boxes in place then enjoyed playing on the train. They had a conductor, driver and passengers. Super team work by everybody.

Reception blows bubbles

Reception were using tubes to blow bubbles. They used tubes of different lengths to see if it changed the size of the bubbles. They enjoyed finding out what happened.

Reception class make moon rock cakes

Reception enjoyed baking some rock cakes. We pretended it was moon rock. We loved using our hands to mix the flour and butter then used a spoon to mix in the eggs. It tasted delicious.

EYFS explore the Wonderdome

EYFS are learning about places we can travel to. We had a visit from Wonderdome who taught us all about space travel. We learnt so much. It was great to see rockets take off and astronauts floating it space.

EYFS’ sunny day play!

EYFS really enjoyed the sunny afternoon. They practiced their balancing, climbing, kicking and riding bikes. They even enjoyed taking the babies for a walk.

EYFS Stay and Play

Thank you to all of our parents who joined EYFS for their Stay and Play today. It was wonderful to see parents and children engaging in a variety of activities. We also sold some toys and books to help raise funds for our school. We hope you have lots of fun reading and playing with your new toys.

Reception search for signs of Spring

In RE we looked for signs of Spring –  we found lots of daffodils were growing around school. We looked at the daffodil details closely so we could create some observational drawings. Some of us decided to paint the daffodils, some used colouring pencils, and some used felt tip. What an amazing job!

Early Years Numbers Day

Thank you to all of our parents who came to our numbers morning. It was lovely to see so many of our parents and children engaging with number based activities in lots of fun ways! It was to see everyone working and learning together.

Tootie Fruitie – A smoothie symphony

Children in EYFS and KS1 enjoyed a visit from Tootie Fruitie this afternoon. The children become brave explorers in a tropical musical rainforest and make their way through the huge trees and leaves to the lion family’s annual big boogie bash! Children were invited to find all the essential ingredients for a huge smoothie (the lions’ favourite drink!) and play their African djembe drums along the way.

Early Years – Fireworks, Diwali and Remembrance

This week Early Years have been learning about Bonfire Night, Diwali and Remembrance Day. We did lots of creative work including colour mixing, cutting and sticking and using rice to make rangoli patterns.

EYFS Parent and Child Reading for Pleasure

What a great end to the Autumn half term! Thank you so much to our parents who took part in our reading session. The children were so excited all day and really enjoyed sharing a story with their family member.  They can’t wait to do it again!

Reception’s exciting week

Our new children in F2 have been settling into their new class this week.  They have enjoyed a range of activities, working co-operatively together to make constructions, problem solving when joining shapes together to make small buildings, matching amounts to numicon when threading pasta pieces and looking at numbers using number fans.  What a great start to the year for our youngest children.

EYC – RSPCA visit

As part of our project, the EYC children had a special visit today. An RSPCA inspector came to share information about how we need to look after our pets. She also showed us how they catch animals in case they have escaped or need medical help. We loved learning about our pets!

EYC Parents reading session

Children and their parents/carers enjoyed sharing and reading books together in Early Years this morning.  The children were very excited to each receive a brand new book as part of the ‘Young Readers Programme’ led by the Literacy Trust.  This is the first event of many that will take place this year, and we hope all the children enjoy reading their books at home.

Reception create pets and homes from salt dough

In Reception, we have been working on the book Peculiar Pets and we have been creating pets out of salt dough. We wrote down the recipe and planned our next step for how we were going to make a nice place for our pets. We went on to build our animal beds, cages and fishbowls. They looked amazing!

Children’s Mental Health Week – Mental Health Support Team (MHST) Assembly

We are very excited to be joining partnership with MHST, who are funded by NHS England to support the mental wellbeing of children in both primary and secondary schools and colleges.

Today, to launch Children’s Mental Health Week, Educational Mental Health Practitioners led a whole school assembly to introduce MHST. They discussed what mental health is, how we feel, who we can talk to and ask for help and the importance of looking after our mind.

Pupils will be involved in more activities throughout the wee linked to this year’s Mental Health week theme; “LET’S CONNECT”.

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