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Rainbows Maths day

We talked about how maths was all round us. The children did not believe me, so we looked at numerals on food packaging and talked about what it was for. We watched a clip about Mrs Winkler making a pasta bake for dinner. She was right, there was a lot of maths!

Because we are reading about Goldilocks, we made porridge. Again, the maths language kept coming: double, sharing, full, empty, 180 ml, 800 W and 1 minute. At the end, we checked if more children liked porridge or not like it. Guess what? We had lots of Goldilocks!

EYC Home learners – Chinese dragons

We cannot believe all of these wonderful Chinese dragons that the children are making at home!

EYC make pancakes!

As it’s pancake day on 16th February EYC children have been learning how to make them. They loved eating them and the favourite topping was maple syrup.  What fun they had later tossing the pancake!

EYC’s feel good Friday!

We had a feel good Friday, learning all about emotions and how we can make ourselves and our class puppets feel happy. We made fruit faces, did yoga, relaxed with cucumber on our eyes and made yummy feelgood smoothies.

Southwold Superstars!

Two home and two school learners are recognised from each class every week for their amazing effort in learning. Home learners receive their certificates through the post. We can’t wait to find out who are our Superstars today!

Our Rainbows are connected!

The Rainbow class did a SCARF lesson about how we are not all together at the moment but how we are still feeling connected. In school and at home, children decorated their jigsaw piece. The jigsaw pieces of the children who are currently in school are displayed on our window. We cannot wait to have all the pieces together and make our jigsaw complete. We have seen on Tapestry that the pieces at home also look amazing!

EYC’s Home/School Maths

Did you know that the Rainbows are all able to do the same maths? The children in school and at home get the same lessons. In school, we use counters to work out our maths problems, but at home children have been very creative in finding things to use. The teachers are very impressed with all the learning that is happening!

EYC ‘The Train Ride’

Mrs Beresford read the story ‘The Train Ride’ for the children to watch on Tapestry. She also sang the song ‘The Train is a Coming, Oh Yes’ for the children to learn.

Today the Trekker children had the task of cutting out shapes and using them to make their own train following the instructions demonstrated on Tapestry.

EYC’s dough disco

Our Trekkers on EYC loved the Dough Disco session today and our home learners will be joining in at home!

EYC Home Learning Award

EYC’s first home learning certificate has been awarded!! Who will get the next award for extra hard work and engagement at home?!

EYC celebrate Diwali

EYC have been learning about and celebrating Diwali. The children made Divas using salt dough or clay and decorated them to look beautiful.

They watched the story about Rama and Sita then did some high energy Bhangra dancing. What a celebration!

Trekkers build a farm

In the Trekker room we have a new farm area with lots of objects that we have collected from outside. Look at all the fabulous buildings and fields the children have made for the animals using sticks, stones, pine cones and Kapla bricks. There was a lot of problem solving taking place. The children had to try their ideas to stop the buildings from falling down.

EYC’s big art attack!

EYC have enjoyed making their big art attack using objects within EYC garden, and transient art pictures with natural objects that they have collected.

EYC experiment with ‘germs’!

EYC did an experiment to show how liquid soap can get rid of the germs. It’s amazing!

They had a bowl of water and sprinkled black pepper in pretending that it was the germs. The children then put their finger with soap on into the bowl of water and noticed that the black pepper went to the sides of the bowl. That showed them that the liquid soap repelled the germs away.

Doughnut competitions!

The Tiger bubble and the Penguin bubble went, ‘head to head’ in a doughnut eating competition.  Children had to put their hands behind their back and only use their mouth to eat the doughnut. The Penguins won!  We couldn’t leave out the teachers though, so Mrs Benner, Mrs Beresford and Miss Wilkinson also went, ‘head to head’  – there’s no surprise that Mrs Benner won!

EYC’s gravel pit opens

Southwold gravel pit opened today in EYC garden.

The children showed lots of teamwork filling and emptying buckets and wheel barrows together using trucks and diggers.

EYC celebrate World Book Day

EYC we had such an exciting day today celebrating World Book Day. It was a day full of stories, drama and songs!

EYC celebrate pancake day!

What a fantastic Shrove Tuesday was had by all in EYC today.

The children followed instructions to make pancakes. They chose their topping and finally got to eat them. ‘Super delicious’.

The children in the Rainbow class did some instruction ‘Wow Writing’ of how to make pancakes.

Then came tossing the pancake skills. Children, staff and parents had such good fun.

The finale was an amazing turnout from the parents that attended the EYC pancake story time session.

Happy pancake day!

Capital One begin EYC’s renovations!

Our fabulous friends at Capital One came to help with the renovations of our outdoor learning area in Early Years today. They have removed an old pergola and decking, fixed planters, cut back hedging, painted and restored the mud kitchen – a busy day’s work in the freezing cold! We send our thanks from all of us for all their hard work.

EYC enjoy the snow

What excitement today – “it’s snowing!”

The children found a stick to make marks in the snow. They tried to catch it in their hands. Finally we brought some snow inside and built a snowman. I wonder if it will be there in the morning?

Stanley Sparkles busy day!

Stanley Sparkles has had a very busy day in EYC today. He went to play outside without his lead and had a walk about. Then he watched the children bouncing on the space hoppers.

Stanley listened to the children singing their hearts out to the ‘Zoom, zoom, zoom’ song.

After lunch he watched the children in the maths session putting the parts of their faces together to make them whole again. It was like putting a zig saw back whole again.

EYC create aliens using shapes

EYC have been using their cutting and paper skills to make shape aliens. What fabulous language they used when talking about the properties of shapes – “It’s a circle because it is round and it’s got no corners.”

EYC go to the moon!

EYC went to the moon today! They had so much fun re-enacting the story of Whatever Next with their props. What a memorable experience!

Stanley Sparkles helps in EYC

Stanley Sparkles was amazed to see how the Trekker children rolled the dice and either counted the spots or saw the spots in a pattern to know how many there were.

EYC visit White Post Farm

The children and adults from EYC thoroughly enjoyed their trip to White Post Farm. They fed and held animals, had a chat with Santa and took part in the nativity. What a busy day. Time for a little sleep on the bus on the journey back!

EYC count down to Christmas

It’s 22 sleeps to Santa and the children in EYC are getting excited!

They have decorated Christmas trees and listened to stories about Christmas and Santa.

Today they made their own drink of hot chocolate just like Santa did in the story ‘Shhh’ after he had had a busy night delivering all the presents on Christmas eve.

Southwold’s Secret Readers!

Every Monday afternoon, Year 1 and 2 love to welcome a ‘Secret Reader’ from Year 6. They know a Year 6 pupil is coming to read them a story, just not which pupil until they have arrived!

EYC get physical!

EYC received a very exciting delivery today … six brand new scooters! The children really enjoyed zooming around the playground and were great at sharing and taking turns.

EYC start their Mighty Missions

Last week the children in the Rainbow class looked at a book about a girl that was having a birthday. This week the children are doing their first ‘Mighty Mission’. Their Mission is to write about what is in their party bag. What fabulous writing they have done. Wearing their magic ‘Mighty Mission’ capes really excited them.

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