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Mrs Bun the Baker visits EYC

Mrs Bun the baker came in today to answer children’s questions.

“Do you make Tiger bread?” they asked

“No I’ve never it before,” she replied.

The children explained to Mrs Bun the ingredients and instructions for making bread

EYC make bread

EYC have been very busy this week learning how to make bread.

“Who will help me to make some bread?”

“We will said the chicks.”

“Who will help me to eat the bread?”

“We will said the children.”

The children then took their bread home to share with their families.

EYC story time with parents

EYC had their first story time session today and what a success it was as parents and children enjoyed listening to a story told by the teachers!

Story time is every week. Come along and join us to have some fun and pick up ideas.

EYC help Old MacDonald

Our project for EYC this term is ‘What happens on a farm in autumn’. The WOW starter today was exciting adventure to help ‘Old McDonald’ on his farm. The children milked the cow, dug out potatoes, onions, beetroot, and carrots (we are making soup with them at the end of the week). They also found some farm animals.

Trekkers have a ‘dough disco’!

Today the Trekkers enjoyed rolling, pressing, patting, poking and squeezing the play dough to the music ‘I like to move it’ for dough disco.

The movements develop children’s fine and gross motor dexterity, hand-eye coordination and self-esteem.

Why not try it at home its great fun!

EYC walk like Handa!

The Rainbows have been reading the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ at their shared reading time. They had such fun trying to walk with a basket of fruit on their head just like Handa did in the story. Whoops, it was so tricky that the basket and fruit fell to the floor lots of times! 

EYC bake sea biscuits

EYC children have really enjoyed baking sea creature biscuits. They named, weighed and mixed the ingredients together to make them . When they were cooked they had a taste. Yum, yum, delicious!

EYC – Making maths fun!

Some girls in EYC  have been working together to build a tower for their Little Ponies.

They needed more cups to build it ‘because they hadn’t got enough’. It was so tall ‘because it went higher, higher, higher’!

We love learning through play and making maths fun.

Trekkers make a commotion in the ocean

Our Trekkers had enormous fun today being jellyfish and making a commotion in the ocean!

EYC – 50 things to do before we’re 11¾

EYC children have had so much fun working through their ’50 things to do before we’re 11¾’. They’ve been cloud spotting, dancing in the rain and making daisy chains!

EYC – ‘Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside’!

EYC children and staff had a fabulous time using their imagination to pretend to go to the seaside.

We went on a train, visited the aquarium, built sandcastles  on the beach, watched a puppet show and went on a round-a-bout. To finish our amazing trip we had an ice cream (even the teachers), yum, yum.

EYC Exhibition

What a fabulous turnout again from our EYC parents for the end of term exhibition ‘How are animals used in traditional stories?’.

The children walked down the catwalk to show off their amazing costumes, explained to parents how to make gingerbread men and told them all about what happened when ‘the 3 bears’ made porridge.

 Stanley Sparkles doesn’t like to be left out so joins in with all the fun!

EYC enjoy Pancake Day!

EYC made pancakes today. They put either lemon juice, orange juice, or  golden syrup on their pancake ready to eat. Yum, yum! The children in the Rainbow class made a tally chart to show which topping was the favourite. Guess what?……………….Golden syrup!

Finally everyone went into the hall to ‘toss the pancake’. What fun, especially for the teachers.


EYC’s Wednesday Walk

EYC made the most of the beautiful weather today. They went out on a Wednesday walk with their eye glasses looking for signs of Spring within the school grounds

EYC celebrate Chinese New Year

EYC continue with their celebrations for Chinese New Year. One of our parents came in to talk to us and helped the children make Chinese Lanterns. The children had a try at using chopsticks and all the children made and took home a ‘Red Envelope’ to symbolise good luck. The children can’t wait until Friday when they will be cooking and tasting Chinese food!

EYC prepare for Chinese New Year

EYC have been getting ready for Chinese New Year celebrations tomorrow. Children have made movable dragons by making a spring (Fold it over, press it down. Fold it over, press it down. Fold it over, press it down).

They have been learning to sing a Chinese New Year song and accompanied it by playing instruments.

Look at the wonderful drawings of the Chinese Dragon!

EYC – Three Little Pigs roleplay

This week, EYC children have been acting out the story and building houses for the ‘3 Little Pigs’ both inside and out. Look out for the BIG BAD WOLF!


EYC – 51 things to do before we’re 11¾

EYC have been having enormous fun playing in the mud kitchen making mud pies, black soup…. ‘yucky’ (that’s what one of the children said!!)

EYC and The 3 Little Pigs

EYC have been building houses for ‘The 3 Little Pigs’. I wonder which one the wolf won’t be able blow down……..will it be the house the made of straw, or sticks, or bricks?

EYC and Goldilocks

EYC have been acting out the story of, ‘Goldilocks and the three Bears’ as part of their hook for the project, ‘How are animals used in traditional stories?’

The children made porridge but it was too hot so they all went for a walk in the woods. When they got back, all the porridge had been eaten. The children were amazed to see baby bear’s chair broken and in pieces on the floor. Who was sleeping in the bed? … Goldilocks!

The children finished with singing the song of Teddy Bears Bouncing On The Bed and they had great fun bouncing too!

Little Red Hen visits EYC

Our EYC children loved the story about the Little Red Hen so much that Mrs Benner brought in her hen from home for the children to stroke and talk about.

EYC Percy Project Exhibition

What a fabulous turn out of parents today for our end of project Percy exhibition.  We love outdoor learning and parent partnerships!

EYC- Celebration week

What lovely week we have had this week in EYC.  We have been celebrating and learning all about different cultures and celebrations.  It started  on Monday, when we learned all about Bonfire night.  The children made their own rockets out of toilet tubes and created their own firework paintings.  On Wednesday, we celebrated Diwali.  We learned all about the Diwali story and acted it out.  We used clay to make divas and showed them to the rest of the school during our Diwali assembly. As a special treat Krishav and his Mummy told us how they celebrate Diwali and showed us some Bangra dancing. They wore their special celebration clothes. They looked spectacular.  On Thursday we did finger painting and handprints to make poppy wreaths. We learned all about Remembrance Day and why poppies are worn.

EYC & Uncle Joe the Old Scarecrow

EYC had great fun making Uncle Joe the Old Scarecrow, to scare the birds away and stop them from eating the seeds. The children are expanding their knowledge and understanding of the world.

EYC-Percy the parkeeper birthday celebration

What an exciting busy day we have had today.  It’s Alopecia day and Percy’s birthday party.  All the children made a donation of cakes and came to school wearing either a wig or a hat and non-uniform.

It is also Percy’s birthday today, so we have had a party to celebrate.  Mrs Dean’s mum was really kind and made Percy a birthday cake. We sang happy birthday to him and he blew out the candles. We played games and did lots of dancing.  It was such good fun.


EYC- Maths, maths and more maths!

During our maths sessions this week, EYC have been looking at shape.  We have been outside on our Wednesday walk looking at different shapes in the environment.  The children were very excited and enjoyed finding different objects and talking all about its properties.

We also had a maths drop in session for the parents, so they could see how we teach maths at school and how they can also make maths fun at home for their children.

EYC story time

‘It’s Story time’.  Every Tuesday at 2.50 pm everyone is welcome to watch the teachers tell a story and see how you can make books fun and interactive.

EYC – What is a maze?

This week in EYC,  we went on a walk to the University Park and collected leaves, acorns, conkers and pine cones.  We had a great time throwing and catching leaves and following the secret path.  We even went searching for Percy and his animals, but we think they were all asleep!  After reading the story, ‘The little red hen’ we made our own hedgehog bread rolls.  We got very messy, but it was fun and the bread was yummy.

The Rainbows have been talking about ‘friendships’ and have made a friendship web.  It was lovely to see how many friends we have got and that, ‘we are all friends together.’


EYC- What keeps Percy busy in autumn?

EYC has had a fabulous start to our project “What Keeps Percy Busy In The Autumn?”. We all went to the allotment to visit Percy in his shed. We helped him to look for the animals, sweep the leaves, plant the bulbs and weed. A fantastic time was had by all and we learned lots of interesting information.

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