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Reception’s exciting week

Our new children in F2 have been settling into their new class this week.  They have enjoyed a range of activities, working co-operatively together to make constructions, problem solving when joining shapes together to make small buildings, matching amounts to numicon when threading pasta pieces and looking at numbers using number fans.  What a great start to the year for our youngest children.

EYC – RSPCA visit

As part of our project, the EYC children had a special visit today. An RSPCA inspector came to share information about how we need to look after our pets. She also showed us how they catch animals in case they have escaped or need medical help. We loved learning about our pets!

EYC Parents reading session

Children and their parents/carers enjoyed sharing and reading books together in Early Years this morning.  The children were very excited to each receive a brand new book as part of the ‘Young Readers Programme’ led by the Literacy Trust.  This is the first event of many that will take place this year, and we hope all the children enjoy reading their books at home.

Reception create pets and homes from salt dough

In Reception, we have been working on the book Peculiar Pets and we have been creating pets out of salt dough. We wrote down the recipe and planned our next step for how we were going to make a nice place for our pets. We went on to build our animal beds, cages and fishbowls. They looked amazing!

Children’s Mental Health Week – Mental Health Support Team (MHST) Assembly

We are very excited to be joining partnership with MHST, who are funded by NHS England to support the mental wellbeing of children in both primary and secondary schools and colleges.

Today, to launch Children’s Mental Health Week, Educational Mental Health Practitioners led a whole school assembly to introduce MHST. They discussed what mental health is, how we feel, who we can talk to and ask for help and the importance of looking after our mind.

Pupils will be involved in more activities throughout the wee linked to this year’s Mental Health week theme; “LET’S CONNECT”.

EYC Puddle jump

It’s EYC’s first full week back at school and the rain certainly doesn’t spoil our fun! We have had lots of fun jumping and splashing in the puddles.

EYC go to the moon!

To start our Spring Project ‘Which animals would you take on an adventure?’, EYC went to the moon!

Staff acted out the story of Whatever Next! after which all the children had a go at being Bear and Owl. At the end we had a picnic on the ‘moon’ where we enjoyed eating the biscuit which we had made the day before.

Teddy Bear Hospital visit Eary Years

Early Years had a great afternoon today with the ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’ visiting, learning all about our bodies and keeping healthy, including brushing our teeth and eating healthy foods.

EYC celebrate Bonfire Night

Early Years have had a lovely day learning about the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate bonfire night. They made a real fire and talked about fire safety whilst also enjoying mushy peas and hot chocolate. Have a safe and happy bonfire night!

Early Year meet the Fire Service

Children in Early Years have been learning about different types of clothes. Firefighters came to visit and shared with the children the special clothes they wear and the tools they use during their job. It was exciting to sit in a real fire engine!

EYC’s Autumn walk

EYC had a glorious Autumn walk today. We looked for signs of Autumn and collected lots of objects. We also saw different animals who live on the Campus.

EYC’s treasure maps

Yesterday, we made white paper look old by staining it with tea. It now looked like the paper that was used for a treasure map in our story book. Today, we investigated our EYC garden to find out what we could see here. After naming these items, we went inside to use the stained paper to draw a treasure map. “X marks the spot!”

Reception – wear your favourite clothes day!

It was lovely to have so many different types of favourite clothes in class today. We talked about what we were wearing and why we had picked these clothes . We had superhero or princess clothes on because we loved these characters. Some clothes were special because they had been worn on special celebrations. Some had their favourite jumpers on because these were of their favourite colour or were nice and snug.

We enjoyed working on our first book about Pirates. Our local shop also donated a nice treat for us which made our day extra WOW.

EYC’s Graduation ceremony

Our Reception pupils celebrated their graduation this week. They started the celebration with a Rainbow song, followed by a short, personal speech by the teachers. The pupils showed all parents how amazing they are and how ready they are to be moving into Year 1.

EYC’s Jubilee celebrations

We have been busy playing games together balancing a ‘crown’ on our heads whilst walking over an obstacle course, driving the ‘queen’ round in her ‘carriage’ and some traditional games such as Hop-scotch and the Bean Bag game. After this we sang our national anthem and had a picnic on the grass with the whole school. What a lovely day we had!

EYC celebrate the Jubilee

In EYC we learned about the upcoming Jubilee and made lots of different craft works. We made crowns, flags and the guards that look after the queen. We decorated biscuits with red, white and blue. What a lovely celebration day!

Reception make daisy chains

The reception children enjoyed making daisy chains today. It was very tricky but that did not matter: we always try!

Reception class – SCARF session

In their Scarf lesson today, the Rainbows talked about the importance of keeping a healthy mind. As being in nature and getting active help to look after our mental health, EYC went to the field together to go cloud watching. Would you believe we saw unicorns, bunnies and police cars in the clouds? Amazing! 

EYC get baking!

EYC have been busy making bread. Just like The Little Red Hen had done in this week’s story. We enjoyed making them but the eating was even better!

EYC Spring Term Award winners

Well done to the wonderful children in EYC who received special achievement awards.  We are so proud of you!

EYC care for the environment

During our SCARF session this week, EYC have been learning all about ‘caring for the environment’.  We swept our garden, did some weeding, watered the plants and cared for our wildlife by picking up the litter and keeping them safe.  EYC have helped to ‘save the planet.

EYC Bear Hunt and exhibition

Today, EYC invited all of our parents to watch EYC’S exhibition.  Our EYC choir sang some bear songs and then the parents joined us for a bear hunt.  We went through the long wavy grass, squelched in the thick oozy mud, splashed through the cold wet river, had a stumble trip through the forest, braved a swirling whirling snowstorm then tip toed to the cave, where we found a bear!!!  It was such a beautiful day.

EYC celebrate pancake day

EYC have been celebrating ‘pancake day’.  We made pancakes and ate them with our favourite toppings.  Then we had a go at tossing them. Such fun!

Teddy Bear hospital visit EYC

Teddy Bear Hospital visited EYC today. Children had brought their teddies and together they learned about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and fit. They also explored what kind of tools doctors need and use to look after us and make us better when we are poorly.

EYC and the Worrysaurus

The children in EYC watched the Worrysaurus story. We talked about who had helped him to feel better and what they did. Mrs Benner made a worry worm and poem for each of the Rainbows to take home and keep. The Trekkers sent in a photograph of when they were babies. They played a game, ‘Guess the Baby’ and looked at how they had grown.

EYC – Safer Internet Day

EYC have been learning all about ‘how to stay safe on the internet’ we watched a video about Jessie and dog playing on their tablet.  We learned about how important it is to always show a grown -up which games we are playing and to tell them if we see or hear something that makes us feel scared.  We really enjoyed learning all about Jessie and dog and we coloured in some pictures of them at home and told our grown-ups everything we have been learning about.

EYC Chinese New Year celebrations

EYC have had a lovely day celebrating Chinese New Year.  We have been playing in our Chinese restaurant, making dragons and lanterns,  eating delicious noodles, learning a new Chinese New Year song, dragon dancing and then writing all about our exciting day.

RSPCA visit to EYC

EYC had a lovely visit from the RSPCA to enhance our project learning. We learned how to look after pets and how the RSPCA staff catch animals in the wild – it was so interesting!

EYCs Feel Good Friday!

EYC have had a ‘feel good afternoon’. We started the afternoon by doing yoga, then we moved on to some physical exercise in the hall, followed by a story and relaxation session in the library and finishing with a healthy snack.  Now we feel fit and healthy!

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