Pupil Leadership Teams


At Southwold Primary, we believe it is important for pupils to have a voice and to feel they have ownership of their school, taking part in important initiatives and decision making, as well as leading by example and respecting others. This ethos mirrors our school’s core values and British Values.

House Captains

House Captains lead their house teams and encourage children to collect house tokens. We have four teams and children are awarded house points for great behaviour and work. House Captains set half-termly inter-house challenges across school to win additional points. Pupil leaders aim to inspire the children to be hard working and creative and confident in themselves and help win the house cup at the end of term. They are also ambassadors for the school and interact with important visitors.

School Parliament

The role of a School Parliament member is to work with the head teacher and senior leadership team to improve the school. They look at the school priorities for improvement and decide how children can help make things better.

They are the spokespeople for their classes and we often have to share important information and ask important questions to get other pupils’ views, often through school ballots.

Community Rangers

Community Rangers are pupil leaders who work with our local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) to make links with and improve the community around the school. This year the aim is to reduce waste in the community and build up partnership work between school and parents.

Green Team

Green Team pupils to ensure the allotment is being used by the whole school to ‘plant it, grow it and eat it’. They try to get people from the community in to help improve the allotment and green spaces.

Their role is also to make sure the school is being eco-friendly, such as reducing waste and saving electricity. This year they have driven a ‘Plastic-Pledge’ to reduce non-recyclable plastics in school.

Behaviour Leaders

Behaviour Leaders work tirelessly during playtimes and assemblies to model and support positive behaviour. They are easily recognisable in their maroon fleeces.

Presentation Committee

Presentation Committee members make sure children’s presentation is very neat. They scrutinise books of pupils who have been nominated by their teachers, looking for neat and consistent handwriting, checking for ascenders and descenders.

Presentation Committee reward certificates and pens to those who were successful and give feedback to the children who did not achieve the standard and explain which areas they need to work on. If a child receives a presentation award, they have a pen licence and are given a handwriting pen to use in their books.

Science Ambassadors

Science Ambassadors are trained to support their peers with Science learning, including within lessons and after school clubs.

Digi Leaders

Digi Leaders are pupils who have been nominated by their teachers to support with Computing in school. They are well trained to help their peers (and staff) and to put away equipment safely.

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