Year 2

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Project Overview

Our project this term is all about where our families come from. We are focussing on all the families we have in Class 2. We want to celebrate the diversity in our class. We will be looking in depth at some of the countries we come from, what they are like, what traditions they have, what languages are spoken and what foods are specific to that country.

We will marble print our own fabric taking inspiration from fabrics around the world, in D&T we will turn these fabrics in to a little bag of happiness.

As Scientists we will be looking at humans and animal, living things and their habitats. Putting our Historian and Geographer hats on we will look at the different countries people have travelled from and why they have chosen to migrate to the UK.

In our hook days we will be producing our own flags of the countries our families come from. We will also create our own self-portraits, using paint to correctly mix the correct skin colour for our faces to celebrate our diversity. Some of our time will be spent learning about each other’s families, where they have come from, why and how they came to live in Nottingham. We will also be locating the countries our families are from on our world map.

We are excited to learn more about each other and celebrate our diversity! 

Miss Slater-Evans, Mrs Salmeron and Miss Benton

How Can You Help?

If you feel that you can help us at all with our project this term, please let us know. We would love to hear from you!

Visit these websites to find out more about our topic:



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