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Project Overview 

The Second World War (World War II) lasted from 1939 to 1945. It was fought in Europe, in Russia, North Africa and in Asia. During the Autumn Term we will be investigating the essential question, ‘Who were the hidden heroes of WW2?’ We will discover different cultures and contributions from the Commonwealth and Empire as well as investigate the significant role women played to the war effort.

As writers, we will be looking closely at conveying the emotion of war by writing flashback accounts and newspaper articles. As mathematicians, we will break codes and calculate quantities of foods that were rationed during the war.

As scientists, we will examine which material is best for a black-out. As artists, we will explore German and British propaganda and create art inspired by WW2 artist Henry Moore. Through Design & Technology the children will design and build WW2 planes, construct model air raid shelters and cook with rationed food.

As geographers, we will map out the countries involved in the war. As historians, we will discuss the impact the war had on this country and the religious elements involved.

Homework Expectations  

We would love to see more reading in Year 6. Your child will get a prizes for reading at home – these rewards follow our new ‘rainbow reading’ awards which will see a prize for every 30 reads completed. Please listen your child read between 3-5 times a week and record every time you read with them in their reading diaries so we can keep a record. Please bring your books into school every Monday.

Your child will be given a spelling test every Friday morning and a times table test every Thursday morning, so they need to be practising these throughout the week. Children receive house points for full marks in spellings and passing their times table test.

Your child will be given online tasks on SATs companion every Friday and these will need to be completed by the following Thursday.

SATs Companion will support your child to build confidence and familiarity and help build up their understanding in Year 6. The website will be used to identify gaps in understanding and recommend personalised tasks for every pupil.

Your child has been issued with their login details.

They also have 6 pieces of project homework to complete. We love to see these as they are always amazing – they go straight up on our project display in the classroom for everybody to see. You have until the end of term to complete all six.

Other Notices  

PE lessons are every Wednesday this half term, so please make sure your child is wearing their PE kit to school every Wednesday.
We will be swimming every Friday, so children need to come with their swimming kits on under their uniform and a spare pair of underwear in their bags. Please make sure you have completed a permission letter for goggles if you wish your child to wear these in the pool. No jewellery must be worn, and long hair must be securely tied back.

If you need to know anything else or need to speak with a member of staff, please come and see us.

Thank you,

Mr Paton & Mrs Pierpoint



Summer Project Homework Tasks – 2020

Y6 Writing Activities


Key-Stage-2- SPaG Revision Mat

Class Homework

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Year 6 Day 6

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Wk1_Day 1_Add whole numbers-Mental & Written strategies

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Wk1_Day 3_Understanding Decimals

Wk1_Day 4_Adding Decimals

Wk1_Day 5_Finding a difference-decimals and change


Wk2_Day 1_Multiply and divide 2-place decimals

Wk2_Day 2_Find fractions of amounts

Wk2_Day 3_Multiply and divide fractions

Wk2_Day 4_Short multiplication

Wk2_Day 5_Short division in problems

Home learning week beginning 20.04.2020

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks wb 20.4.20

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Acts of Kindness



Home learning week beginning 01.06.2020

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks wb 1.6.20

Home learning week beginning 08.06.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks wb 8.6.20


Mrs Stone’s RSE day letter to children 2020

Home learning week beginning 15.06.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks WB 15.06.2020


Home learning week beginning 22.06.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks WB 22.06.2020

Year 6 Transition Learning Projects W C 22.06.2020

Home learning week beginning 29.06.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks WB 29.06.2020

Year 6 Transition Learning Projects W C 29.06.2020

History Of The Olympics Quiz

Letter Re Classes And Teachers

Home learning week beginning 06.07.20

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Signposts to a New Normal Full Pack_compressed

Home learning week beginning 13.07.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks WB 13.07.2020

Year 6 Transition Learning Projects W C 13.07.2020 2

Home learning week beginning 20.07.20


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