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Project – How Do People’s Lives Change?

The Tudor period started in 1485 and continued until 1603, after which the Stuart period begun. The key events of Henry VIII’s rule and the defining characteristics of the Elizabethan period will be central to the study of history this term. We will look at a range of sources to make deductions about Tudor life.

The Alps will be the focus of the geography learning in this term. Children will develop their understanding of the human and physical features of the Alps while answering the essential question, “What is life like in the Alps?” We will describe the human and physical features using a range of data collection methods.

During DT lessons, children will create an automated toy using CAMs to make movement. Through the process, children will mark, saw and cut out the components before putting together an automata.

Art will revolve around the theme of colour and how this can be used to show depth and perspective in landscape painting.

Our writing units will link to our areas of study in History and Geography. Starting by looking at the book Treason by Berlie Doherty and life in the courts of Henry VIII.

Recommended Reads:

  • Treason by Berlie Doherty
  • The Queen’s Fool by Phillipa Gregory
  • Diver’s Daughter by Patrice Lawrence
  • DK Eyewitness Tudor
  • Heidi by Johanna Spyri
  • The Brockenspectre by Linda Newbery
  • Everest by Sangma Francis and Lisk Feng

We would love to see more reading bookmarks in Year 6. Please listen to your child read between 3 and 5 times a week and record every time you read with them in their reading diaries, so we can keep a record. This will really help with their reading fluency.

Homework will be uploaded to SATs Companion on a Friday and children will have a week to complete the tasks. They also have 6 pieces of project homework to complete. We love to see these as they are always amazing – they go straight up on our project homework display in the classroom for everybody to see. You have until the end of term to complete all six.

PE lessons are every Wednesday this half term, so please make sure your child is wearing their PE kit to school every Wednesday.

If you need to know anything else or need to speak with a member of staff, please come and see us.

Thank you,

Mr McArthur

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