Year 6

Home Learning

With all the concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and how this might impact schools and your child’s learning, we wanted to offer you some ideas to help you continue their education during any potential school closures.

For learning and engaging content, there is a selection of teaching videos on SATs companion designed to help your child. Parents/Carers can also contact me directly via the website if you have any queries or concerns.

Ideas to support your Year 6 child:

  • Please download ‘Daily Dose’ activities below for both Maths and English. Children can write notes and provide answers in their exercise books that have been provided. These activities will be updated weekly.
  • English
    – A worked-through reminder of the learning involved, followed by practice sheets, usually with a choice of ‘Mild’ (easier) or ‘Hot’ (harder)
    -An ‘If You’re Stuck’ sheet with an activity covering pre-requisite skills.
    – Mastery questions so children can check that they’ve nailed it.
  • Maths
    – A text for comprehension or writing stimulation. Questions and answers to go with this.
    -Learning Reminders focussed on two or more SPaG topics
    – SPaG exercises
    – Fun-Time Extras – things children will want to do!
    These activities will be updated weekly.
  • Recap specific grammatical terminology. You can download the KS2 SPAG revision mat below to help with this.
  • Practice spellings from the Y3/4 and Y/6 word lists and put them sentences. You can download the spelling rules for KS2 below.
  • Read lots of different types of texts and discuss them. We encourage children to read for pleasure for at least 30 minutes a day. World Book Online have just made their fabulous collection of over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home. They have books suitable for all ages. Children can also access their ReadTheory accounts at home.
  • We also encourage your child to use their Maths & Grammar CGP guides at home.

Project Homework

Children also have 6 pieces of project homework to complete. We would love to see what the children produce!

  • Imagine that the council stopped collecting rubbish bins. Create a piece of artwork that reuses pieces of rubbish that you would throw out.
  • Find five foods in the supermarket that have been imported from another country. List the foods in order of the distance they have travelled to get here.
  • Can you find out how different materials are made? How is mental made? How is plastic made? How is fabric made? How is glass made?
  • Make a word search of all the words connected with looking after the environment. Here are some ideas to start you off. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Renewable Energy and Environment.
  • Make up a quiz with facts about why we recycle. Make sure you also have the answers. We may try it out in class!
  • To create a sea creature out of reused plastic in your home.

Please rest assured that if we do return to school this year, we will make their final months/weeks as memorable as possible. We appreciate that this is a difficult and challenging time for all of us. We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching your children this year and we look forward to continuing to help and support them on their educational journey over the coming weeks, even from a remote distance!

Please do feel free to contact us both if you any questions or concerns and we will support you as best as possible.

Many thanks for your continued support. With best wishes and wishing you all well.

Mr Paton, Mrs Pierpoint



Summer Project Homework Tasks – 2020

Y6 Writing Activities


Key-Stage-2- SPaG Revision Mat

Class Homework

Spelling Overview Year 3 & 4 Rules

Spelling Overview Year 5 & 6 Rules



Year 6 Day 1 Harry Potter

Year 6 Day 2 Harry Potter

Year 6 Day 3 Harry Potter

Year 6 Day 4 Harry Potter

Year 6 Day 5 Harry Potter


Year 6 Day 6

Year 6 Day 7

Year 6 Day 8

Year 6 Day 9

Year 6 Day 10


Wk1_Day 1_Add whole numbers-Mental & Written strategies

Wk1_Day 2_Subtract whole numbers-Mental & Written strategies

Wk1_Day 3_Understanding Decimals

Wk1_Day 4_Adding Decimals

Wk1_Day 5_Finding a difference-decimals and change


Wk2_Day 1_Multiply and divide 2-place decimals

Wk2_Day 2_Find fractions of amounts

Wk2_Day 3_Multiply and divide fractions

Wk2_Day 4_Short multiplication

Wk2_Day 5_Short division in problems

Home learning week beginning 20.04.2020

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks wb 20.4.20

Grammar Glossary – parent and carer information sheet

E-Safety – a message from Mrs Salmeron

Some Forest Schools Fun

Is it a Tantrum or a Meltdown info and strategies hand out

Home learning week beginning 20.04.2020

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks wb 27.4.20


Wellbeing Journal

Feeling my Feelings and Self-care plan

Home learning week beginning 04.05.2020

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks wb 4.5.2020

VE Day Family Challenge

Chat Health Info – Parents

KS2 Topical Maths Investigations

Home learning week beginning 11.05.2020

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks wb 11.5.20

Home learning week beginning 18.05.2020

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks wb 18.05.2020

Acts of Kindness



Home learning week beginning 01.06.2020

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks wb 1.6.20

Home learning week beginning 08.06.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks wb 8.6.20


Mrs Stone’s RSE day letter to children 2020

Home learning week beginning 15.06.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks WB 15.06.2020


Home learning week beginning 22.06.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks WB 22.06.2020

Year 6 Transition Learning Projects W C 22.06.2020

Home learning week beginning 29.06.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks WB 29.06.2020

Year 6 Transition Learning Projects W C 29.06.2020

History Of The Olympics Quiz

Letter Re Classes And Teachers

Home learning week beginning 06.07.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks WB 06.07.2020


Signposts to a New Normal Full Pack_compressed

Home learning week beginning 13.07.20

Year 6 Home Learning Tasks WB 13.07.2020

Year 6 Transition Learning Projects W C 13.07.2020 2

Home learning week beginning 20.07.20


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