Ethos and Values

Broadening Horizons Through Lifelong Learning

Southwold Primary and Early Years’ Centre has the ethos that every child matters.  We celebrate cultural diversity and recognise that every child is different and yet they all are entitled to a meaningful, visual, aspirational, broad and balanced curriculum.

Pupils at Southwold Primary say that they belong to a big ‘family’ and we instil respect for and understanding of one another.  Pupil leadership is growing to enable children to have a say in their school and their learning experiences.

Our context is that many of our pupils enter our school without English language, without wider experiences that help them make connections across the curriculum.  Pupils need to make these connections in order to understand what they are reading, what they are writing about and to have greater knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live.

Pupils have so many opportunities to take part in exciting experiences, from trips out to visitors in, from Forest Schools to ’50+ Things To Do At Southwold Before You’re 11¾’.

We never veer away from high standards in English and Maths teaching and learning, but we ensure that our curriculum and wider curriculum are stimulating and engaging.  Our project based curriculum makes sure that pupils are investigating and asking questions about their learning.

Core Values

At Southwold, we passionately believe that ALL of our children are entitled to an inspiring curriculum that prepares them for life using our core values:

  • Aspiration – Challenging pupils to build on and embed skills essential for them to be successful citizens of the future. Children are empowered to aspire to follow their prospective career paths
  • Collaboration – Promoting the power of working together, with each other and with partnerships, to go above and beyond to exceed expectations
  • Creativity – Promoting free expression and developing the holistic child across the whole curriculum
  • Exploration (‘learning not just doing’) – Offering all of our children a wide variety of memorable, real learning experiences within a knowledge-based, progressive curriculum, with children thinking about their past, present and future learning through problem solving and investigative activities
  • Perseverance – Ensuring pupils are ready, willing and able to lock into learning and learn from their mistakes
  • Respect – Embedding understanding and tolerance of different faiths, beliefs and cultures – of all people within and beyond the Southwold community

 School Rules


Our school has three simple rules: ‘Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe’.

These rules are explicitly taught and modelled by all members of our school community.  For example, they might be expanded as follows:

  • Be ready
    • I will help myself and others to learn by being in the right place, with the right equipment and ready to listen and complete my work
  • Be respectful
    • I will listen and talk politely to adults and other pupils; and look after equipment and other people’s possessions
  • Be safe
    • I will be kind and look after myself and others, following appropriate instructions from adults
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