Big Arts

Big Arts Week Across The Years At Southwold 

‘Big Arts Week’ re-launches our creative curriculum each year in September.  Diverse artists and themes are studied by the whole school and each class contributes to collaborative displays in the school hall, as a showcase of learning and creativity. 

Over the years we have learned about many different artists, including Yayoi Kusama, David Hockney and Frida Kahlo.   

More recently we moved towards learning about different themes through Art, with ‘Celebrating British Values Through Art’ as an important focus, followed by ‘Arts Skills and Techniques’ to ensure we were experimenting with a range of artistic media. 

Big Arts Week Changes To Local History Week in 2021 

In September 2021, after curriculum review, we decided to replace ig Arts Week with ‘Local History Week, but keeping the aim of producing creative, collaborative school displays.  

Other aims were to increase pupils’ sense of identity and belonging, as well as for them to better understand the context and history of our local community. 

It was also a great way to weave in a number of essential Geography and History learning objectives. 

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