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Year 5 & 6 – Cadbury World visit

To conclude our history topic about Ancient Maya, Years 5 and 6 visited Cadbury World to learn about the origins of chocolate over the centuries. Children discovered how bitter cocoa was slowly turned into the milk chocolate that we love these days. Obviously, lots of sampling of different chocolate was required!

Year 3 – Geography

Class 3 have had a fabulous geography day learning all about rivers! We studied the water cycle, learning new vocabulary such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation. We used an atlas to locate rivers in the UK and across the world. The river Nile is the longest river in the world at over 4,000 miles long.

In the afternoon, we learnt about the features and course of a river and worked in groups to create our own models of the upper, middle and lower course of a river.

End of Spring Term 1 – 100% Attendance Winner

Congratulations to our Class 5 pupil who won the award for 100% in Spring 1. She enjoyed choosing a selection of books to read for pleasure.

Well done. We are very proud of you!

Year 3 – Ancient Themed Money Containers – Design and Technology

Class 3 are making great progress with their Ancient Egyptian themed money containers. Having designed their own container to represent the time period, they have used their sewing skills to bring their designs to life. So much wonderful talent!

Safer internet day – tech through time

On Safer Internet Day this week, we looked at ‘Tech Through Time’. We looked at how technology has changed and why it is better. We thought about how technology might be in the future and ways it could be used safely.

Year 3 – Creative Collaboratives

We had another fantastic drama session this week with Susan, re-enacting how Howard Carter must have felt on discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb!

Children’s Mental Health Week – My Voice Matters

In assembly we shared the story of ‘Speak Up! You can make a difference’ by Nathan Byron and Dapo Adeola. Mrs Taylor led a discussion about how significant people like Rosa Parks and Marcus Rashford influenced others by using their voice to make a positive change. One pupil said, ‘together, many little voices can make one big voice which makes people listen’. How very true and insightful that is!

Nott Alone – Children’s Mental Health Week 2024

Pupils from Year 5 attended an event to promote children’s mental health. The theme this year helps to promote and equip children with skills to share their voice and stand up for their rights. The children participated in a range of events to help pupils with emotional and mental well-being and health. They will share their learning with the rest of the school in an assembly next term. We are very proud of our school representatives and their engagement during the day.

Discovery Arts Award

Well done to all of our the children who achieved their Discovery Arts Award. They produced some fantastic creative work and have now received their special certificate from Trinity College. We are very proud of your achievements!

Early Years Numbers Day

Thank you to all of our parents who came to our numbers morning. It was lovely to see so many of our parents and children engaging with number based activities in lots of fun ways! It was to see everyone working and learning together.

Year 6 – Fast Fashion

Year 6 began their ‘Fast Fashion’ Design and Technology learning by examining their own clothing and which countries their clothing has come from. Children carefully looked at their coats to identify special features and a range of sewing techniques.

Year 3 – 50 things to do at Southwold

Class 3 enjoyed carry out some of their ’50 Things to do at Southwold’ activities. We did some pond dipping, tried to a make a sound with a grass trumpet, made dens and held a ‘scary’ beast!

Family numbers morning

A huge thank you to all adults who attended our first-ever Family Numbers Morning. Children and adults worked in family groups across school completing a range of real-life maths activities such as creating birdboxes and creating 3D shapes among others! This afternoon, children will be coming home with their scrap books and a letter explaining how to use them. The first activity hand-in date is Friday 23rd February – we look forward to seeing completed tasks!

More Family Numbers fun!

We had an incredible day at school as children and their parents came together to dive into the exciting world of numbers, as part of our Family Numbers morning.

In Class 4, we explored the wonders of geometry and how we can use 3D shapes in architecture to create jaw-dropping towers. Did you know that understanding geometry not only helps us visualize the world around us, but it’s also crucial in design and construction?

Our budding architects and mathematicians worked side by side to build their own extraordinary structures, all while developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Year 6 – sewing skills

Year 6 pupils have been practising their sewing skills, looking at different hand stitches. These skills will be transferred to the creation of their own clothing item.

Year 6 debate screen use

This morning as part of our writing learning journey on balanced arguments, children participated in a debate about the positives and negatives of screen use. After the debate, children had to write a paragraph explaining their viewpoint while providing evidence and statistics.

Year 4 Design & Technology

All day the children have been designing and crafting their very own Ancient Egyptian money container.

By using their sewing techniques, the children have beautifully decorated the containers, incorporating ancient Egyptian symbols and patterns.

Their attention to detail is astounding!

Year 4 – experience Ancient Egypt through drama

Over the past two weeks, our talented students have embarked on an exciting journey to Ancient Egypt through the power of drama!

They’ve explored the mysteries of the ancient world through techniques like still images, transitions, thought tracking, and role-play – been Howard Carter, the remarkable archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun, delved into the world of Egyptian mythology’s deities and goddesses and explored the wonders of the pyramids!

Our drama based approach has provided a unique and immersive way for children to engage with history, fostering a deep understanding of the past and allowing them to embrace their creativity and confidence.

National Storytelling Week 2024

National Storytelling Week takes place every year and is a celebration of the power of sharing stories. This year it is being celebrated between 27 January and 4 February 2024.

Sharing and making up stories with your child is a great way to help them relax, develop empathy, and learn about the world. It also boosts their vital literacy skills. Dream up new worlds inspired by the everyday objects around you. Maybe a favourite teddy has unbelievable adventures whilst you sleep, or a pair of old shoes gives you magical powers when you wear them! The possibilities are endless.

We will be marking National Storytelling Week by encouraging the children to tell  their own stories.  Their stories could be as simple as what they had for lunch; or more imaginative, for instance telling us what they would see if they were an astronaut.  Storytelling is a great skill to develop, allowing children to use their imaginations and develop their communication skills.

Click on this link to discover a range of activities for your families to enjoy:

Storytelling Week 2024 Banner.original

Year 4 investigate electricity!

Year 4 stepped into the shoes of the heroic lightkeeper Grace Darling as they explored the world of electricity.

The children rolled up their sleeves and explored household items to find out which ones conduct electricity (conductors) and which ones don’t (insulators). It was like being a detective in search of the invisible powers of electricity!

They not only grasped the fundamental concepts of conductors and insulators but also developed their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. It was a true spark of inspiration! ✨⚡️

Year 1 compare the seasons

Year 1 continue to compare seasons in science. Children went outside and used a thermometer to check the temperature. It was 8 degrees at 2pm. Now it is winter. Brrr!

Year 3 create stained glasss

Year 3 pupils made their very own stained glass cross to represent what they had learned about Good Friday

Year 5 computing

Year 5 pupils filmed short videos using close up, mid-range and long shot techniques to introduce some of our top rules for succeeding at Southwold or top tip for new children to Southwold.

Year 1 – Design & Technology

Year 1 pupils have been learning new sewing skills. They showed great perseverance and resilience practising the running stitch and over stitch. We are so proud of the skills they displayed. Well done class 1!

Year 6 – Website development

Today, children continued their website development learning by designing their own webpage. Children had to decide on a topic as well as the features they wanted to use. We’re excited to see them created in a few weeks time!

Year 3 – Computing

Today in Computing Class 3 have been learning more about making animations. We drew, then photographed images to create our frames. We saw how making more frames of a single movement made the movement much smoother.

Year 2 – Stitching

We have been learning 2 new types of stitch in design and technology today. We have done a running stitch and an over stitch. It was tricky but good fun! 🧵

Year 3 – Creative Collaboratives

Class 3 have had another fantastic afternoon of drama with Susan from Creative Collaboratives. The children have used freeze framing techniques to portray Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. They worked in pairs to shoe Isis, the goddess of healing and then transitioned into Ka who represented the spirit of a person. Brilliant participation by everyone. Mrs Reddings even got to be an Egyptian pharaoh!

Year 3 – Forest Schools

Class 3 had another fabulous afternoon doing Forest School! We made animal footprints in clay, threaded twig necklaces and used a flint and steel to create sparks. In the classroom, Ms Turner-Jones taught us how to tie different knots. We finished the afternoon off with apples roasted on the campfire and coated in cinnamon sugar!

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