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Year 3 SCARF session

In SCARF this morning we were very lucky to have a fun online event to learn about, ‘My healthy brain and body.’ We played a game deciding if the contents of a shopping bag were healthy or not, talked about a ‘Feelings Wheel’ and how to feel good. Finally, we learned a ‘Wellbeing Rap.’ 😀❤️

Year 6 Residential – Walesby Forest

Year 6 had a fantastic time at Walesby Forest for their two-night residential. Throughout the stay children’s attitude and perseverance was fantastic, and children tackled so many new challenges such as climbing, kayaking and laser tag. Well done Year 6!

Year 3 Roman Workshop at Wollaton Hall

Class 3 have had a fabulous day at Wollaton Hall taking part in a Roman workshop. We wrote our names using Roman letters, drew artefacts from a Roman bathhouse and learnt about Roman food.

Year 3 D-Day activities

Following our D-Day assembly, Class 3 ordered the events of this very important day. We also designed a D-Day medal. We tried to incorporate the date, the colours of the allies, a symbol to signify the war and a reference to the different armed forces.

Year 6 create hybrid creatures

This morning Year 6 have been busy creating hybrid creatures so children are ready to write about them in their non-chronological report next week. Children looked at examples before creating their own creatures as well as using vocabulary sheets.

Key Stage 1 Library Visit

As part of ‘Empathy Day’, KS1 had a great opportunity to visit Nottingham City library to watch a production of the story book ‘Ruby’s Worry’.  Prior to the visit, the children had enjoyed reading the story and discussing various feelings, including their own worries and how to deal with these.  The children thoroughly enjoyed seeing the book come to life with the opportunity to watch a live performance of music and drama.  Unbeknown to any of us, Tom Percival, the author of the book was also sat in the audience.  We were all very excited to meet him at the end of the performance and he very kindly gifted us some of his other books, signing them personally to Southwold school.

Early Years build a train!

EYFS enjoyed making a train for the start of their new book The Train Ride. They worked together to put boxes in place then enjoyed playing on the train. They had a conductor, driver and passengers. Super team work by everybody.

Reception blows bubbles

Reception were using tubes to blow bubbles. They used tubes of different lengths to see if it changed the size of the bubbles. They enjoyed finding out what happened.

Empathy Day

Today is, ‘Empathy Day’. In Class 3, we listened to a story called, ‘Blue’ by Sarah Christou about a girl who feels sad then finds a way to overcome this. We talked about feelings we have and how we can be empathetic towards others 🌈❤️👫We made some beautiful bunting to share our ideas which you can see in Hayley’s Shelter 😀

Years 3 – 6 Booknic

Children in Years 3 to 6 were thrilled to receive their second Browns Book. They enjoyed a booknic in the school hall, reading and sharing their chosen book with their friends.   What a fabulous afternoon they had!

Year 6 create optical illusions

This morning in Year 6 we have been practising our ruler skills to create optical illusions through curves of pursuit. Children showed great perseverance to improve their examples. More to follow on Friday….

Year 5 explore Ancient Greeks with Into University

Year 5 enjoyed a great day at Into University, learning more about the Ancient Greeks and how we can study Classics at University. It was a really engaging and interesting day full of different activities.

Year 6 explore the Ancient Greeks at Wollaton Hall

Despite the weather, we had a cracking day out at Wollaton Hall today.  Children participated in an Ancient Greek workshop where they showed off their fantastic knowledge & understanding of aspects of Ancient Greek life. After that, they created Ancient Greek theatre masks after learning about comedies, tragedies & satire before exploring the rest of Wollaton Hall. Well done Year 6!

Year 3 Science

This afternoon in Science, Class 3 have been investigating rocks. We tested their durability, permeability, density and whether they were hard or soft rocks.

Year 5 Bikeability

Congratulations to our Year 5 pupils, who passed their Level 1 or 2 Bikeability course. They were very proud receive their badge and certificate! Well done 😊

The Willows garden

The children enjoyed setting up the new Willows garden. They pulled out the weeds, filled tubs with compost, planted tomato, pepper, herbs and strawberry plants and sowed wild flower seeds. Their favourite part was using the watering can. They now have the important job of caring for them and looking out for changes as they grow.

Space Day!

Today was Space Day and our catering team went above and beyond to support the theme. The children were amazed at the fruit solar system. Our catering team are total superstars!

Year 5 Forest Schools

Another wonderful Friday Forest School for Class 5. This week, we were thinking about looking after our world and making eco friendly choices so we made beeswax wraps for food to replace single use plastic cling film. We also had great fun cooking and eating popcorn – yum! Plus, we whittled lots of creative things from wood. We cannot wait until next Friday!

Year 5 Mini Police

Year 5 enjoyed their first Mini-Police session: ‘Introduction to Mini-Police’ and everyone enjoyed themselves and engaged excellently. We’re looking forward to our future sessions.

Year 4 explore Maths with Capital One

Super trip this morning to Capital One this morning to learn all about how maths is used in the working world.

We were treated to a presentation by teacher and tv personality Bobby Seagul. Bobby spoke with the children about how maths can be used in many aspects of life and even rapped for them!

The children spoke with different Capital One staff about their jobs and how maths is used. They met a software developer, a commercial manager, an analyst, a talent acquisition partner and a corporate responsibility lead.

The final part of the morning was a tour around the Capital One building and it was amazing!!! Highlights were hearing about regular delivery of doughnuts, the huge gym for staff and the playroom, which had football tables, tennis tables and a piano. I imagine lots of children in class 4 will now be wanting a job at Capital One!

Year 6 Science

This afternoon, children continued their light science learning by investigating how light refracts through a prism before investigating spectrum wheels! Children made a prediction before using their learning to make a conclusion.

Year 6 Exam workshop with MHST

This afternoon children participated in an exam workshop led by Barbara from MHST. Throughout the session children learnt about the positives and negatives of too much stress. Most importantly, children learnt strategies to help deal with stresses.

Year 5 Ridewise Bikeability

Today was the first day of the Ridewise Bikeability scheme – Class 5 did brilliantly practising their manoeuvring and balance skills. They are now beginning their learning on the road and are excited to see what the next two days will bring.

Year 5 Forest Schools

What a superb afternoon at Forest School!! We learnt how to tie lots of knots, built dens, made a swing and much more… we cannot wait until next week.

Reception class make moon rock cakes

Reception enjoyed baking some rock cakes. We pretended it was moon rock. We loved using our hands to mix the flour and butter then used a spoon to mix in the eggs. It tasted delicious.

Autism Awareness week

At Southwold we celebrated Autism Awareness week by holding assemblies across school. The important messages we learnt were that:

You can’t see if someone is autistic, it is an invisible condition.

Autism means that someone’s brain works a little differently.

Each autistic person is different.

Autistic people have different strengths and may need more help at other things.

We learnt about the differences that people with autism might have; in their communication and behaviour, their thinking and understanding and their differences in senses.

We talked about how we could be better classmates. How can we be kind to one another? How can we support each other? How can we support our autistic classmates?

Year 2 visit Brooksby Farm

What a brilliant trip to the farm we have had today, despite the rain. It was so good and we saw a baby lamb that was 3 hours old. The children learned about different animals and their habitats and what foods we get from certain animals. It was fantastic and the children were so well behaved! Well done class 2!

Year 3 are Scientists

In Year 3 this afternoon we have been scientists. We have dissected flowers and explored the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants. We learnt new vocabulary such as stamen, anther and filament.

EYFS explore the Wonderdome

EYFS are learning about places we can travel to. We had a visit from Wonderdome who taught us all about space travel. We learnt so much. It was great to see rockets take off and astronauts floating it space.

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