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Years 5 and 6 Science with Leaders of Learning

Years 5 and 6 pupils learnt about diffusion in an experiment led by Leaders of Learning from Nottingham University.  They observed the coloured sugar that is coating the skittles DISSOLVES in to the water and spreads out due to a process called DIFFUSION. The sugar will always move from the area where there is lots of sugar (next to the skittle) to a place where there is less, so you see the coloured sugar move across the plate.

Year 6 Crossteach Easter experience

This afternoon, Year 6 welcomed Cross Teach back for their Easter experience. Children participated in a crime scene investigation about the death of Jesus before deciding who was guilty of his murder…

Comic Relief fundraising

Thank you to everyone who supported Comic Relief on Friday. We raised £152.70 through our cake sale and non-uniform. Pupils shared their favourite jokes, filling our school with laughter.

Your kindness and generosity will help to make a difference to others.

Year 6 – live Science

This morning, as part of Science Week, Year 6 watched a live lesson all about wool and its properties. After the live lesson, children investigated different materials to see which material was the best thermal insulator.

Year 1 and 2’s interactive Science

Class 1 and 2 loved the live science session, learning about tractors and their link to space. It was very interactive and the children learnt just how complex tractors can be.

Forest Schools

Class 4 learnt about survival skills this afternoon! They cooked on a fire, made a den, learnt how to tie a knot, used a saw and drill.

They are achieving so many of their 51 Things…

Waste Week

This week, the Green Team prepared their classes for Waste Week. Green Team Leaders, led and discussed the importance of not wasting food and why we need to recycle.  Using compost bins, which they created during Recycle Week last September, the pupils planted their own Begonia bulb. They also created posters to inform and persuade readers to not waste food.

Our pupils demonstrated a sound understanding and awareness of why we need to help protect and save our planet.

Year 5 visit National Galleries of Justice Museum

In the morning, pupils came face to face with infamous historical characters and explored the Narrow Marsh exhibition, hunting for clues to solve a murder mystery.
Later on in the day, pupils participated in an interactive courtroom workshop in which they prepared and enacted a trial based on a Victorian child. The jury delivered a not guilty verdict!


Today’s focus for our CROSSTEACH assembly was looking at how God sees all of his people as important and that he builds up his people when he calls them to do certain roles. In the assembly today, we learnt the importance of not judging a book by it’s cover.

Mental Health Support Team visit Year 6

This afternoon, Year 6 were visited by Charlotte and Olivia from the Mental Health Support Team, who led a workshop on exam worry. Children discussed worries before looking at coping strategies.

EYC – RSPCA visit

As part of our project, the EYC children had a special visit today. An RSPCA inspector came to share information about how we need to look after our pets. She also showed us how they catch animals in case they have escaped or need medical help. We loved learning about our pets!

Year 6 Into University graduation

What a brilliant end to our Into University week. This morning, children explored the Jubilee campus before participating in a law society seminar. This afternoon, children presented their secret missions before graduating! Thank to all who attended.

Mini Police -Red Cross First Aid

Today the Mini Police learnt about life saving skills with the Red Cross.

They were taught how to respond in an emergency, which emergency service to call and how to help save a life. Using dummies, they learnt about resuscitation skills. Finally, they recalled why First Aid is important and why we should all learn such skills.

World Book Day 2023

Wow what a wonderful day we have had!

The school was full of pupils dressed as authors, books characters or looking very cosy in their lounge wear or pyjamas!

Pupils started the day meeting author Bemma Akyeampong, who shared her story of becoming an author. They even learnt to sing a Ghanaian song about a turtle!

After, classes took part in different activities, to promote a love of reading and feel the excitement a book creates. Not forgetting the knowledge that is promoted too!

Book sale!

All these amazing books are being sold after school today to support buying new books for our library. Thank you to all the parents who purchased books for your support,

Southwold’s Science Club

Today we were very lucky to have our first Science club with thank to Nottingham University volunteers. This week we learned how raisins behave differently in fizzy and still water. It’s all about density!

Year 2 create hedgehogs

What an amazing day! The children worked hard to form and mould the clay to make their own hedgehog! 🦔

Year 6 – Another exciting day at Into University!

This morning, children examined crime & punishment within four different historical periods; Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Tudors & Victorians. Children were horrified at some of the punishments throughout history…

This afternoon, children prepared for a top secret mission – shhhh!

Judge Deja in charge of proceedings!

It’s been a great start to Year 6’s Into University week with a trip to the National Justice Museum. Children took part in a Victorian crime scene investigation before participating in a Victorian court case.

Southwold’s FANTASTIC readers!

The queue for prizes is getting longer and longer as more of our fantastic children are reading so many books! Their love of books (and prizes!) is simply amazing 📖📖

Turkey & Syria Fundraising

Thank you so much for your support to raise funds to help those affected by the earthquake in Syria. So far we have raised £420! We have had a wonderful selection of cakes and biscuits. Thank you for taking time to bake or buy cakes for today.

EYC Parents reading session

Children and their parents/carers enjoyed sharing and reading books together in Early Years this morning.  The children were very excited to each receive a brand new book as part of the ‘Young Readers Programme’ led by the Literacy Trust.  This is the first event of many that will take place this year, and we hope all the children enjoy reading their books at home.

Year 6 make Victorian pies

Over the last two days, Year 6 have been creating and baking their own Victorian pies. Children made their own pastry before adding fruit and a flavouring. A key focus was pastry decoration – they tried really hard with lattice patterns!

Year 2 – National Literacy Trust delivery

OH WOW!!!!! What a surprise we had today when we got into class. There was a special delivery from the National Literacy Trust – our own books we had ordered! We are so excited to take these home and share them with our families.

Freedom factory – Song Composing

Today pupils composed their own songs celebrating the things they enjoy. They proudly shared their songs to the group, who listened respectfully and were very supportive.  Some of the pupils even created their own melody! The pupils continue to shine with creativity and grow with confidence each week. Well done!

Reception create pets and homes from salt dough

In Reception, we have been working on the book Peculiar Pets and we have been creating pets out of salt dough. We wrote down the recipe and planned our next step for how we were going to make a nice place for our pets. We went on to build our animal beds, cages and fishbowls. They looked amazing!

Year 3 – Safer Internet Day

Today was Safer Internet day across school and Year 3 created a timeline of internet milestones, deciding at what age young people might experience them. We discussed how they felt about online bullying and unreliable information, and who can help us deal with this.

Children’s Mental Health Week – Mental Health Support Team (MHST) Assembly

We are very excited to be joining partnership with MHST, who are funded by NHS England to support the mental wellbeing of children in both primary and secondary schools and colleges.

Today, to launch Children’s Mental Health Week, Educational Mental Health Practitioners led a whole school assembly to introduce MHST. They discussed what mental health is, how we feel, who we can talk to and ask for help and the importance of looking after our mind.

Pupils will be involved in more activities throughout the wee linked to this year’s Mental Health week theme; “LET’S CONNECT”.

Year 3 – Forest Schools at Wollaton Park

What a busy and fun-filled afternoon class 3 have had at Wollaton Park doing Forest School activities; looking at what’s inside a tree, bug hunting and bark rubbing.

We even had time for a hot chocolate!

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