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Year 6 – World War 2 Evacuees

Dressed as evacuees, children discovered the impact of rationing during World War II and how people adapted to deal with reduced product availability. Children discussed and compared a wartime menu with a modern-day menu before cooking two war time meals. Children used scales and measuring jugs to accurately measure different weights of food and volumes of liquid. They used mathematical vocabulary to discuss size, weight, capacity and volume. It is fair to say not everyone enjoyed their pumpkin soup or eggless sponge!

In the afternoon, Auntie Eva spoke to the children about her experiences as an Evacuee. We learnt about her time in the Chislehurst Caves, Kent, which were used as a shelter during World War 2. The children listened intently as Auntie Eva described what is was like to be a child during this difficult time for everyone. This experience will assist children in writing their emotive letters home from the perspective of an evacuee.

Year 6 – WW11 at Brackenhurst

Children from Class 6 enjoyed a stimulating and eventful day at Brackenhurst Campus. Through role play the children understood what it was like to be evacuated to the countryside. They dug for victory in the Victorian gardens, handled and discussed World War II memorabilia and carried out a gas mask drill under the guidance of corporal Jones. In addition, children also visited an Anderson Shelter and wrote emotional postcards home.

Year 5 & 6 Maths Trail

Children from Class 5 and 6 enjoyed an exciting and engaging day at Nottingham University Jubilee Campus developing their maths skills.

Led by Secondary Maths PGCE students, are pupils had to complete a variety of maths activities including: problem solving, measure, geometry and calculation.

Based around the World Cup, pupils worked in teams gathering clues to identify who had stolen the world cup.

Our pupils demonstrated great team work, resilience, problem solving skills to list just a few. An amazing day was enjoyed by all!

We’re already looking forward to next year!

Year 6 – Shang Dynasty

As part of our project, year 6 following a traditional Shang Dynasty recipe to make tasty millet topped with peach, orange, cinnamon or ginger.

Year 6 Design & Technology Shang Villages

Today, as out DT challenge, we built a Shang village. We split into ‘family’ groups and designed our houses. We had a budget of 20 Cowry shells, which we had to use to buy the materials we needed to make our houses.

Once the ‘Nobles’ had approved our design we had to buy our materials and build our hut.

We got very mucky mixing up the clay, soil and straw to make the walls. It felt great.

Then we attached the poles and made the roof using clay and straw.

After this, we made some villagers and some furniture!

Year 6 World War II

As part of their WWII project, Year 6 had an Access Artefact box and learned about the Sherwood Foresters. They drew their emblem and researched the countries where they fought in the war. They also wrote to a widow of a soldier who fought in Norway.

Year 6 open classroom

Year 6 parents loved the open classroom shared reading session of ‘Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’ this morning. They even joined in discussing the text!

Able Writers

Pupils from years 5 and 6 are enjoying greater depth writing of poetry on the ‘Able Writers’ Day’.

Year 6 – National Memorial Arboretum

Year 6 were suitably awed when they visited the National Memorial Arboretum as part of their project ‘How Can We Commemorate Nottingham’s War Heroes?’

Year 6 – 50 things to do at Southwold

Year 6 went foraging for wild food to eat as part of their 50 things to do at Southwold.

Blackberry picking resulted in delicious smoothie making!

Year 6 – World War II project

Year 6 got off to a great start to the new term by making Potato Jane and Honey Cakes as part of the hook session into their WW2 project.

Enterprise Project

Year 6 children spent a busy afternoon car washing to raise money for their Enterprise Project. Great fun was had making their money grow and getting wet!

Year 6 QMC Visit 05/07/2017

Year 6 had an informative morning at the QMC at their Injury Minimization Programme.

We learnt CPR, how to use a defibrillator and first aid techniques.

We enjoyed having a plaster cast on our finger!

Musical Assembly 04/07/2017

Southwold’s musical performance assembly was amazing!

Mr Hull teaches our guitarists and Miss Booth teaches flautists.

Year 6 played ‘Serenade’

Year 5 played ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’

Year 4 played ‘G Jam Blues’ and ‘Pretty Minka’. They also improvising playing their instruments.

Our children are so talented!

Year 6 Residential To Scarborough 07/06/2017

Year 6 have had three wonderful days in Scarborough for our year 6 residential.  We started off by dipping our toes in the North sea and playing on the beach.

On Tuesday we walked to Peasholm Park to catch the North Bay railway to the Sealife Centre.

We took a rainy walk back to the arcade in the afternoon.  Wednesday broke dry and sunny as we made our way to Scarborough castle.

The trip ended with lunch at the harbour followed by an ice-cream or Slushie.

This has been such a memorable trip enjoyed by children and staff alike!  The children have been so well behaved and a real credit to the school!

Year 6 Writing Superstars

Our Year 6 children continue to amaze us with their attitudes and efforts in the classroom and they are impressing us every day with the quality of their work.

Their latest Big Writes have blown us away: they are immaculately presented and the content of their writing is so good it is better than most of the books in Waterstones’!

We could have put all of their Big Writes on the website, but here are just a few to give you an idea of their quality:

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