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Year 6 interview refugee pupils

As a climax to finishing The Boy At The Back Of The Class by Onjali Rauf, Year 4 excitedly interviewed refugee pupils at Nottingham Education Sanctuary Team to widen their understanding of the content they encountered in the book. Wow, what a wonderful activity!

Year 6 make model planes

Class 6 have commenced construction of their model planes using mod rock. Look how they’re taking shape!

Year 6 meet writer, Satinder Chohan

Year 6 were excited to meet the writer behind The Girl of Ink and Stars audio drama, Satinder Chohan. Children asked questions about how Satinder became a writer, how she adapted a book (novel) to become a script for actors, what challenges she faced, and her favourite children’s books.

Year 6 are inspired by Churchill

Year 6 used a variety of water colouring techniques to represent a verse from the poem ‘The Little Ships’ by Louis Borden. They were inspired by Winston Churchill – a medium that Churchill was very accomplished in as an artist.

Year 6 create mystery and myth!

Year 6 let their imaginations run wild after listening to an audio dramatisation of ‘The Girl of Ink & Stars’. We later transformed a local map of our area into a place of mystery and myth!

Year 6 enjoy activities with Into University

Year 6 enjoyed yet another exciting day at Into University. Children first became fact finders and uncovered key details about D-Day. They had to piece together different clues to establish a clear narrative of events. We then listened to an audio clip as the children tried to imagine how you might have felt as a soldier landing on the beaches of Normandy. Next, pupils were challenged to write a short newspaper report about the dramatic event. Each report had to contain a catchy headline, emotive language and an eye-witness account. For the final activity, children worked in small groups to create freeze frames to portray the moment when the Frank family were seized by Nazi soldiers.

Year 6 experience the Battle of Britain

Yesterday afternoon, Year 6 gained an insight into what it might have been like for a London family during August 1940. They entered the classroom with the sounds, smells, and fears of the Battle of Britain. They sought protection inside our Anderson shelter because German planes were flying overhead. We listened to the rallying cries of Churchill’s ‘finest hour’ speech and created our own lines of enquiry to investigate.

Pupils later examined how and why WW2 started, who its leaders were and what was meant by ‘The Phoney War’

Year 6 home learning

Here are some lovely examples of what a wide range of learning our Year 6 are achieving at home – well done and keep the photos coming!

Year 6 and the oil slicks!

Today at IntoUniversity, Year 6 investigated which material is best for cleaning up an oil slick! An expert from the University of Nottingham told them how oil is excavated and transported. Pupils put their oil-slick skills to the test to the find the most successful way to remove the oil.

Year 6 Science week at IntoUniversity

Children began their ‘Science Experiments’ focus week by completing a series of exciting challenges. These included: designing aerodynamic balloon rockets, creating lava lamps, exploring what conditions make yeast come alive and investigating how animals have adapted in the wild.  In the afternoon, the children had a special secret mission to solve. They were challenged to answer different reading comprehension questions based on their famous scientist. This top-secret research will then be presented to an audience later in the week. A very eventful and exciting first day was enjoyed by all!

Year 6 plot an escape from Alcatraz!

To help answer our focus question, ‘What was it like to be a prisoner?’ Year 6 were challenged with designing, building and evaluating a fit for purpose raft to escape from Alcatraz. Working in small groups, children began the day by designing their raft. Prison wardens insisted on several specifications that the children had to try and incorporate into their designs. They also had to adhere to a strict budget of $100 to buy all their materials from the wardens. Having discussed which materials to purchase from the shop, the children began to construct their designs. Following initial testing, pupils adapted and improved their rafts. At the end of the day we discovered which raft could withstand the weight of 1kg and could stay afloat during rough seas!

Year 6 Hook Day – How has crime altered over time?

Working within their research group, the children first created a plan for their figure. They had to annotate their drawing with what each historical element will be made from. Pupils reviewed their research from previous lessons to establish the appearance of their historical criminal. They ensured historical accessories such as, tricorn hats, swords, pistols, wigs and red flags were incorporated into their designs. The children then made judgements based on their historical evidence before work collaboratively to produce a human collage.

Year 6 Maths Challenge

This morning, children were challenged with measuring a variety of angles taped onto their tables. Children measured each angle using a protractor for accuracy. Children then challenged their partners to measure interior angles in different shapes. In addition, the children labelled their answers with information on the type of angle. The lesson helped to reinforce angle rules and terminology. The children also very much enjoyed being allowed to write on the tables!

Year 6 Christmas Experience

Year 6 participated in an interactive Christmas experience to explore the Christmas story. Working in small groups, pupils rotated around three different and engaging interactive zones. In each zone, the pupils explored the identity of the baby Jesus from different viewpoints of the key Nativity characters helping to form a picture of his identity. A big thank you to Crossteach for delivering this exciting workshop.

Southwold’s Secret Readers!

Every Monday afternoon, Year 1 and 2 love to welcome a ‘Secret Reader’ from Year 6. They know a Year 6 pupil is coming to read them a story, just not which pupil until they have arrived!

Year 6 visit the Holocaust Centre

On Tuesday, the children had the unique opportunity to listen to Holocaust survivor Steven Mendelsson who detailed his remarkable life journey. His video testimony will serve well in deepening their knowledge and understanding of The Holocaust.

Following lunch, we entered an authentic exhibition called The Journey, and were guided through Leo’s (a young Jewish boy) personal journey in the time period in Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1938. This was an interactive experience and gave Year 6 pupils the chance to truly reflect on their own lives and the choices they make. It also encouraged the children to live without prejudice, always be kind and to always consider the impact of their actions. We also considered how there are some children in the world today who are still being treated unjustly or are in danger from war and conflict.

We’d like to thank the centre for an excellent, informative and emotional visit, and the children too for living up to our high expectations! They were a real credit to the school – well done!

Year 5 & 6 Mini Police attend Remembrance Parade

Year 5 and 6 Mini Police pupils visited the Police Headquarters to participate in their Remembrance Day Parade. They showed their respects to those who have died in the line of duty. The pupils also learned about the work of police dogs and watched them in action!

Year 6 – World Maths Day

As part of ‘World Maths Day’, children went outside the classroom to participate in an active and very competitive maths lesson!

Each pupil had a player card consisting of a variety of numbers. Mr Paton then called out various statements relating to the cards, for example: a square number ‘greater than’ 30, a cubed number, a prime number and a mixture of multiples. Each pupil matching the statement ran to the middle and returned with a piece of small PE equipment from the centre. The team with the most equipment at the end, won.

The activity helped to reinforce key vocabulary and mathematical facts. Later this week, pupils will present their ‘player card’ data onto pie and bar charts.

Year 6 visit The Safety Zone

On Friday afternoon, Class 6 participated in ‘Safety Zone’. They were provided with tips, advice and guidance on how best to keep safe in a variety of everyday scenarios. They worked in small groups and experienced ‘real life’ situations. The event provided children with the opportunity to learn about personal safety in an engaging and realistic setting.

Year 6 experience The Blitz

Year 6 gained an insight into what it might have been like for a London family during the first night of the ‘The Blitz’. They entered the classroom with the sounds, smells and fears of the terrifying event. They sought protection inside our Anderson shelter.

We listened to first-hand accounts to enhance our understanding of the event. Over the coming weeks, children will write their own informative newspaper reports about the dramatic events that took place on the first night of the Blitz.

Working in pairs, the children then analysed a newspaper report on ‘The Blitz’ (WAGOLL), annotating their work on larger sugar paper. They were able to evaluate the text, commenting on the purpose, structure and specific language. Children were able to ‘read like a writer’ and explain why the writer choose to use certain layout features and descriptive techniques.

Year 6 experience WWII at Perlethorpe

Children from Class 6 enjoyed a stimulating and eventful day at Perlethorpe Campus. Through role play the children understood what it was like to be evacuated to the countryside. We first greeted by a very strict Mr Rider, who was the Air Raid Precautions Warden and the co-ordinator of evacuees in the area. The children were soon billeted to local people in the Perlethorpe estate and were given a variety of duties to fulfil. Children also examined various suitcases filled with WW2 artefacts. They were challenged to infer the owner of each artefact.

In addition, children also visited an Anderson Shelter to discover how as the night raids became so frequent, many people who were tired of repeatedly interrupting their sleep to go back and forth to the shelters, virtually took up residence in a shelter.

Year 6 experience World War II

Dressed as evacuees, children discovered the impact of rationing during World War II and how people adapted to deal with reduced product availability. Children discussed and compared a wartime menu with a modern-day menu before cooking two war time meals. Children used scales and measuring jugs to accurately measure different weights of food and volumes of liquid. They used mathematical vocabulary to discusssize, weight, capacity and volume. Everyone very much enjoyed their trench stew and cheese and potato balls.

We also visited the allotment to create a ‘Dig for Victory’ garden. We planted cauliflower, rocket and cabbage. We examined why men and women across the country were encouraged to grow their own food in times of harsh rationing.

Year 6 become firefighters

On Tuesday morning, we welcomed firefighters from the Nottinghamshire Fire Service. They helped us to compare firefighters from WW2 to the firefighters of today.

Year 6 Residential – Walesby

This week, Class 6 had a fantastic time visiting Walesby Forest for their end of year residential. They experienced adventure activities such as, laser quest, abseiling and raft building. All the children were wonderfully well behaved and were a credit to our school.

Year 6 enjoy maths in the sunshine!

Class 6 has a great time this morning calculating the area and perimeter of different rectangles  in the school playground.

Year 6 calculate angles taped to their desks!

Today, Year 6 calculated the angles and lengths of lots of different triangles taped to their desks. Children measured each angle using a protractor for accuracy. Some children were challenged to find the perimeter and area of each shape. In addition, the children labelled their post its with information on the type of angle and triangle displayed. The hands-on lesson was enjoyed by all.

Year 6 celebrate their Positive Mental Attitudes!

Year 6 – Prepare for SATs

Our fabulous Year 6 pupils are preparing for the start of the SATs tests with a morning pre-SATs skip!

Year 6 Into University Graduation

The last day of our Into University week has concluded with an exciting workshop about artificial intelligence, where the children encountered a robot that could solve a Rubix cube in under 24 moves! Following the workshop, the children were given a tour of the jubilee campus to further enhance their desire to go to University. Finally, the children got to showcase all their hard work to an audience of family and friends. Wearing their graduation robes, each group presented their graduation piece before officially graduating. Each day this week, the children fully immersed themselves into all activities and challenges. They have gained invaluable skills, knowledge and understanding of their project and of the different pathways open to them for further education.

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