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Year 6 Primary Parliament Day

For Primary Parliament day,  Year 6 focused on themes around the COP26 conference happening in Glasgow and how we, here in Nottingham, can contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality by 2028. A team of researchers from the University of Nottingham helped us to devise “green machines” of the future. We then presented our findings to other local schools and councillors.

Year 6 – Local History Walk

For Local History Week, Year 6 visited different types of housing. We examined which buildings could still be seen today from primary sources. Pupils were able capture the new alongside the old physical and environmental features. We took new photos to create a series of ‘now and then’ images. The children were so inquisitive and showed off some great enquiry skills!

Year 6 investigate industrialisation

Year 6 began local history week by investigating the impact of industrialisation on housing, both nationally and locally. Pupils discovered the industrialisation of Radford occurred after the Bobbin-net fever of the 1820s.  We examined why there was a need to build houses for the workers on a large scale.

Year 6 create WW11 food

Year 6 have explored what food people had access to during WW2 and their rationed allowance. We first compared recipes from WW2 to current day, so we could see how these have changed. We then discussed how the diet and physical health may have been different to today especially with people growing a lot of their own vegetables. We discovered what a healthy meal should look like to highlight our own diets and food consumption. We prepared our own vegetable turnover peeling, chopping, dicing and slicing our vegetables, before we boiled them and made our turnovers ready to put in the oven. Finally, we adapted the recipes by adding some mixed spices for more flavour.

Year 6 design WWII planes

Year 6 have been very busy designing and constructing WW2 planes. Pupils also worked together in a series of challenges to develop their communication skills.

Year 6’s allotment goodies!

Class 6 couldn’t wait to get back to it in the allotment. They enjoyed potting our strawberry runners, measuring themselves against the sunflowers 🌻 and picking our green beans. They are keeping an eye on the potatoes ready for our WW2 recipes.

Year 6 vs staff football match!

Oh my. Year 6 took on the staff in an exciting football match today and the staff took it veeeeery seriously, with a 0-3 result. Well done to all the players and supporters, especially the wonderful Year 6 team!

Year 6 superstars!

Year 6 children appeared on East Midlands Today to talk about their feelings about the recent racism towards our wonderful English football players.  They loved the opportunity to share their views

Year 6’s letters of support to England footballers

Dear Marcus Rashford and Bukayo Saka, please accept our letters of support. We have had some great discussions in school this week and wanted to tell you how we feel.  You are amazing role models for us.

Year 6 on their way to residential!

Year 6 children and staff are sooooooo excited to be off on residential this weekend!!

Year 6 Science Club

It was the turn of the year 6 pupils to get their hands dirty during Science Club.

We explored electricity, made some perfect Oobleck and looked at liquids with different densities.

Year 6 Protest March

Pupils made protest placards to urge people to stop the effects of climate change. They have been inspired by environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who has accused world leaders of not doing enough to prevent climate change.

Year 6 = Expression through art

Children expressed themselves through art, using natural and recyclable materials. 

They explored a wide range of materials and practiced a wealth of brain-boosting skills that will serve them in school and throughout life. 


Year 6 – Allotment week

Year 6 enjoyed learning about sowing different seeds, planting them and sprucing up our pots ready for when our seeds germinate. We had the extra bonus of the glorious sunshine too!

Year 6 Primary Parliament

On Wednesday, Year 6 participated in a Primary Parliament initiative to learn all about the census! 

After first learning about the history of the census, they conducted several surveys to create a unique snapshot of their class. They then presented their findings to other local schools and councillor Sally Longford. They discovered so much – including that 14 children in the class can speak another language!

Year 6 – Grace Jones experience

Year 6 were encouraged to respond individually and share different perspectives of the iconic Grace Jones. They were given of a virtual tour of ‘Grace Before Jones’. This experience allowed pupils to reflect on Grace Jones’s multiple identities and continue to celebrate Black culture. Pupils were then inspired to create their own unique fan art.

Year 6 – Claymation!

This has been another brilliant week for Year 6, who continue to produce great work.

They planned their own stop frame animations in a storyboard to show how three prisoners managed to escape from Alcatraz prison in 1962.

They crafted their own clay figures along with props and sets. They also added sound, visual effects and explored green screen backgrounds too. They then used stop motion to select and combine backing tracks, story openers or clips to add to their animations.

Year 6 get competitive for World Maths Day!

To mark World Maths Day, Year 6 participated in a series of physical challenges. They timed and recorded each challenge and plotted their results on a bar chart.  It soon became very competitive, and we might even have some new world record holders! 

Year 6 Safer Internet Day

Year 6 remote learners explored methods used to encourage people to buy things online as part of Safer Internet Day. They found examples of when and why it is important to understand the motive behind online content. 

Year 6 Junior MasterChef Challenge

We have been blown away by our next generation of chefs: Year 6 home learners took part in our Junior MasterChef Challenge. They had to create two of their own dishes. As always, they went above and beyond and created a 3-course menu!

Southwold Superstars!

Two home and two school learners are recognised from each class every week for their amazing effort in learning. Home learners receive their certificates through the post. We can’t wait to find out who are our Superstars today!

Class 6 prepare for our Spring Bloom!

As soon as the sunshine came out today, Year 6 took the chance to dig and plant some flower seeds, ready for a spring bloom! It will be lovely to have colourful flowers everywhere on site.

Class 6 enjoy maths

Year 6 have been estimating, measuring and converting metric measurements at home and in school!

Year 6 food challenge

Last week, Year 6 had an exciting cooking task. Here are some of the wonderful end products: fruit cake, hard mango and dim sum. The cinnamon rolls were made by the children in class!

Year 6 snowman challenge

Well done Year 6 – some amazing efforts in the snowman-building challenge today, in between live lessons! You have been very creative!!

Year 6 recreate Banksy and zentangles

Year 6 have been getting creative in their blended learning sessions, with some Banksy artwork and Zentangles…very effective!!

Year 6 interview refugee pupils

As a climax to finishing The Boy At The Back Of The Class by Onjali Rauf, Year 4 excitedly interviewed refugee pupils at Nottingham Education Sanctuary Team to widen their understanding of the content they encountered in the book. Wow, what a wonderful activity!

Year 6 make model planes

Class 6 have commenced construction of their model planes using mod rock. Look how they’re taking shape!

Year 6 meet writer, Satinder Chohan

Year 6 were excited to meet the writer behind The Girl of Ink and Stars audio drama, Satinder Chohan. Children asked questions about how Satinder became a writer, how she adapted a book (novel) to become a script for actors, what challenges she faced, and her favourite children’s books.

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