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Year 5 pond dipping

Class 5 spent a delightful afternoon, pond dipping and bug hunting in the allotment. We found woodlice, centipedes, worms, shrimp, frog spawn and diving beetles. There were happy smiles and shrieks, children conquering their fears to hold creatures and sharing their knowledge. What science is all about. Balancing was fun too 🙂

Year 5 are graffiti artists!

Class 5 had an absolute ball creating tags, logos and mash ups with our Graffiti Artist Nathan ‘Small Kid’ Bainbridge.

Year 5 celebrate World Book Day

This morning we have found weird and wonderful ways to read in Class 5.

Jumping, congaing, balancing, lying, over desks and under desks.

Year 5 channel Andy Warhol

Class 5 have been enjoying an art day today. We have been looking at Andy Warhol and Pop Art. We found out some information about Warhol and then produced some art inspired by his Campbell’s Soup and Marilyn Monroe portraits.

Southwold Superstars!

Two home and two school learners are recognised from each class every week for their amazing effort in learning. Home learners receive their certificates through the post. We can’t wait to find out who are our Superstars today!

Year 5’s blended learning

We are nearly two weeks into our blended learning and Class 5 are excelling themselves. We’ve had some great writing and fabulous art both at home and in school, and we are keeping up with our reading too!  Such supportive, positive children who are a credit to their families.

Year 5 build buggies

We spent the afternoon designing and building a buggy to explore a new world when we blast into space!

Presentation Committee award pen licenses

Year 5 representatives of the Presentation Committee met today to decide who will be awarded pen licenses. They were very strict as usual but quite a few pupils got through the tough process this week! Feedback is given to those who are nearly there.

Year 5’s cracking eggsperiment!

Class 5’s DT day turned out to be an eggcellent challenge! Can you protect an egg falling from height, like an astronaut on re-entry? Some very intense design discussions occurred!

Year 5 get active on World Maths Day

Class 5 had great fun on World Maths Day! We had to answer lots of tricky arithmetic questions by throwing the quoit into the hoop with the correct answer. It got us up and active and we had fun competing too! A brilliant way to combine maths and PE skills in one.

Year 5’s Mighty Maths Mission

Class 5 have been on a Mighty Maths Mission today. We have enjoyed being planets orbiting the sun. After careful measurements and a bit of number crunching we discovered that ‘Orbital period is relative to distance from the object’ or ‘The further away the planet is the longer it takes. We’ve enjoyed spotting anomalies in our data and trying to explain them.

Year 5 test sundials

Class 5 have been investigating how to tell the time without a watch. We designed and built sundials. Luckily the sun cam out so we could try them out!

Year 5 Big Arts

Year 5 have loved their Big Arts week focus on Outdoor Art. We made natural mobiles, explored different shades of leaves and created pictures using berries and leaves as paints and made picture frames from sticks.

Year 5 Space Hook day

As a way of introducing our Space topic Year 5 have been:

    • Experiencing what its like to eat space food, (not great!)
    • Making moons from clay.
    • Sewing constellation patterns.

We can’t wait to answer all those questions and discover everything we can!

Year 5 – Science Week experiments

For Science Week, Class 5 are investigating the effect of acidic solutions on the enamel of our teeth. We are going to observe how eggs (whose shells are also enamel) change over time when exposed to solutions with different pH levels, which we tested today using universal indicator paper.

Year 5’s science experiments

Class 5 have been having fun with chemical reactions in Science! First we added vitamin C tablets to soapy water, then we blew up gloves by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create carbon dioxide.

Year 5 learn gymnastics

Class 5’s PE topic this term is gymnastics. We started by learning about balancing and how to make them more interesting using different heights and shapes!

Year 5 re-enact Rosa Parks’ bravery

This week Class 5 have been learning about the Civil Rights movement in USA. We used drama to try to understand how Rosa Parks might have felt on that day in 1955 when she refused to give up her seat to a white person on a bus.

Year 5 Hook Day – “What is the state of America?”

For their new essential question, “What is the state of America?”, Class 5 have been experiencing Native American culture this week. We have sewn a quilt, looked at genuine Native American artefacts (thank you to Nottingham City Museum and Galleries!), and listened to folk tales around a fire.

Year 5 and the toilet paper solar system!

As a farewell to out first topic on space, we created a scale model of the Solar System… using toilet paper! We placed all the things we have learned about – planets, dwarf planets, moons and probes – to answer our essential question ‘What Else Is Out There?’

Year 5 investigate gravity

Would it be easier to carry your shopping home on Mercury on Neptune?

Class 5 used newton metres to measure the weight of a pot of coffee on different planets, investigating how the strength of gravity relates to the mass of an object.

Year 5 visit the National Space Centre

On their trip to the National Space Centre, Class 5  learned how to control a Mars Rover from Earth, about Britain’s own Space Race, and how to become an astronaut! It was out of this world!

Year 5 & 6 Mini Police attend Remembrance Parade

Year 5 and 6 Mini Police pupils visited the Police Headquarters to participate in their Remembrance Day Parade. They showed their respects to those who have died in the line of duty. The pupils also learned about the work of police dogs and watched them in action!

Year 5 attend WE day at Royal Concert Hall

Class 5 loved celebrating WE Day at the Royal Concert Hall with host Bella Ramsey, inspirational speakers such as Martin Luther King III, and music from Bluey Robinson and George Gretton!

We are buzzing with ideas on how to improve our local and global community!

Year 5 – 51 things to do before we’re 11¾

Class 5 went to Wollaton Park on Friday to build homes for wild animals – one of our 51 things to do before we’re 11¾!

Year 5 channel Archimedes!

Ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes said, ‘Give me a place to stand and I will move the Earth.’ Class 5 put this to the test by measuring how much force was needed to lift 100g at different distances from a fulcrum.

Year 5’s Mighty Maths Challenge

Class 5 have been getting active in our maths lessons. We used cubes to help us work out a formula for the volume of  a 3D shape.

Then it was time for our Mighty Maths Mission. How can we calculate the height of  tree that we cant reach the top of? Thales the great Greek mathematician and his similar triangles to the rescue!

Year 5 create a Greek menu

Last Friday we looked into what traditional Greek food is. The children designed menus for a 3 course meal and we then picked a starter, main and dessert to prepare and eat as a class. We loved chopping and cooking all the dishes together and most of us enjoyed tasting them too!

Year 5 build the Parthenon in Sheffield!

Class 5 had a fabulous trip to the Weston Park Museum in Sheffield.

We met some gods and some slaves (the slaves didn’t look very happy!)

It was all hands on deck to build the Parthenon 😊

After a busy morning building and acting we had a lovely picnic we explored the Ancient Greek items in the rest of the Museum.

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