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Year 5 explore Ancient Greeks with Into University

Year 5 enjoyed a great day at Into University, learning more about the Ancient Greeks and how we can study Classics at University. It was a really engaging and interesting day full of different activities.

Year 5 Forest Schools

Another wonderful Friday Forest School for Class 5. This week, we were thinking about looking after our world and making eco friendly choices so we made beeswax wraps for food to replace single use plastic cling film. We also had great fun cooking and eating popcorn – yum! Plus, we whittled lots of creative things from wood. We cannot wait until next Friday!

Year 5 Mini Police

Year 5 enjoyed their first Mini-Police session: ‘Introduction to Mini-Police’ and everyone enjoyed themselves and engaged excellently. We’re looking forward to our future sessions.

Year 5 Ridewise Bikeability

Today was the first day of the Ridewise Bikeability scheme – Class 5 did brilliantly practising their manoeuvring and balance skills. They are now beginning their learning on the road and are excited to see what the next two days will bring.

Year 5 Forest Schools

What a superb afternoon at Forest School!! We learnt how to tie lots of knots, built dens, made a swing and much more… we cannot wait until next week.

Year 5 in the Wonderdome

Year 5 had a wonderful morning recapping their science learning in the Wonderdome planetarium. They learnt about the solar system, the age and size of stars, the search for life in the universe and astronauts journeys to the moon and the space station – it was brilliant!

Year 5 Forest Schools

This afternoon we have been enjoying our first Forest Schools session. We learned about safe tool use, fire safety, bug and tree identification and how to build a den amongst many other things. We really enjoyed our S’mores too

Year 5 Hook Day – Ancient Greeks

Year 5 have had great fun starting their learning about the Ancient Greeks – they conducted their own mini-Olympics 200 Yard Dash, their own democratic debate, created comedy and tragedy masks and are creating a shield for Alexander the Great. It’s going to be an exciting term of history learning!

Year 5 Mini Police

Year 5 pupils enjoyed their first Mini Police session – ‘Introduction to Mini Police’ with PSCO’s Anna and Nick.  They were given their uniform to wear and learnt about the 12 week programme. Our pupils engaged positively and participated in very interesting discussions. We’re looking forward to our future sessions next term.

Year 5 research Henri Rousseau

In Art, Year 5 have been experimenting with collage and researching Henri Rousseau.  They have made an excellent start on their final collage pieces by creating colourful backgrounds with strips off tissue paper. Next, they will layer on the middle ground and foreground.

Key Stage 2 – National Literacy Trust Young Readers Programme

The children in Key Stage 2 were all ecstatic to receive a surprise book yesterday, chosen specially for them, as part of the National Literacy Trust Young Readers Programme. This is the first of three events, where the children will receive a free book to support reading for pleasure. Next time, it’s their turn to choose. It’s been joyful to see everyone enjoying their books around school and sharing them with each other. Southwold loves reading!

Year 5 & 6 – Cadbury World visit

To conclude our history topic about Ancient Maya, Years 5 and 6 visited Cadbury World to learn about the origins of chocolate over the centuries. Children discovered how bitter cocoa was slowly turned into the milk chocolate that we love these days. Obviously, lots of sampling of different chocolate was required!

Nott Alone – Children’s Mental Health Week 2024

Pupils from Year 5 attended an event to promote children’s mental health. The theme this year helps to promote and equip children with skills to share their voice and stand up for their rights. The children participated in a range of events to help pupils with emotional and mental well-being and health. They will share their learning with the rest of the school in an assembly next term. We are very proud of our school representatives and their engagement during the day.

Year 5 computing

Year 5 pupils filmed short videos using close up, mid-range and long shot techniques to introduce some of our top rules for succeeding at Southwold or top tip for new children to Southwold.

Dick Whittington Pantomime

Our audience were treated to an amazing performance of Dick Whittington. Year 5 and 6 pupils showed great performing arts, leaving our audience wanting more.

What great talent our pupils have!  We can’t wait for next years performance! Well done to all.

Years 5 & 6 go to the Playhouse Pantomime

Yesterday afternoon, Year 6 enjoyed watching Cinderella at Nottingham Playhouse. Children very loudly took part in the usual pantomime audience participation as well as enjoying the songs, the jokes and the special effects.

Capital One – maths in every day life

This morning volunteers from Capital One joined the Key Stage 2 assembly to tell the children their maths stories. Year 5 then participated in a workshop highlighting the importance of maths in the work place as well as every day life.

Year 5 & 6 – Tudor Day

What a brilliant Tudor day we’ve had in Year 5 and Year 6. We have been visited by Henry VIII and his court jester, Will Sommers. Throughout the day, they helped us learn about Tudor dancing, writing, games as well as crime and punishments!

Year 5 Design & Technology project

Year 5 pupils had great fun in their Design and Technology project. They have been cutting the wood and dowel to set lengths and preparing cardboard pieces. Having planned their designs further and interweave their  own creative ideas, pupils started constructing the frames for their mechanical toys. Pupils had to follow the diagram and use a glue gun carefully.

Music Camp – Ilam Hall

‘We had an amazing two days at Ilam Hall in Derbyshire for this year’s music camp. On Monday we practised in our instrument groups, had music reading classes and did ‘call and response’ across Ilam Hall grounds.  The day finished with a night walk, followed by hot chocolate.

After breakfast on day two we went back to our guitar and flute groups to practise. Before lunch we did musical orienteering. A final rehearsal after lunch prepared us for the grand performance later that afternoon.

The children worked so hard and gained so much musical knowledge. They also made new friendships and loved the Derbyshire countryside!’

Year 5 programme with Crumble

Today, our amazing Year 5 pupils having been diving into the world of programming using Crumble software. They’ve been exploring how to control lights, motors, and sensors, all while using different variables. They demonstrated our core values, especially collaboration and perseverance. As the tasks became more challenging, our class worked together, supporting and encouraging one another every step of the way. As we progress further, we have an exciting goal in mind: the creation of a scanning robot.

Year 5’s protest march

Today, pupils took part in a special activity that highlighted the impact of climate change – a protest march! We have been learning about the importance of addressing climate change and its effects on our planet. To express their passion, they took inspiration from Greta Thunberg and created protest placards to raise awareness.

We are working towards creating persuasive speeches, inspired by Greta Thunberg’s powerful messages. They are eager to develop their public speaking skills and express their ideas persuasively, encouraging others to join the fight against climate change.

Our completed Timeline

We have been fortunate to be part of the ‘Schools of Tomorrow Programme’ with Nottingham Contemporary, working with our resident artist for the last 4 years. All pupils, staff and parents have had the opportunity to share their ideas and contribute to a timeline which is now proudly displayed in our school. A great afternoon was enjoyed where the children were able to explore the gallery and the different activities on offer, as well as enjoy a memorable lunch.

Year 5 – Litter Bug Art Project Day

We had the opportunity to work with a local recycling artist, Michelle Reader, in a workshop where we created litter bugs, beasts, and birds using recycled materials.We used litter pickers to collect rubbish from our local area then worked together to gather as much litter as possible and were surprised at how much they found.

We worked together to come up with ideas for sculptures and collaborated to bring our visions to life. We learnt about the importance of recycling and saw first-hand how waste can be repurposed into something beautiful. A big thank you to Sustrans for organising the day!

Year 5 Art Parent Workshop

Year 5 parents were invited into the classroom this morning. The pupils shared their finding to their project question, ‘How did the Victorians change Britain?’

Pupils delivered a workshop to their parents teaching the skills of Victorian decoupage.  They showed great teamwork and skill, as created some unique pieces of art!

Thank you to our parents for making this morning an enjoyable experience.

Years 5 and 6 Science with Leaders of Learning

Years 5 and 6 pupils learnt about diffusion in an experiment led by Leaders of Learning from Nottingham University.  They observed the coloured sugar that is coating the skittles DISSOLVES in to the water and spreads out due to a process called DIFFUSION. The sugar will always move from the area where there is lots of sugar (next to the skittle) to a place where there is less, so you see the coloured sugar move across the plate.

Year 5 visit National Galleries of Justice Museum

In the morning, pupils came face to face with infamous historical characters and explored the Narrow Marsh exhibition, hunting for clues to solve a murder mystery.
Later on in the day, pupils participated in an interactive courtroom workshop in which they prepared and enacted a trial based on a Victorian child. The jury delivered a not guilty verdict!

Year 5 sample Victorian flavours

This afternoon, pupils sampled a range of Victorian flavourings. Flavourings included: parsley, mint, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and lemon juice. The children were able to link some tastes to food they have eaten previously. We look forward to using some of these flavourings in our cooking lessons next week!

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