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Our completed Timeline

We have been fortunate to be part of the ‘Schools of Tomorrow Programme’ with Nottingham Contemporary, working with our resident artist for the last 4 years. All pupils, staff and parents have had the opportunity to share their ideas and contribute to a timeline which is now proudly displayed in our school. A great afternoon was enjoyed where the children were able to explore the gallery and the different activities on offer, as well as enjoy a memorable lunch.

Year 5 – Litter Bug Art Project Day

We had the opportunity to work with a local recycling artist, Michelle Reader, in a workshop where we created litter bugs, beasts, and birds using recycled materials.We used litter pickers to collect rubbish from our local area then worked together to gather as much litter as possible and were surprised at how much they found.

We worked together to come up with ideas for sculptures and collaborated to bring our visions to life. We learnt about the importance of recycling and saw first-hand how waste can be repurposed into something beautiful. A big thank you to Sustrans for organising the day!

Year 5 Art Parent Workshop

Year 5 parents were invited into the classroom this morning. The pupils shared their finding to their project question, ‘How did the Victorians change Britain?’

Pupils delivered a workshop to their parents teaching the skills of Victorian decoupage.  They showed great teamwork and skill, as created some unique pieces of art!

Thank you to our parents for making this morning an enjoyable experience.

Years 5 and 6 Science with Leaders of Learning

Years 5 and 6 pupils learnt about diffusion in an experiment led by Leaders of Learning from Nottingham University.  They observed the coloured sugar that is coating the skittles DISSOLVES in to the water and spreads out due to a process called DIFFUSION. The sugar will always move from the area where there is lots of sugar (next to the skittle) to a place where there is less, so you see the coloured sugar move across the plate.

Year 5 visit National Galleries of Justice Museum

In the morning, pupils came face to face with infamous historical characters and explored the Narrow Marsh exhibition, hunting for clues to solve a murder mystery.
Later on in the day, pupils participated in an interactive courtroom workshop in which they prepared and enacted a trial based on a Victorian child. The jury delivered a not guilty verdict!

Year 5 sample Victorian flavours

This afternoon, pupils sampled a range of Victorian flavourings. Flavourings included: parsley, mint, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and lemon juice. The children were able to link some tastes to food they have eaten previously. We look forward to using some of these flavourings in our cooking lessons next week!

Maths is everywhere!

This morning volunteers from National Numeracy and Capital One visited Key Stage 2 to discuss maths! After an informative assembly about maths in the real world, Year 5 and Year 6 had a workshop examining how maths is used in a range of job roles. Maths is everywhere!

Year 5 & 6 local history visit

Year 5 and Year 6 have visited Nottingham city centre as part of their local history learning. Children visited parts of Nottingham Castle to discover the surrounding the history of the area. Later on in the afternoon, pupils watched Dick Whittington at the Nottingham Playhouse. A very busy but fun afternoon was enjoyed by all.

Year 5 Design and Technology

A brilliant Design and Technology Day in Year 5 designing, creating and our evaluating our William Kambwamba-inspired wind turbines. Pupils developed their wood-cutting skills and revisited their electrical circuit learning before assembling their structures.

Year 5 trip to Magna

Year 5 enjoyed a fabulous day at Magna. There were so much to explore! Pupils discovered interactive exhibits that linked to four themes (air, earth, fire and water). They watched ‘The Big Melt’ from the giant walkway, as ‘E’ furnace was brought back to life using a spectacular light and sound effects; recreating the moment when scrap metal is transformed into white-hot molten steel. Finally, pupils enjoyed the challenge of making giant electrical circuits from all kinds of materials.

Year 5 amazing project homework!

Wow! What an amazing piece of homework. Year 5 have been learning about migration and the Windrush Generation. Here is an incredible replica of the HMT Empire Windrush. Well done!

Years 5 and 6 visit Magna

What a brilliant day Years 5 and 6 had yesterday exploring the different areas of Magna! The children explored electrical circuits in the workshop before visiting the Water, Air and Fire Pavilions.

Year 5 World Mental Health Day

This afternoon, we took part in some relaxing activities ahead of World Mental Health Day, which is on Monday. We learnt some breathing techniques. We also did some guided meditation called ‘The Waterfall’ and created a mindful breathing stick.

Year 5 Explore Forces!

In their science experiment this week, Year 5 pupils investigated the amount of force needed to move a shoe across different surfaces. They worked collaboratively to discover that tin-foil created the largest force of friction!

Class 5 Windrush Project work

Year 5 have started this term’s Windrush project work.  They have used a range of watercolours to create some beautiful artwork.

Music Camp 2022

Making music in the hills! Year 5 flautists and guitarists had an incredible time in Ilam Hall. Thanks to Nottingham Music Hub for a great couple of days.

“Dance your cares away, Worry’s for another day!”

Year 5’s Greek mosaics

Superb effort by the Class 5 to make their project icons ready for a timeline display! We think the Greek mosaic looks especially effective!

Year 5 screen print t-shirts

In Class 5, we made a design for our t-shirts using the computers. We then made a template and used screen printing to ink our design on to our plain t-shirt.

We are so proud of them and will wear them with pride!

Year 5 meditate!

Year 5 have looked at the practice of meditation and discussed its religious roots and how it is widely practised by all for mental health purposes. Some of the children really loved it and wish to do it more at home.

Year 5 at Into University

Class 5 had a super time Into University for our Greek Day! We learned about the Olympics, children in Ancient Greece, architecture and democracy. We also made Greek masks to portray a character from a Greek myth we have learned.

Year 5 Greek food tasting

Class 5 tried Greek food tasting as part of our ‘hook’ sessions last week. Some of us LOVED it… some of us, not so much!😁We were able to articulate our experience using some key vocabulary.

Year 5 Mini Police

Year 5 Mini-police pupils LOVED sitting in police cars tonight, speaking on the PA system with the sirens going and lights flashing. Apologies to the neighbourhood for all the commotion but we have some very happy children!

Year 5 Area Band

HUGELY proud of our Year 5 pupils who took part in the March Area Band performance tonight with the amazing Nottingham Music Hub! Well done to all the children and music hub staff for putting on such a great show.

Year 5 create library posters

Class 5 enjoyed designing posters to decorate our constantly evolving library.

Year 5 Mighty Maths Mission

Year 5 completed a mighty maths mission looking at the measurements needed to make the perfect volcanic eruption. We measured bicarbonate of soda, water, washing up liquid and red food colouring, then put over our volcano cup. Once we added vinegar, we saw the eruption!

Year 5 experiment with watercolours

During their wider opportunities session on Friday, Year 5 focused on sketching backgrounds, middle grounds and foregrounds and experimented with watercolours to great effect.

Year 5 – NSPCC number day

Class 5 had great fun on NPSCC number day! We focused on how number comes up all the time in real life – especially when playing games! We played Blackjack, Frustration, Sudoku and Shut The Box. We looked at what skills we needed to ace these games. Lots of counting, probability, finding different possibilities and a bit of chance!

Year 5 – Chinese New Year

Year 5 learned all about the years of the Zodiac in Chinese culture – ask your child which animal of the Zodiac it was when they were born! We have also learned to write mandarin numbers from 0-10. Happy Chinese New Year!

Year 5 Street Dance with Freedom Foundation

Year 5 are so very lucky to have Freedom Foundation UK teaching them street dance sessions this term. The focus already on self-esteem, self-awareness and resilience is amazing.

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