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Year 5 investigate gravity

Would it be easier to carry your shopping home on Mercury on Neptune?

Class 5 used newton metres to measure the weight of a pot of coffee on different planets, investigating how the strength of gravity relates to the mass of an object.

Year 5 visit the National Space Centre

On their trip to the National Space Centre, Class 5  learned how to control a Mars Rover from Earth, about Britain’s own Space Race, and how to become an astronaut! It was out of this world!

Year 5 & 6 Mini Police attend Remembrance Parade

Year 5 and 6 Mini Police pupils visited the Police Headquarters to participate in their Remembrance Day Parade. They showed their respects to those who have died in the line of duty. The pupils also learned about the work of police dogs and watched them in action!

Year 5 attend WE day at Royal Concert Hall

Class 5 loved celebrating WE Day at the Royal Concert Hall with host Bella Ramsey, inspirational speakers such as Martin Luther King III, and music from Bluey Robinson and George Gretton!

We are buzzing with ideas on how to improve our local and global community!

Year 5 – 51 things to do before we’re 11¾

Class 5 went to Wollaton Park on Friday to build homes for wild animals – one of our 51 things to do before we’re 11¾!

Year 5 channel Archimedes!

Ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes said, ‘Give me a place to stand and I will move the Earth.’ Class 5 put this to the test by measuring how much force was needed to lift 100g at different distances from a fulcrum.

Year 5’s Mighty Maths Challenge

Class 5 have been getting active in our maths lessons. We used cubes to help us work out a formula for the volume of  a 3D shape.

Then it was time for our Mighty Maths Mission. How can we calculate the height of  tree that we cant reach the top of? Thales the great Greek mathematician and his similar triangles to the rescue!

Year 5 create a Greek menu

Last Friday we looked into what traditional Greek food is. The children designed menus for a 3 course meal and we then picked a starter, main and dessert to prepare and eat as a class. We loved chopping and cooking all the dishes together and most of us enjoyed tasting them too!

Year 5 build the Parthenon in Sheffield!

Class 5 had a fabulous trip to the Weston Park Museum in Sheffield.

We met some gods and some slaves (the slaves didn’t look very happy!)

It was all hands on deck to build the Parthenon 😊

After a busy morning building and acting we had a lovely picnic we explored the Ancient Greek items in the rest of the Museum.

Year 5 at Into University

It has been a very busy week in Class 5! On Tuesday we went to Into University. Class 5 were stars , they had a long walk in the rain but there were no complaints. The class worked very hard and were rewarded with wristbands and a class prize. We all had a lovely time and learned all about what to expect at University. There’s even a Chocolate Society at Nottingham University!! 😊

Year 5 hook day

Class 5 built working prototypes of Lunar Rovers for our first hook day. We evaluated them based on their speed, grip and the distance they travelled, then improved them based on the results.

Year 5 maths challenge morning

We had a fabulous time at the Nottingham High School Maths Challenge morning with a few of our Year 5 pupils. It was great to see our children so engaged and enjoying their maths.

Year 5’s science becomes art!

Class 5 dissected lilies to find and identify the sexual reproductive parts. We then created artwork from the different pieces for our display!

Year 5’s experiment update!

Week 2 of Class 5’s geranium and willow watch. The willow is starting to produce runners but the geranium is yet to show signs of asexual reproduction. We’ll update you after half term!

Year 5 investigate plant reproduction

Will this soft geranium or willow reproduce asexually?

Class 5 will keep you updated over the next few weeks!

Year 5 – Bikeability

Class 5 took part in Bikeability this term and have been awarded certificates and badges to congratulate them for taking part and passing levels 1 and 2!

Year 5 make Greek god statues

Class 5 have been making statues of Greek gods as an introduction to our new Project!

Year 5 revise perimeters

To revise perimeter, Class 5 measured objects in the classroom. Next, compound shapes!

Year 5’s amazing project homework!

Thank you to all children (and the adults who helped them!) for the amazing Project homework this term. We have proudly put them on display in the classroom (or happily eaten, in some cases!). Can’t wait to see what you bring next term!

Year 5 create chemical reactions!

As part of our ‘Properties of Materials’ topic in science, Class 5 have been looking at reversible and irreversible reactions. Today we blew up balloons by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a chemical (irreversible) reaction that produces carbon dioxide!

Year 5 How far are the planets from the sun?

As part of their project based learning, Year 5 had so much fun and learned lots by working together to produce scaled representations of how far the planets are from the sun using toilet rolls!!

End of term music performance

Years 4, 5 and 6 played their guitars and flutes beautifully in the end of term music performance.  It was clear to see and hear the progression through the year groups and the impact of weekly lessons.  It is also true that most children respond so well to music and art sessions within the curriculum.

Year 5 – National Space Centre trip

Class 5 visited the National Space Centre as part of their Space Project, and to help answer their Essential Question, ‘Who Won the Space Race?’. We watched a film about training to be an astronaut in the amazing Planetarium, then got to experience some of the training ourselves. It was out of this world!

Year 5 – It IS Rocket Science!

Class 5 have really enjoyed the challenge of building and testing their own rockets. There were problems to solve and flights to be measured. We definitely have some budding engineers here!

Year 5 Mighty Maths Challenge

We challenged Class 5 to discover the relationship between the distance between objects and their orbital period. They donned their lab coats and were off!


Year 5 at Nottingham Contemporary

Class 5 visited the Nottingham Contemporary on Thursday 27th September as part of this year’s GARCIA project. We spent some walking around the gallery, looking at sculptures by the designers Trix and Robert Haussman, and at an exhibition by Mexian artist Pia Camil. Afterwards, the children got to work with an artist to start creating their own piece of art, which will go on display at the Contemporary in November!

Year 5 at Nottingham Contemporary Garcia Project

Class 5 had a wonderful time exploring globalisation through art and creating patterns based around a T-shirts journey to screen print onto mirrors. We are looking forward to seeing our work exhibited at Nottingham Contemporary Museum.


Year 5 & 6 Maths Trail

Children from Class 5 and 6 enjoyed an exciting and engaging day at Nottingham University Jubilee Campus developing their maths skills.

Led by Secondary Maths PGCE students, are pupils had to complete a variety of maths activities including: problem solving, measure, geometry and calculation.

Based around the World Cup, pupils worked in teams gathering clues to identify who had stolen the world cup.

Our pupils demonstrated great team work, resilience, problem solving skills to list just a few. An amazing day was enjoyed by all!

We’re already looking forward to next year!

Year 5 Ancient Greece Day

An excited Class 5, travelled back in time to Ancient Greece to investigate life as a Greek child!  The day commenced with pupils role playing the story of ‘Kronus: The King of the Titans’ – the beginning of the first generation of Gods and Goddesses. Fantastic drama skills were displayed by those involved, creating a highly entertaining show!

Using math skills, pupils worked as a team to solve Archimedes puzzles and played strategy games.  Followed by a quiz hunt, pupils were keen to gather more information about that period of time.  Two leaders were then chosen to persuade their fellow classmates to join either a democratic or dictator led state!

Eager to learn more, children developed their knowledge and understanding of battles between City States, soldier armour and tactics used against their enemies!  Our pupils enthusiastically repeated battle commands and actions as they performed battle training!

Finally, our exciting and fun-filled day ended with ‘The Olympics’! Boys and competed against each other to win their team crown by participating in a variety of events!  Records were broken to cheers of joy, as pupils showed great athletic skills and a determination to win!

Throughout the day all pupils displayed were truly engaged and participated in all activities.  They showed great teamwork and a genuine interest in their quest to learn more about Ancient Greece.

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