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Year 5’s Mighty Maths Mission

Class 5 investigated the relationship between distance from the sun and time to orbit it. We designed our experiment, checked for anomalous results and drew conclusions from the data.

Year 5 – 51 Things to do at Southwold

We have created art from natural materials, tracked bugs around the Forest Schools area and made shelters for us and for wild animals.

Year 5 represent our community with local artist Steve Brazier

Steve Brazier, an artist who is registered blind, showed us his art work, how he created it and what his favourite techniques were. He then made his interpretation of our inspiration art photo – focusing on the diversity in Radford’s community. We used his ideas and techniques to use blocks on colour using a limited colour palette (the primary colours) to create an array of skin tones to represent the diverse community in our school and our local area.

Year 5 – Radford history, then and now!

We compared photos of Radford from several decades ago until now. We noticed that there were many churches around Radford in our older photos, and that these buildings had been built from scratch. Now, we have a variety of places of worship to accommodate for people of all faiths as there has been a lot of change in our community in the last few decades.

Year 5 – Maths comparisons

In Maths, we compared Radford to our regional area, looking at country of birth, religion, and age. We spoke about our surprise at only 9% of Radford practising the Muslim faith and why there were so many people aged 10-19 and 20-29 due to the university campus being so close. We presented our findings using bar charts.

Year 5 mosaic art of community places of worship

Class 5 have been focusing on places of worship within our communities – so far we have made our own mosaic creation for St Peter’s Church! We are still working on the Masjid Umar Mosque and the Dev Ji Gurdwara!

Year 5’s astronaut training

Class 5 prepared to blast off into space by training to become astronauts. We tried lots of dehydrated and pouched foods (some were better than others!), tested our physical skills doing bear crawls and crab crawls and then tested our observation and drawing skills with a piece of constellation art.

Year 5 – Science Club

Year 5 Science Club mixed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to create carbonic acid and sodium acetate, which inflated the plastic glove! They then discussed how to speed up the process.

Year 5 get green!

We had a lovely time setting up our garden for Southwold in Bloom and starting to develop our Forest Schools area. Beans and potatoes planted and holes ready to move out lovely hawthorns.

Year 5 – Sporting Superstars!

Class 5 had a wonderful morning taking part in Summer Sporting Superstars. We jumped and ran and threw and skipped, earning points individually and in our nation teams. Well done to everybody. So many smiles and so much laughter!

Year 5 Hook Day

Class 5 have had a wonderful time exploring the Greek Pantheon, making sculptures of gods and jewellery inspired by ancient Greek artefacts and taking part in Class 5 Olympics.

Year 5 pond dipping

Class 5 spent a delightful afternoon, pond dipping and bug hunting in the allotment. We found woodlice, centipedes, worms, shrimp, frog spawn and diving beetles. There were happy smiles and shrieks, children conquering their fears to hold creatures and sharing their knowledge. What science is all about. Balancing was fun too 🙂

Year 5 are graffiti artists!

Class 5 had an absolute ball creating tags, logos and mash ups with our Graffiti Artist Nathan ‘Small Kid’ Bainbridge.

Year 5 celebrate World Book Day

This morning we have found weird and wonderful ways to read in Class 5.

Jumping, congaing, balancing, lying, over desks and under desks.

Year 5 channel Andy Warhol

Class 5 have been enjoying an art day today. We have been looking at Andy Warhol and Pop Art. We found out some information about Warhol and then produced some art inspired by his Campbell’s Soup and Marilyn Monroe portraits.

Southwold Superstars!

Two home and two school learners are recognised from each class every week for their amazing effort in learning. Home learners receive their certificates through the post. We can’t wait to find out who are our Superstars today!

Year 5’s blended learning

We are nearly two weeks into our blended learning and Class 5 are excelling themselves. We’ve had some great writing and fabulous art both at home and in school, and we are keeping up with our reading too!  Such supportive, positive children who are a credit to their families.

Year 5 build buggies

We spent the afternoon designing and building a buggy to explore a new world when we blast into space!

Presentation Committee award pen licenses

Year 5 representatives of the Presentation Committee met today to decide who will be awarded pen licenses. They were very strict as usual but quite a few pupils got through the tough process this week! Feedback is given to those who are nearly there.

Year 5’s cracking eggsperiment!

Class 5’s DT day turned out to be an eggcellent challenge! Can you protect an egg falling from height, like an astronaut on re-entry? Some very intense design discussions occurred!

Year 5 get active on World Maths Day

Class 5 had great fun on World Maths Day! We had to answer lots of tricky arithmetic questions by throwing the quoit into the hoop with the correct answer. It got us up and active and we had fun competing too! A brilliant way to combine maths and PE skills in one.

Year 5’s Mighty Maths Mission

Class 5 have been on a Mighty Maths Mission today. We have enjoyed being planets orbiting the sun. After careful measurements and a bit of number crunching we discovered that ‘Orbital period is relative to distance from the object’ or ‘The further away the planet is the longer it takes. We’ve enjoyed spotting anomalies in our data and trying to explain them.

Year 5 test sundials

Class 5 have been investigating how to tell the time without a watch. We designed and built sundials. Luckily the sun cam out so we could try them out!

Year 5 Big Arts

Year 5 have loved their Big Arts week focus on Outdoor Art. We made natural mobiles, explored different shades of leaves and created pictures using berries and leaves as paints and made picture frames from sticks.

Year 5 Space Hook day

As a way of introducing our Space topic Year 5 have been:

    • Experiencing what its like to eat space food, (not great!)
    • Making moons from clay.
    • Sewing constellation patterns.

We can’t wait to answer all those questions and discover everything we can!

Year 5 – Science Week experiments

For Science Week, Class 5 are investigating the effect of acidic solutions on the enamel of our teeth. We are going to observe how eggs (whose shells are also enamel) change over time when exposed to solutions with different pH levels, which we tested today using universal indicator paper.

Year 5’s science experiments

Class 5 have been having fun with chemical reactions in Science! First we added vitamin C tablets to soapy water, then we blew up gloves by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create carbon dioxide.

Year 5 learn gymnastics

Class 5’s PE topic this term is gymnastics. We started by learning about balancing and how to make them more interesting using different heights and shapes!

Year 5 re-enact Rosa Parks’ bravery

This week Class 5 have been learning about the Civil Rights movement in USA. We used drama to try to understand how Rosa Parks might have felt on that day in 1955 when she refused to give up her seat to a white person on a bus.

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