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Year 3 – Allotment week

Some see a weed,  others see a wish

Year 3 – Romans Hook Day

Class 3 have had a fabulous day getting ‘hooked in’ to Romans.

We have made an eagle standard, shields, Roman coins, collaged a Roman soldier and created mosaics.

Year 3 begin Arts Award

Class 3 had a wonderful afternoon starting their Arts Award journey. We are so excited to see what they discover!

Year 3 meet author, Cressida Cowell

Today as part of World Book Day Class 3 explored the book of  ‘How to Train your Dragon’. We even had the most wonderful opportunity to live stream  and meet the author Cressida Cowell. Cressida talked about her latest book and gave us tips on becoming an author or illustrator.

Year 3 Data Handling for World Maths Day

Class 3 have been focussing on Data Handling, so as part of this years theme ‘Maths is Everywhere’ we went out into the green space to collect items and chose our own way of representing the data of the objects we had found. Maths really is everywhere!

Year 3 use data handling software

Class 3 loved using data handling software to calculate how much it would cost to buy a robot!!

Year 3 get creative with pneumatics

Class 3 engineers have designed and made robots which use pneumatics to move it’s parts. WOW! What creativity we have seen!

Celebrating Year 3’s future engineers!

Celebrating our home learners and future engineers. Look at our robotic hands designed to solve challenges!

Southwold Superstars!

Two home and two school learners are recognised from each class every week for their amazing effort in learning. Home learners receive their certificates through the post. We can’t wait to find out who are our Superstars today!

Year 3 Home Learners create robots

Look at these fabulous robots created by our amazing Year 3 home learners, using anything they could find around the house – they have been so resourceful

Year 3 share ‘The Iron Man’

Year 3 staff were so proud of their class today…those children at home and at school. What a wonderful shared reading session with 100% engagement, listening to, discussing and answering questions about the book, ‘The Iron Man’!

Year 3 work with authors and storytellers

Our Class 3 children have celebrated words and stories, unlocking wonderful words with storyteller Sophie Snell and author Jonathan Emmett.

Year 3 Maths and navigation skills

Lots of fun and skills used this morning in maths; grid referencing, compass directions, degree turns and navigation.

Year 3’s glockenspiels ensemble

Year 3 loved accompanying the Egyptian audio music with a whole class glockenspiel ensemble! Well done Class 3, it sounded beautiful!

Year 3 dye like the Ancient Egyptians!

Class 3 have used natural materials such as beetroot, spinach and turmeric to dye material just like the Ancient Egyptians.

Next week we are going to use the fabric to make a purse.

Year 3 create an Egyptian frieze

Class 3 have learned how the Ancient Egyptians created friezes to tell a story. The children have designed and made their own printing blocks, to create our own class frieze (keep a look out for the finished piece!).

Year 3’s shadufs

Class 3 designed, made and evaluated their own shaduf to collect water from the River Nile to feed their crops. What amazing results!

Year 3 – Big Arts

Class 3 have enjoyed learning about Batik during Big Arts Week.  We created Egyptian-themed Batik coasters.

Year 3 work with dictionaries

Class 3 have been expanding their vocabulary! We have been using our dictionary skills.

Year 3 hook day – Ancient Egypt

As an introduction to their new project about Ancient Egypt, Year 3 enjoyed making clay cartouches and inscribing them with hieroglyphics!

Year 3 celebrate World Book Week

Year 3 loved their comfy read slot today and delved into books with so much ease and focus, in book character costume or in pyjamas!

Year 3 visit Think Tank, Birmingham

Class 3 enjoyed a fantastic day at Think Tank Science Museum in Birmingham.  We loved looking around the exhibits to support our learning at school and we took part in a coding workshop.

Year 3 investigate inside a tree

What’s inside a tree?

Class 3 had a lovely walk to Wollaton park and explored inside a tree. We were amazed to find it still alive and growing. To celebrate we made grass trumpets.

Year 3 invent robots!

Year 3 inventors continued their robot designs, “upgrading” them after evaluation. The classroom is going to be filled with automatons!

Year 3 build dens at Forest Schools

Year 3 had a lovely time den building in their Forest School session this week. We were given a tarp and some rope and had to design and build them all ourselves.

We came up with lots of different designs using various things we found in the playground.

We successfully built dens that would house 5 people and none of us got wet!

Year 3 visit the Bauhaus exhibition

Class 3 visited Nottingham Contemporary to see the Bauhaus exhibition today. We then had a ‘Metal Party’ and transformed ourselves into robots with special powers!

Year 3 recreate Ancient Egyptian art

Year 3 have been amazing us with their painting skills. We have recreated Ancient Egyptian wall friezes and made a huge sarcophagus. Aren’t they great?

Year 3 make Egyptian pouches

Year 3 designed and made their own Ancient Egyptian Pouch from fabric they had dyed from natural materials such as beetroot and spices. They also learned how to sew on gems and sequins correctly. Aren’t they beautiful!

Year 3 tie dye

Class 3 used natural materials, such as spinach, blueberries and beetroot, to dye fabric. We are going to use this fabric to make Egyptian purses and pouches!

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