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Class 1’s allotment flourishes!

Class 1 went over to the school allotment and couldn’t believe their eyes with the potatoes and carrots that had grown.

We picked them and gave them to our school cook who said she would wash, cut and cook them for our dinner tomorrow. We can not wait to taste them!

Class 1 make Christmas decorations

Class 1 have been busy making lots of Christmas decorations … Merry Christmas!

Year 1 make fossils

Class 1 have been learning about the Fossil expert Mary Anning and we made our own sea creature fossils out of clay.

Year 1 get Christmassy!

Class 1 have been making salt dough Christmas decorations. We are very excited for Christmas!

Year 1 make jam sandwiches!

Class 1 today have followed instructions and made yummy jam sandwiches for the lighthouse keeper Mr Grindling. They were very yummy!

Year 1 measure a blue whale!

Today we enjoyed our active Maths lesson and we loved measuring 30 metres on the playground, which is the actual size of a blue whale.

We discovered it is the same size as 26 Year 1 children!

KS1 enjoy a sunny playtime!

KS1 children enjoyed morning playtime in the sun … relaxing with books, constructing with bricks and playing schools!

Year 1’s Autumn walk

Class 1 enjoyed our Autumn walk today in the sun, collecting leaves to make an Autumn picture. We then we wrote some exciting sentences about our experience.

Year 1 explore the senses – hearing!

Class 1 went on a learning walk to see what they could hear.

Our pupils read from a special class book to Iggy Inference the viper.

Can you see him on her shoulder?

Year 1 explore the senses

Class 1 have been learning about our five senses and what they are. We have been testing our sense of taste so we tried different foods including lemons! … From the photos, do you think we liked the food?

Year 1 – Big Arts Week

The children in Year 1 have loved Big Arts Week!

They made clay sculptures in the style of Henry Moore, designed plates using marbling like Amber Khokar, made poppies to remember our soldiers, learnt that Henry VIII had 6 wives and looked at the Star of David symbol that represents Judaism.

They had so much fun!

Year 1 – Hook day

Year 1 had a fantastic hook day delving into our new project!

Year 1 and the royal baby news!

Year 1 enjoyed writing about the new royal baby today. They proudly read their work to Stanley Sparkles who loved hearing all the lovely news.

Year 1 Practical Maths

Year 1 enjoyed a practical fractions lesson around food today. We completed ‘what do we notice?’ as a class.

Year 1 Ask an expert

Dr Vicky Nall answered questions about Antarctica for Year 1 learning about extreme weather.

Year 1 trip to Perlethorpe

Look how many different autumn colours we found! Year 1 had a fabulous time learning outdoors in the woods at Perlethorpe. They searched for mini beasts and built homes for woodland creatures.

Year 1 Maths Mastery

Year 1 have been learning how to prove which is the largest apple using their measuring skills.

Year 1 – Stonebridge City Farm

Class 1 had a great trip to Stonebridge City Farm investigating more signs of Autumn. They also had fun outdoor learning with Farmyard Phonics!

Year 1 – Big Arts

Class 1 are loving discussing David Hockney and his use of i-pads to create amazing pictures during Big Arts week.

Year 1 – What is weird about the weather?

Great snowy project homework from Class 1! More examples of fabulous families supporting extended learning.

Year 1 Maths

Year 1 are loving practicing maths with our new ten frames!

Year 1 – Season detectives

Year 1 became Season Detectives hunting for signs of the changing seasons in the school grounds. It seems Autumn has arrived!


Year 1 – Making clouds

As part of their project based learning, Class one made clouds in a cup.

They explored what happens when clouds turn into rain on their hook day.

Year 1 – Why is food fantastic?

Year 1 shared their project learning about healthy foods with their parents, including making sandwiches and having a healthy picnic in the sunshine!

Stonebridge City Farm Year 1

Class 1 had a great time at Stonebridge City Farm, meeting the animals

We had fun in the garden too, finding lots of different vegetables.

Sponsored walk

Our whole school participated in a sponsored walk to Wollaton Park to raise money for I-pads and enrichment!

There was lots of moaning at first but a great effort by all!

50 Things To Do Before 11 And 3/4 – 10/06/2017

Classes continue to tick off their lists from, ’50 Things to Do At Southwold Before You’re 11 and 3/4′.  Each class has several expectations to ensure 50 wider important life experiences have been discovered while at our school.

Year 1 enjoyed walking barefoot in grass…

…and Year 5 have been tracking wild animals!

Mathematical Snails 6/6/2017

Class One found snails after the rain!

They raced them across their tuff spot

then measured the trails using their measuring skills.

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