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Year 1 – Seed check!

We looked at our seeds and they had grown. We measured them and checked to see if our predictions were correct! Do you know what a plant needs to grow well?

Year 1 & 2 reading for pleasure

Classes 1 and 2 love reading books!! We’re sharing our favourites … but what is your favourite book?

Year 1 & 2 – History: Great Fire of London

Class 1 and 2 joined together for their history lesson. They were looking at pictures from the Great Fire of London and discussing what happened at that time and why they think the fire spread. They then made a plaque with important information to remember this event. Great teamwork!

Years 1 and 2 – Samuel Pepys belongings

Classes 1 and 2 went on a hunt and found Samuel Pepys belongings buried in our playground!  The children dug a hole and out came a sack – it contained a wine glass, a diary and a quill. We are discovering more about his life.

Year 1 – Chinese New Year celebrations

The children celebrated Chinese New Year by creating their own dragon and parading around. We also made celebration cards. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Year 1 find buried treasure

In Year 1, we found something very interesting in the Forest School area in our playground! When we dug it up, we found a diary, a quill and a wine glass. We talked as a class and thought they might belong to a significant individual from 1666. Samuel Pepys! The children talked about why he buried his precious things and what they might bury themselves. The children then used snippets from his diary to help them chronologically write the events from The Great Fire of London.

Year 1 celebrate Pride

In Year 1, we looked at what pride meant and how pride is celebrated. We read Elmer together and saw how he celebrated his difference once a year, just like the Pride celebrations we know. Well done, Class 1.

Year 1 – Science – Seed planting

Year 1 have been looking at plants this term. We have been keeping plant diaries and have even planted our very own pepper seeds. We can’t wait to watch them grow.

Year 1 Hook Day – Great Fire of London

To start the new Spring term, Year 1 have been looking at The Great Fire of London. To hook us into the project, we made our own class diary to write in everyday. We made Tudor houses and Great Fire of London jars. The children also wrote letters home from London in 1666. They have made a great start to the year!

Year 1 create pop art

Class 1 have been looking at pop art by Andy Warhol. They have created their own piece of pop art using bus image that Rosa Parks was on. Wow! Look at the results.

Year 1 Forest Schools

Year 1 had a fabulous time in Forest Schools with Mr Kingham. They collected branches and started building fences for our Forest Schools area.

Year 1 Continuous Provision

Year 1 have been settling into their new classroom, exploring the different areas of ‘Continuous Provision’ and were very excited to use their new interactive board!

Year 1 Wider Opportunities – Cookery

As part of the school’s wider opportunities day, Class 1 had so much fun cooking. We made stuffed peppers, fairy cakes and gingerbread biscuits. We then decorated the cakes with lots of yummy toppings!

Year 1 parents & Nottingham Contemporary art collaboration!

After sharing art packs and making videos, Year 1 parents came into school to make art with their children, led by Charlotte from Nottingham Contemporary! They designed then printed their own tote bag together to take home. So many parents got involved and it was such a special event!

Year 1 design their own castles

What a super DT day Class 1 have had making castles with a moving drawbridge. The children have done brilliantly. Well done to all.

Year 1 enjoy programming

What a great programming lesson Class 1 had! The children are selecting program blocks to make the Sprite character move on the scratch junior app.

Year 1 athletics

Class 1 love athletics. We had to jog for 30 seconds which was hard work. Do you think you can run for 30 seconds? We then did hop, skip and jump skills… it was great fun!

Year 1 Design & Technology morning

What a great Design and Technology morning we have had making wheelbarrows for Handa to carry her fruit! The children loved it!

Year 1 get planting!

What a lovely time we have had planting sunflower seeds in Class 1. We can’t wait to see them grow!

Year 1 celebrate Children In Need day

Class 1 are dressed in spots or what makes them happy for children in need day! Have a happy day everyone!!

Year 1 – Remembrance Day

Class 1 are ready for the remembrance service today at school. Lest we forget.

Year 1 – Always Award

Class 1 are loving the glow in the dark dodgeball for the always award. It was so much fun!!

Year 1 build boats for Pirate Sam

Class 1 are making boats for Pirate Sam so he can sail around the Pacific Ocean! Let’s hope they don’t sink!!!

Year 1 World Mental Health Day

Look how colourful Class 1 are for world mental health day!!! Be happy everyone!!!

Year 1 paint with Steve Brazier

Class 1 were so very lucky to have an artist come into class to show us how he paints using water colour. We were amazed to see how he paints whilst being visual impaired and it inspired us to paint like him.

Year 1 – Local History walk

Class 1 are enjoying local history week. We have been for a walk around Radford to St. Peter’s church in search of the ‘Folly’. We found it behind the church and it looks different to how it did in 1770. We also found the River Leen that still runs through Radford.

Year 1 Hook Day – What lies beneath the sea?

Class 1 are in full flow of being in their new classroom and are loving being hooked into their new project called ‘What lies beneath the sea?’

Year 1 – National Literacy Trust live

Class 1 joined in with 6 other Primary Schools in Nottingham to listen to the National Literacy Trust live story session with Jonathan Emmett and Dr Adam S. Smith who read The Plesiosaur’s Neck. We are now entering the competition that was set … we hope we win!

Year 1 – Always Award

Class 1 totally enjoyed the ‘Colour Run’ for the Always award. We looked like rainbows!!

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