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Year 1 – Hook day

Year 1 had a fantastic hook day delving into our new project!

Year 1 and the royal baby news!

Year 1 enjoyed writing about the new royal baby today. They proudly read their work to Stanley Sparkles who loved hearing all the lovely news.

Year 1 Practical Maths

Year 1 enjoyed a practical fractions lesson around food today. We completed ‘what do we notice?’ as a class.

Year 1 Ask an expert

Dr Vicky Nall answered questions about Antarctica for Year 1 learning about extreme weather.

Year 1 trip to Perlethorpe

Look how many different autumn colours we found! Year 1 had a fabulous time learning outdoors in the woods at Perlethorpe. They searched for mini beasts and built homes for woodland creatures.

Year 1 Maths Mastery

Year 1 have been learning how to prove which is the largest apple using their measuring skills.

Year 1 – Stonebridge City Farm

Class 1 had a great trip to Stonebridge City Farm investigating more signs of Autumn. They also had fun outdoor learning with Farmyard Phonics!

Year 1 – Big Arts

Class 1 are loving discussing David Hockney and his use of i-pads to create amazing pictures during Big Arts week.

Year 1 – What is weird about the weather?

Great snowy project homework from Class 1! More examples of fabulous families supporting extended learning.

Year 1 Maths

Year 1 are loving practicing maths with our new ten frames!

Year 1 – Season detectives

Year 1 became Season Detectives hunting for signs of the changing seasons in the school grounds. It seems Autumn has arrived!


Year 1 – Making clouds

As part of their project based learning, Class one made clouds in a cup.

They explored what happens when clouds turn into rain on their hook day.

Year 1 – Why is food fantastic?

Year 1 shared their project learning about healthy foods with their parents, including making sandwiches and having a healthy picnic in the sunshine!

Stonebridge City Farm Year 1

Class 1 had a great time at Stonebridge City Farm, meeting the animals

We had fun in the garden too, finding lots of different vegetables.

Sponsored walk

Our whole school participated in a sponsored walk to Wollaton Park to raise money for I-pads and enrichment!

There was lots of moaning at first but a great effort by all!

50 Things To Do Before 11 And 3/4 – 10/06/2017

Classes continue to tick off their lists from, ’50 Things to Do At Southwold Before You’re 11 and 3/4′.  Each class has several expectations to ensure 50 wider important life experiences have been discovered while at our school.

Year 1 enjoyed walking barefoot in grass…

…and Year 5 have been tracking wild animals!

Mathematical Snails 6/6/2017

Class One found snails after the rain!

They raced them across their tuff spot

then measured the trails using their measuring skills.

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