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Making music, make a difference

At Southwold, we believe that music can make a difference to all children’s lives, helping them to grow and develop their own identity, as a source of joy, self-worth, achievement and personal fulfilment and as a tool for social cohesion.

Our vision is to provide a world-class music education for all our young people and support them to become their very best. We are committed to providing inspiring musical opportunities and progression routes that are accessible and inclusive and to overcome any barriers caused by the economic disadvantage of our city.

Our intention is to provide a carefully planned progression route that integrates the ‘Sing up’ music curriculum scheme with the Nottingham Music Hub initiatives into a framework where all aspects work together, meeting both the requirements of the National Curriculum for music; the DfE National Plan for Music Education; and the Model Music Curriculum (Singing, Listening, Composing, Performance/Instrumental Performance).

Key characteristics we want to promote with our children:

    • learn to sing and play a musical instrument with musical understanding and control
    • have opportunities to develop their musical skills further, inspiring them to engage in musical activity throughout their lives
    • feel the communal bonding experience of playing and singing with others, being part of something greater than themselves
    • experience the joy and satisfaction of creating their own music
    • develop a deep understanding and love of music from a wide range of cultures and traditions that will grow throughout their lives
    • know they are able to contribute to and be part of the cultural life and identity of Nottingham


‘Sing Up’ music scheme provides a spiral curriculum which is taught on a one year programme, from EYFS through to Year 6. The following documents support the implementation within our school setting:

    • Curriculum mapping overview: a list of all unit titles and the musical focus for activity, mapped against the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (Expressive Arts), National Curriculum for Music and Model Music Curriculum.
    • Progression overview: This provides learning outcomes for Improvising and Composing, Singing and Playing, Listening and Appraising for Year 1 to Year 6.
    • Progression snapshot activity schedule. A list of outcomes for each activity and the units they are embedded in.
    • Unit lesson planners: for Reception to Year 6.
    • Knowledge organisers: are provided for each year and term, to provide a summary of information about the term, important vocabulary for the term and visual images to help explain certain musical concepts.

Unit Content:

    • Nursery: the units of work for Nursery contain a series of activities built around a warm-up or song. They are designed to be flexible so you can dip in and revisit regularly.
    • Reception: Reception units have been set out into four 3-lesson units per term to give 12 units across the year. The units are based on 30-minute lessons, and some include additional advice
    • KS1: KS1 units are organised into 6 lesson and 3 lesson blocks, with the equivalent of 12 weeks teaching each term. The units are based on 40-minute lessons. The first unit in the Autumn term for Years 1 and 2 includes a ‘progression snapshot’ activity that is returned to in the Spring and Summer terms to help you track and evidence pupil progress.
    • KS2 (except Year 4): KS2 units are organised into 6 lesson and 3 lesson blocks, with the equivalent of 12 weeks teaching each term. The units are based on 40-minute lessons. The first unit in the Autumn for all KS2 year groups includes a ‘progression snapshot’ activity that is returned to in the Spring and Summer terms to help you track and evidence pupil progress.

Instrumental Lessons

    • Year 4: Are taught guitar by the Music Hub following their ‘First Access’ programme, for one hour as a whole class each week.
    • Year 5 and 6: A select group of children in these year groups, who have shown and interest and wish to continue learning the guitar with Music Hub, continue to have guitar lessons once a week, for half an hour.


In addition to music lessons, we provide extra-curricular opportunities to further embed the children’s love of and knowledge of music:

    • Fortnightly Singing and Signing assemblies – children are provided with information about the schools ‘Musician of the month’, vocal warm ups, notation facts, Makaton signing and the opportunity to sing as a whole school.
    • Area Band – An after school club, provided by Music Hub, for children in Year 5 and 6 who continue their guitar lessons.
    • The Great Orchestra Experiment – A unique concert, which is arranged by the Music Hub and takes place at the Nottingham Albert Hall. The concert involves over 31 primary schools, in year 4, who all get to watch and play alongside the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra.
    • Music Camp – Music camp is a partnership between Nottingham Music Service and Nottingham City Schools. It is a two-day residential for pupils in Year 5, who have expressed an interest in continuing with their guitar lessons.
    • During the camp, pupils have instrumental lessons, explore the countryside of the Peak District, take part in team challenges, learn to read music, and perform as part of a ‘monster’ band.
    • Choir – As a school we provide regular opportunities for the children to perform as a choir, a highlight of this is the children performing yearly at the Kennington Lights festival.
    • Christmas Concert – As a school we provide a yearly Christmas Concert, providing children a chance to perform to the school community.


Our Music Curriculum is high quality, well thought out, deliberate and is planned to demonstrate progression. We have set out our expectations for each year group in the progression document. Our children utilise their musical skills, knowledge and vocabulary in order to further develop their music making and understanding of music. They gain experience and understanding in all areas of music and a diverse range of musical genres so that they can develop a lifelong valuable appreciation for and enjoyment of music. At our school they are provided with the musical foundations to enhance their musical interests and education, as young musicians.


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