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At Southwold Primary School, we believe that computing is an essential part of the national curriculum. Computing is an integral part of modern-day life and therefore provides many learning opportunities, explicitly within computing and also across other curriculum subjects. We aim to model and educate our students with regards to how to use technology effectively, safely, responsibly and positively. Our teaching equips children with the necessary knowledge and skills to responsibly, creatively and competently use technology for all its positive uses. Through the study of computing, children are able to develop a wide range of essential skills, knowledge and understanding that are essential for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world. 

 Key characteristics we want to promote with our children: 

    • competence in coding for a variety of practical and inventive purposes, including the application of ideas within other subjects. 
    • the ability to analyse in computational terms, and have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve such problems  
    • the ability to evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, analytically to solve problems 
    • the ability to connect with others safely and respectfully, understanding the need to act within the law and with moral and ethical integrity. 
    • are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communications technology 


The computing curriculum is split into four key areas which are focused on and revisited throughout our computing programme of study from the firm foundations: 

    •  Commuting Networks and Systems 
    • Creating Media 
    • Data and Information 
    • Programming 

At Southwold Primary School, children will study different topics in each year group using the Teach Computing Curriculum scheme. The Teach Computing scheme has been written to support all children. Each lesson is sequenced so that it builds on the learning from the previous lesson, children will continually revisit prior learning from year to year but also from lesson to lesson. Where appropriate, activities are scaffolded so that all children can succeed and thrive. Scaffolded activities provide pupils with extra resources, such as visual prompts, to reach the same learning goals as the rest of the class. Exploratory tasks foster a deeper understanding of a concept, encouraging pupils to apply their learning in different contexts and make connections with other learning experiences. 

Progression maps are used to ensure continuity and included in termly planning. Software such as: Purple Mash, MS Office software, Tinker Cad and various apps are used by class teachers to support the delivery of computing where applicable. Knowledge organisers are available for each unit of study to help students retain the paramount information. Assessment of learning is provided at the end of each lesson and unit to ensure students learning is being embedded and misconceptions can be addressed.   

Being safe on the internet is paramount in our teaching with the children.  The SCARF PSHE curriculum thoroughly and regularly covers this area of learning, however, we reinforce this teaching also through our computing curriculum so that it is embedded as a cross-curricular feature so children can become masters and armed with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed choices and know where to ask for help if needed.    


We look to enhance children’s learning and practical knowledge in computing through whole school events such as Internet Safety Day and computing club. Each class have Digi Leaders who are responsible for the use of the computers and supporting other children, where possible.  


Our Computing curriculum is high quality, well thought out, deliberate and is planned to demonstrate progression. We expect children to leave Southwold with not only the necessary skills and knowledge, but an ever-growing inquisitiveness and enthusiasm to continue their computing throughout their learning journey and beyond.  

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