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Year 6 investigate light

This afternoon, we completed our final lesson on light.  Children investigated how filters affect the colour of objects. Children had to make predictions before completing the practical part of the experiment. Once results were discussed, children had to write a conclusion.

Year 3 are Scientists

In Year 3 this afternoon we have been scientists. We have dissected flowers and explored the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants. We learnt new vocabulary such as stamen, anther and filament.

Year 5 research Henri Rousseau

In Art, Year 5 have been experimenting with collage and researching Henri Rousseau.  They have made an excellent start on their final collage pieces by creating colourful backgrounds with strips off tissue paper. Next, they will layer on the middle ground and foreground.

British Science Week

We are celebrating British Science week at Southwold.

This afternoon we took part in a Hidden Nature Challenge to take photos around our school grounds. We then uploaded them to an online survey. We were looking for:

  • the smallest signs of nature
  • a repeated pattern
  • a nature free zone
  • a plant in an unexpected place
  • something new to you

Look at what we found!

More Family Numbers fun!

We had an incredible day at school as children and their parents came together to dive into the exciting world of numbers, as part of our Family Numbers morning.

In Class 4, we explored the wonders of geometry and how we can use 3D shapes in architecture to create jaw-dropping towers. Did you know that understanding geometry not only helps us visualize the world around us, but it’s also crucial in design and construction?

Our budding architects and mathematicians worked side by side to build their own extraordinary structures, all while developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Year 4 Design & Technology

All day the children have been designing and crafting their very own Ancient Egyptian money container.

By using their sewing techniques, the children have beautifully decorated the containers, incorporating ancient Egyptian symbols and patterns.

Their attention to detail is astounding!

Year 3 – Creative Collaboratives

Class 3 have had another fantastic afternoon of drama with Susan from Creative Collaboratives. The children have used freeze framing techniques to portray Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. They worked in pairs to shoe Isis, the goddess of healing and then transitioned into Ka who represented the spirit of a person. Brilliant participation by everyone. Mrs Reddings even got to be an Egyptian pharaoh!

Year 6 – Design & Technology

This afternoon Year 6 began their ‘Fast Fashion’ Design & Technology learning by examining their own clothing and which countries their clothing has come from. After that children carefully looked at their coats to identify special features and a range of sewing techniques.

Year 6 experiment with Micro:Bits

This morning children have been experimenting with our new micro:bits. These are tiny programmable computers that can be used to play music and make games among many other things!

Year 3 – investigate magnets

In Science Class 3 were investigating different shaped magnets to find out which one attracted the most paperclips. We used a bar, ring, button, paddle and horseshoe magnet. Which one do you think is the strongest?

Year 1 mixing colours

We have loved learning about mixing colours today. We mixed the primary colours to make secondary colours! It was lots of fun! 🌈

Year 1 science experiment

Pupils worked in groups to investigate which type of biscuit would take the shortest time to fall apart.  Pupils observed the biscuit, recorded the seconds using an iPad and presented their data in a class bar chart.  They concluded that Biscuit B took the shortest time because it was thinner and the water easier to absorb.  What amazing Scientists we have in Class 1!

Year 1 design buggies

In Design & Technology children designed a buggy suitable to travel across a rough terrain.  They used their knowledge of axles and wheels to design, build and evaluate their own buggy.  We have some very creative designers and engineers in Class 1!

Schools of Tomorrow – History Timeline

Our Art Ambassadors and resident artist from Nottingham Contemporary, officially opened our History Timeline this week!

Pupils from across the school, staff and parents contributed to its design as part of the Schools of Tomorrow project.  Our Art Ambassadors, worked with a graphic designer to complete the final piece.

They certainly enjoyed the after party celebration to reward and acknowledge their creativity!

Rail Engineer Project – STEM Competition

Our STEM pupils from Year 4 and 5 took part in the Rail Engineer competition in Derby. After weeks of designing, building and testing their railway engines it was time to compete. Their engines were an inspiration to all, travelling along the track and pulling a given weight.

Although our engines did not win, taking part was a success. One of Year 4 pupils, won the prize for Best Communicator – clearly articulating her model and the design to build process.

We are so proud of our future engineers. Well done to all of the STEM team!

Year 5 programme with Crumble

Today, our amazing Year 5 pupils having been diving into the world of programming using Crumble software. They’ve been exploring how to control lights, motors, and sensors, all while using different variables. They demonstrated our core values, especially collaboration and perseverance. As the tasks became more challenging, our class worked together, supporting and encouraging one another every step of the way. As we progress further, we have an exciting goal in mind: the creation of a scanning robot.

Year 3 are designers and coders!

Year 3 pupils have completed their nightlights! They wired up their Crumble kits, connected the Sparkles and a light-dependent resistor (LDR). After, pupils wrote a program to make the sparkle change colours.

What amazing designers and coders we have!

STEM – Railway engineering

STEM pupils were supported by a Railway Engineer from East Midlands Railways this week. Pupils learnt about his role as a Project Manager and his career path. Afterwards, he supported with the next phase of their projects to add wheels to their chassis.

Railway Engineer STEM Club

Today our engineers, worked in pairs to build the chassis for their train.  They used their measuring skills and various tools to cut and saw their materials. Precision was important to ensure that the train will fit on the track!

Year 1 and 2 Art Workshop

Parents and pupils in Years 1 and 2 enjoyed using clay to create a hedgehog.  Pupils taught their parents the techniques:  pinch, roll and squeeze. After, they performed  ‘London’s Burning’, singing in rounds.  Thank you to our parents for their support. What a lovely we have had!

Year 3 and 4 Stone Age Parent Art Workshop

Parents enjoyed travelling back in time to the Stone Age. The children shared their Beaker pots and how they used the clay coiling method. Using their art skills they taught parents how to blend with chalk and pastels.  Working together, families created amazing pieces of art.

Year 5 Art Parent Workshop

Year 5 parents were invited into the classroom this morning. The pupils shared their finding to their project question, ‘How did the Victorians change Britain?’

Pupils delivered a workshop to their parents teaching the skills of Victorian decoupage.  They showed great teamwork and skill, as created some unique pieces of art!

Thank you to our parents for making this morning an enjoyable experience.

Years 5 and 6 Science with Leaders of Learning

Years 5 and 6 pupils learnt about diffusion in an experiment led by Leaders of Learning from Nottingham University.  They observed the coloured sugar that is coating the skittles DISSOLVES in to the water and spreads out due to a process called DIFFUSION. The sugar will always move from the area where there is lots of sugar (next to the skittle) to a place where there is less, so you see the coloured sugar move across the plate.

Year 6 – live Science

This morning, as part of Science Week, Year 6 watched a live lesson all about wool and its properties. After the live lesson, children investigated different materials to see which material was the best thermal insulator.

Year 1 and 2’s interactive Science

Class 1 and 2 loved the live science session, learning about tractors and their link to space. It was very interactive and the children learnt just how complex tractors can be.

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