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Year 5 – Science Week experiments

For Science Week, Class 5 are investigating the effect of acidic solutions on the enamel of our teeth. We are going to observe how eggs (whose shells are also enamel) change over time when exposed to solutions with different pH levels, which we tested today using universal indicator paper.

Year 1 create wheelbarrows

Year 1 had great fun making wheelbarrows with a moving wheel on our Design and Technology days. The children showed lots of resilience and worked hard to make their models. Well done to all.

Year 5’s science experiments

Class 5 have been having fun with chemical reactions in Science! First we added vitamin C tablets to soapy water, then we blew up gloves by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create carbon dioxide.

Year 6 and the oil slicks!

Today at IntoUniversity, Year 6 investigated which material is best for cleaning up an oil slick! An expert from the University of Nottingham told them how oil is excavated and transported. Pupils put their oil-slick skills to the test to the find the most successful way to remove the oil.

Year 6 Science week at IntoUniversity

Children began their ‘Science Experiments’ focus week by completing a series of exciting challenges. These included: designing aerodynamic balloon rockets, creating lava lamps, exploring what conditions make yeast come alive and investigating how animals have adapted in the wild.  In the afternoon, the children had a special secret mission to solve. They were challenged to answer different reading comprehension questions based on their famous scientist. This top-secret research will then be presented to an audience later in the week. A very eventful and exciting first day was enjoyed by all!

After school Science Club

Today, pupils from Years 1, 2 and 3 got busy after school with some science activities. We explored magnets and lights, built and tested flyers and made a gorgeous mess with cornflour and water, also known as Oobleck. Our fantastic Science Ambassadors from Years 5 and 6 helped with the fun!

Year 5 investigate gravity

Would it be easier to carry your shopping home on Mercury on Neptune?

Class 5 used newton metres to measure the weight of a pot of coffee on different planets, investigating how the strength of gravity relates to the mass of an object.

Science Ambassadors run lunchtime experiments

Today there was a science-share event at lunchtime. Our current science ambassadors, together with our newest recruits from Year 4, ran six different hands-on experiments for pupils to engage with and there were so many interesting discussions going on. The children were so keen to have a go that they nearly missed their dinner!

Year 5’s science becomes art!

Class 5 dissected lilies to find and identify the sexual reproductive parts. We then created artwork from the different pieces for our display!

Year 5’s experiment update!

Week 2 of Class 5’s geranium and willow watch. The willow is starting to produce runners but the geranium is yet to show signs of asexual reproduction. We’ll update you after half term!

Year 3 build a robot!

Year 3 had an amazing day building their class robot.  They were disassemblers then assemblers, using a range of tools.  Finally they unveiled their robot to their parents in their end of project exhibition (his name is Mark Junior, named after the visiting artist Mark Haig).  They also showcased a performance poem, descriptive writing about the Iron Man and sang a song in French.  Well done Year 3!

Years 3 & 4 collaborate for Science Week

Years 3 and 4 loved their collaborative mission during Science Week: to investigate how we affect some parts of the world without going on a journey.  They learned about the layers of rainforests and designed and built their own rainforest in a box.  They discussed the affects of plastic and created a happy ocean environment.

Year 3’s pneumatic challenge

Class 3 had an amazing afternoon of learning in the Art Room, designing and making moving robots. They were challenged to use pneumatic systems .

Year 6 Into University Day 2

Today, at Into University, the children constructed their very own space robot!  We were greeted by two experts from the wider opportunity team at the University of Nottingham, who first informed the children about the various types of robot that currently exist in space. Pupils were then challenged to use their practical and problem-solving skills to construct their Robo-Duck. Once completed, the children evaluated their build and made the necessary adjustments to enable the Robo-Duck to travel across the floor. At the end of the session, the children thoroughly enjoyed racing their ducks against each other. The inaugural Robo-Duck racing competition was staged!

Year 3 experiment with compasses

Year 3 have been experimenting finding North on a compass using a bar magnet. They loved turning the bowl of water around to discover the magnet will always point North

Year 3 control robots

Class 3 used Beebot and Robot Mouse, as well as  the A.L.E.X. app to control robots. They can answer their essential question, ‘How are robots controlled?’

Year 5 create chemical reactions!

As part of our ‘Properties of Materials’ topic in science, Class 5 have been looking at reversible and irreversible reactions. Today we blew up balloons by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a chemical (irreversible) reaction that produces carbon dioxide!

Science after school club

We had fun at the science club the last two weeks. Pupils from year 1, 2 and 3 have enjoyed different activities which were delivered and supported by our four amazing science ambassadors. We had rockets powered by balloons, self-inflating gloves, rainbows out of Skittles, explored magnets and more. All the pupils were fabulous and have already asked if we can do it again.

However, first it is the turn for year 4,5 and 6!

Year 5 How far are the planets from the sun?

As part of their project based learning, Year 5 had so much fun and learned lots by working together to produce scaled representations of how far the planets are from the sun using toilet rolls!!

Southwold’s Science Ambassadors

Today four of our students went to Springbank Primary School for their Science Ambassador training.

Together with two other primary schools,  they practiced performing simple science experiments. At the end of each training session, they had to select one experiment and prepare a presentation about this to the group. The pupils worked incredibly hard and with great focus. The Science Ambassadors are going to be a great addition to our school and they already have great ideas on how we can raise the profile of science in our school.

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