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Mini Police workshop

During our final Mini Police workshop, pupils learnt about the clothing and equipment the police use for protection. Our pupils asked lots of interesting questions to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Mini Police – Crime Scene Investigations

Our Mini Police cadets enjoyed learning about crime scene investigation. They were taught about the use of forensic science to investigate crime scenes.  The cadets looked for clues and gathered evidence to help identify the offender in a mock crime scene. Using ink, they took fingerprints and discussed the use of DNA.

Mini Police – knife crime week

Southwold’s Mini Police got stuck in during knife crime week! Pupils took part in a search activity, using metal detectors to hunt for metal objects on our local park.

Mini Police visit Police Head Quarters

Our Mini Police were left in awe after getting a first-hand look at the police dogs in action.As part of their visit they got to witness a police dog chase and watched as the dog practiced chasing and catching an officer. The fun didn’t stop there though as the dog unit then showed them exactly how a sniffer dog is put to work in detecting hidden drugs.

As part of the behind-the-scenes look, they were also treated to a talk by a firearms officer and even given the chance to sit behind the wheel of one of the cars, test the lights and sirens and get dressed up in police vests and helmets.

The tour ended with a trip to the force’s memorial garden and a look at the pillars featuring the names of police officers who have lost their lives while on duty.

A video of the visit can be watched here: Police dog chase leaves Mini Police amazed | Nottinghamshire Police

Southwold Mini-Police

Southwold Mini-Police are enjoying weekly visits from Nottingham Mini-Police officers and have enjoyed learning about the different parts of a police officers uniform and how to it should be used.

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