Category: Enhanced Provision

The Willows garden

The children enjoyed setting up the new Willows garden. They pulled out the weeds, filled tubs with compost, planted tomato, pepper, herbs and strawberry plants and sowed wild flower seeds. Their favourite part was using the watering can. They now have the important job of caring for them and looking out for changes as they grow.

Tootie Frootie Music Symphony Workshop

Children had a wonderful time during the Tooti Frootie workshop. Everyone had the most amazing time singing, dancing and drumming. We even met puppet lions, a giraffe and a huge snake. They loved it!

Enhanced Provision at Stonebridge City Farm

The Enhanced Provision group had a super day at Stonebridge City Farm last week. We travelled by minibus, fed the animals, looked at the fruit and vegetables that are growing in the gardens, played on the park, had a picnic lunch and even had an ice lolly!

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