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Hockey Club

Year 5 and 6 pupils are learning to play floor hockey. They are developing this skills in stick handling, passing and receiving passes.

Our pupils displayed a lot of skills and talent!

Year 6 SATS club

This evening, Year 6 SATs Club started. After a quick snack and a drink, children practised completing long multiplication calculations before moving onto reasoning with ‘Always, Sometimes, Never’ statements. Children had to provide evidence when choosing their answer.

Boxing Club

Today our pupils worked in pairs, developing their boxing techniques.

Great collaboration to help one another refine their boxing skills!

STEM – Railway engineering

STEM pupils were supported by a Railway Engineer from East Midlands Railways this week. Pupils learnt about his role as a Project Manager and his career path. Afterwards, he supported with the next phase of their projects to add wheels to their chassis.

Boxing Club – Promoting Emotional and Mental Health

Southwold Primary School has partnered with Belong Nottingham – A charity specialised in supporting the welfare, well-being, and community integration of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Trainers shared their own inspirational stories of how they started boxing.  They talked about their successes in their sporting and personal lives. Both of which have helped their emotional and mental health, as well as their physical wellbeing. Next week, pupils must share why they have joined the boxing club!

Boxing club

This week saw the start of our latest sports club – Boxing!

Children were taught about the positive physical skills of boxing as a sport. Led by Curtis and his team, children were introduced to some new skills. First they had to warm to prepare their body for exercise. Just as important was a cool down and stretched.  They certainly enjoyed their first session!

Railway Engineer STEM Club

Today our engineers, worked in pairs to build the chassis for their train.  They used their measuring skills and various tools to cut and saw their materials. Precision was important to ensure that the train will fit on the track!

Shakespeare Club

The children are rehearsing for the ‘Schools Massive project’ which takes place at the Nottingham Playhouse and is a celebration of the plays of William Shakespeare. We are one of only six schools who have won a place in this project. The children are currently using the drama technique of physical theatre to bring to life the prologue of Romeo and Juliet. The finished piece will be performed on the main stage at the Nottingham Playhouse for friends, families and other schools to see.

Mini Police workshop

During our final Mini Police workshop, pupils learnt about the clothing and equipment the police use for protection. Our pupils asked lots of interesting questions to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Freedom Dance Factory

Today our pupils performed with energy, confidence and pride for their family and friends. They sang beautifully, performed their own rap with and danced with skill and precision.

It has been a true pleasure to watch the children grow and develop over the term. Thank you to Freedom Dance Factory for the opportunity given to our pupils.

Mini Police -Red Cross First Aid

Today the Mini Police learnt about life saving skills with the Red Cross.

They were taught how to respond in an emergency, which emergency service to call and how to help save a life. Using dummies, they learnt about resuscitation skills. Finally, they recalled why First Aid is important and why we should all learn such skills.

Southwold’s Science Club

Today we were very lucky to have our first Science club with thank to Nottingham University volunteers. This week we learned how raisins behave differently in fizzy and still water. It’s all about density!

Freedom factory – Song Composing

Today pupils composed their own songs celebrating the things they enjoy. They proudly shared their songs to the group, who listened respectfully and were very supportive.  Some of the pupils even created their own melody! The pupils continue to shine with creativity and grow with confidence each week. Well done!

Year 5 Bikeability

Year 5 are taking part in Bikeability this week. Bikeability is a progressive programme, in which pupils first master cycle handling skills in a traffic free environment to complete level 1. National Standards Cycling Instructors help to develop pupils skills and confidence to cycle on local roads and simple junctions for level 2.

Bikeability is designed to give young people the skills and confidence to ride, especially on roads. Cycling is a life skill and learning to ride a bike is something we believe pupils should be able to achieve.

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