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Year 3 visit Beeston Lock

Year 3 had a fabulous field trip today! We went to Beeston Lock to look at the human and physical features of the river and canal. We took photos and did sketches of the features we had identified in our previous map work lesson. We also carried out a Likert scale survey.

Year 5 Hook Day – Ancient Greeks

Year 5 have had great fun starting their learning about the Ancient Greeks – they conducted their own mini-Olympics 200 Yard Dash, their own democratic debate, created comedy and tragedy masks and are creating a shield for Alexander the Great. It’s going to be an exciting term of history learning!

Always Award

What an amazing always award with Jungle Jo and her animals –  we all had a great time!

Year 1 & 2 visit Nottingham Castle

Classes 1 and 2 had a fantastic time at Nottingham Castle yesterday. We enjoyed exploring the Castle and looking at various artefacts. We also learned a lot about the history of Nottingham and the adventures of Robin Hood!

Year 1 & 2 project exhibition

Wow! Thank you to all the parents who attended our exhibition. We hope you enjoyed learning a different style of art. The children loved it!😊

Year 5 Mini Police

Year 5 pupils enjoyed their first Mini Police session – ‘Introduction to Mini Police’ with PSCO’s Anna and Nick.  They were given their uniform to wear and learnt about the 12 week programme. Our pupils engaged positively and participated in very interesting discussions. We’re looking forward to our future sessions next term.

EYFS Stay and Play

Thank you to all of our parents who joined EYFS for their Stay and Play today. It was wonderful to see parents and children engaging in a variety of activities. We also sold some toys and books to help raise funds for our school. We hope you have lots of fun reading and playing with your new toys.

House Captains attend Primary Parliament

Our House Captains went to the Council House to attend Primary Parliament. The day focused on how to stay safe online. They learnt about 2 step verification, complex passwords, digital footprints, personal data and hacking both good and bad. Our House Captains are keen to share this information with others in school to help them stay safe online too.

Year 2 become university detectives

Year 2 children were University Detectives for the day! They visited Nottingham University campus and learnt about higher education. Most children were introduced to a university for the first time. Lots of children said they would like to go there when they are older. Aim high and follow your dreams!

Year 3 get inspired by Alaa Awad

In Year 3 art lessons, pupil have been learning about texture and collage. The pupils have almost finished creating this beautiful piece of art, inspired by the Egyptian muralist, Alaa Awad. Wow! We are very proud of the collaboration and creativity displayed by the class.

Year 5 research Henri Rousseau

In Art, Year 5 have been experimenting with collage and researching Henri Rousseau.  They have made an excellent start on their final collage pieces by creating colourful backgrounds with strips off tissue paper. Next, they will layer on the middle ground and foreground.

Year 6 – Forest Schools at Wollaton park

Today, Year 6 finished their Forest School learning by visiting Wollaton Park. Children participated in a scavenger hunt, created mini-habitats for their clay creatures as well the usual den-building and tree climbing. Thanks to Ms Turner-Jones for so many wonderful sessions; Year 6 have loved it!

Key Stage 2 – National Literacy Trust Young Readers Programme

The children in Key Stage 2 were all ecstatic to receive a surprise book yesterday, chosen specially for them, as part of the National Literacy Trust Young Readers Programme. This is the first of three events, where the children will receive a free book to support reading for pleasure. Next time, it’s their turn to choose. It’s been joyful to see everyone enjoying their books around school and sharing them with each other. Southwold loves reading!

Year 6 Spring Project Exhibition

This morning, Year 6 welcomed parents to our Year 6 Spring Exhibition. It was great to see the children lead the presentations to inform the parents about their learning. Children were confident and passionate. After the presentation and quiz, children and parents then worked in small groups to research the Ancient Maya cities. Thanks to all who attended and well done all!

Year 6 Spring project exhibition

This morning, Year 6 welcomed parents to our Spring Exhibition. It was great to see the children lead the presentations to inform the parents about their learning. Children were confident and passionate. After the presentation and quiz, children and parents then worked in small groups to research the Ancient Maya cities. Thanks to all who attended and well done all!

Reception search for signs of Spring

In RE we looked for signs of Spring –  we found lots of daffodils were growing around school. We looked at the daffodil details closely so we could create some observational drawings. Some of us decided to paint the daffodils, some used colouring pencils, and some used felt tip. What an amazing job!

Red Nose Day at Southwold

Well done to our Community Rangers and Mr McArthur for planning a highly entertaining Red Nose Day. We raised funds through our non-uniform day, fun run and cake sale.

Congratulations to the class winners of the joke competition. The jokes were hilarious!

Thank you to all for your generous donations, which will support a range of worthy causes. A special thank you also to our catering team, who baked cakes and brownies for the children.

The Book Bus visits Southwold

We had a great day when the Book Bus came to visit last week.  We were all very excited to see the bus parked up in school and eager to see what it contained.  Once inside, we found lots of lovely books, ranging from fictional books about unicorns to non-fiction books about some of our favourite footballers.  There was something for everyone! Children went home with some lovely new books which they have been enjoying.

British Science Week

We are celebrating British Science week at Southwold.

This afternoon we took part in a Hidden Nature Challenge to take photos around our school grounds. We then uploaded them to an online survey. We were looking for:

  • the smallest signs of nature
  • a repeated pattern
  • a nature free zone
  • a plant in an unexpected place
  • something new to you

Look at what we found!

World Book Day 2024

We had a great World Book Day 2024, with everyone coming to school comfortable in pyjamas, ready to enjoy books and reading activities throughout the day.  It was lovely to have parents and carers join us to share books with their children.  Early Years were read a story by author Laura Henry-Allain, who read the children her story book ‘Jo Jo and Gran Gran’. She told the children all about her new book coming out at Christmas which we will look out for.  A great day to enjoy and promote our love of reading!

Year 6 – Forest Schools

On Friday, Year 6 had their second Forest School session with the amazing Ms Turner-Jones. Children completed a range of activities including den-building, cloud hunting and making bows and arrows. The session concluded with the usual fire and yummy s’mores – we’re already looking forward to the next session…

Southwold Eat Them to Defeat Them!

We are very proud to be part of this years ‘Eat Them to Defeat Them’ national campaign to encourage children to eat more vegetables, being led in school by our Green Team.  We have enjoyed decorating vegetables, making hats and badges and tasting vegetables. Children have completed mission packs at home as they defeat the vegetables by eating them.  Last week’s mission was to defeat carrots, this week the children will be defeating peppers, let’s get defeating those vegetables!

Year 5 & 6 – Cadbury World visit

To conclude our history topic about Ancient Maya, Years 5 and 6 visited Cadbury World to learn about the origins of chocolate over the centuries. Children discovered how bitter cocoa was slowly turned into the milk chocolate that we love these days. Obviously, lots of sampling of different chocolate was required!

Year 3 – Geography

Class 3 have had a fabulous geography day learning all about rivers! We studied the water cycle, learning new vocabulary such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation. We used an atlas to locate rivers in the UK and across the world. The river Nile is the longest river in the world at over 4,000 miles long.

In the afternoon, we learnt about the features and course of a river and worked in groups to create our own models of the upper, middle and lower course of a river.

End of Spring Term 1 – 100% Attendance Winner

Congratulations to our Class 5 pupil who won the award for 100% in Spring 1. She enjoyed choosing a selection of books to read for pleasure.

Well done. We are very proud of you!

Year 3 – Weston Park trip

Class 3 had an amazing day at Weston Park museum. We got to see real Ancient Egyptian artefacts and learnt about the people who were buried in the sarcophagus’ we saw. We were told that experts find this information from the hieroglyphs they were decorated with. Later, we learnt about the mummification process then made our own artefacts from modelling clay. A fascinating day!

Year 3 – Ancient Themed Money Containers – Design and Technology

Class 3 are making great progress with their Ancient Egyptian themed money containers. Having designed their own container to represent the time period, they have used their sewing skills to bring their designs to life. So much wonderful talent!

Safer internet day – tech through time

On Safer Internet Day this week, we looked at ‘Tech Through Time’. We looked at how technology has changed and why it is better. We thought about how technology might be in the future and ways it could be used safely.

Year 3 – Creative Collaboratives

We had another fantastic drama session this week with Susan, re-enacting how Howard Carter must have felt on discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb!

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