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Green Hustle Festival

As part of the Green Hustle Festival today children made turtles and jellyfish by recycling plastic bottles. Our school Green Team led the project and enjoyed the story ‘The Whale who disappeared’ by Emma Websdale. We look forward to our work being part of the festival. 

Year 3 are designers and coders!

Year 3 pupils have completed their nightlights! They wired up their Crumble kits, connected the Sparkles and a light-dependent resistor (LDR). After, pupils wrote a program to make the sparkle change colours.

What amazing designers and coders we have!

STEM – Railway engineering

STEM pupils were supported by a Railway Engineer from East Midlands Railways this week. Pupils learnt about his role as a Project Manager and his career path. Afterwards, he supported with the next phase of their projects to add wheels to their chassis.

Year 6 Wollaton Park – Forest Schools

At Wollaton Park, we connected with nature and learn about the wonderful world around us. We explored for signs of animals, searching for footprints and animal droppings, honing our observation skills and discovering the presence of different creatures in the park.

We learned about different types of trees, examining characteristics and discovering the variety of leaves. We showcased our creativity and teamwork skills through den building and constructing shelters with the materials we found.

Our bug enthusiasts had a blast bug hunting – armed with magnifying glasses they found and observed various insects, learning about their habitats and behaviours.

Boxing Club – Promoting Emotional and Mental Health

Southwold Primary School has partnered with Belong Nottingham – A charity specialised in supporting the welfare, well-being, and community integration of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Trainers shared their own inspirational stories of how they started boxing.  They talked about their successes in their sporting and personal lives. Both of which have helped their emotional and mental health, as well as their physical wellbeing. Next week, pupils must share why they have joined the boxing club!

Kings Coronation Games

To complete a wonderful week of community celebrations, pupils enjoyed an afternoon of team games and sports.  From pass the hoop and ball, floor is lava – our pupils showed great collaboration, communication and team spirit.

Year 1 – Coronation celebrations

Wow! What a celebration we had for the King’s Coronation Day. Drumming, crafting, eating, dancing and singing. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you! 👑🇬🇧

Our completed Timeline

We have been fortunate to be part of the ‘Schools of Tomorrow Programme’ with Nottingham Contemporary, working with our resident artist for the last 4 years. All pupils, staff and parents have had the opportunity to share their ideas and contribute to a timeline which is now proudly displayed in our school. A great afternoon was enjoyed where the children were able to explore the gallery and the different activities on offer, as well as enjoy a memorable lunch.

Boxing club

This week saw the start of our latest sports club – Boxing!

Children were taught about the positive physical skills of boxing as a sport. Led by Curtis and his team, children were introduced to some new skills. First they had to warm to prepare their body for exercise. Just as important was a cool down and stretched.  They certainly enjoyed their first session!

Railway Engineer STEM Club

Today our engineers, worked in pairs to build the chassis for their train.  They used their measuring skills and various tools to cut and saw their materials. Precision was important to ensure that the train will fit on the track!

Shakespeare Club

The children are rehearsing for the ‘Schools Massive project’ which takes place at the Nottingham Playhouse and is a celebration of the plays of William Shakespeare. We are one of only six schools who have won a place in this project. The children are currently using the drama technique of physical theatre to bring to life the prologue of Romeo and Juliet. The finished piece will be performed on the main stage at the Nottingham Playhouse for friends, families and other schools to see.

Mini Police workshop

During our final Mini Police workshop, pupils learnt about the clothing and equipment the police use for protection. Our pupils asked lots of interesting questions to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Year 6 resilience workshop

This afternoon Year 6 had a mental health workshop about resilience. Children were introduced to the concept of resilience before exploring a range of scenarios and how to be more resilient in these scenarios.

Year 6 – World War II artefacts

Yesterday, children continued their World War II history learning by exploring a range of artefacts. Children used their detective skills to investigate the purpose of each artefact!

Year 5 – Litter Bug Art Project Day

We had the opportunity to work with a local recycling artist, Michelle Reader, in a workshop where we created litter bugs, beasts, and birds using recycled materials.We used litter pickers to collect rubbish from our local area then worked together to gather as much litter as possible and were surprised at how much they found.

We worked together to come up with ideas for sculptures and collaborated to bring our visions to life. We learnt about the importance of recycling and saw first-hand how waste can be repurposed into something beautiful. A big thank you to Sustrans for organising the day!

Year 3 – Hook Day

Class 3 have really enjoyed getting hooked into our new rainforest project. Lots of engaging activities including; using pastels to create brightly coloured parrots, colouring some patterns inspired by the indigenous Kayapo tribe and making a rainforest in a jar. A busy and creative day!

Year 4 Hook Day

What a great first day hooking children into our project question ‘Why should we care about the rainforest?’
The children made a monkey from their handprint; created an origami frog; used feathers to create a piece of parrot art; and have created a rainforest in a jar!

Green Team- Wastebusters!

Our school Green Team are continuing our work as part of Wastebusters  to reduce waste in school, monitoring how much food is wasted at lunchtime, encouraging peers not to waste food and giving lunchtime stickers for empty plates

End of term behaviour reward

We had a lovely end to the term rewarding children’s good behaviour with a visit from Hoots Owls. The children learnt about how they move, what they eat & how they listen to sounds. The children got to hold the owls and were surprised at how soft they were.

Great Orchestra Experiment

Over 1,400 young people from Nottingham (including the Year 4 Southwold children) performed an excerpt from the rarely performed masterpiece, The Trojans, by French composer Berlioz. Pupils from 31 primary schools across Nottingham city took part in this incredibly inspiring and unique concert at Nottingham Albert Hall alongside the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra. A brilliant day!

Year 1 and 2 Art Workshop

Parents and pupils in Years 1 and 2 enjoyed using clay to create a hedgehog.  Pupils taught their parents the techniques:  pinch, roll and squeeze. After, they performed  ‘London’s Burning’, singing in rounds.  Thank you to our parents for their support. What a lovely we have had!

Year 3 and 4 Stone Age Parent Art Workshop

Parents enjoyed travelling back in time to the Stone Age. The children shared their Beaker pots and how they used the clay coiling method. Using their art skills they taught parents how to blend with chalk and pastels.  Working together, families created amazing pieces of art.

Year 5 Art Parent Workshop

Year 5 parents were invited into the classroom this morning. The pupils shared their finding to their project question, ‘How did the Victorians change Britain?’

Pupils delivered a workshop to their parents teaching the skills of Victorian decoupage.  They showed great teamwork and skill, as created some unique pieces of art!

Thank you to our parents for making this morning an enjoyable experience.

Primary Parliament

Our House Captains attended the Spring meeting for the Primary Parliament. They considered what nature means to us and how we could make a positive difference in our neighbourhoods. They returned to school with lots of ideas and met with Mrs Salmeron to plan the next steps for their House Teams next term.

Attendance Awards

Well done to all our of pupils who received the Bronze Attendance Award for attending school every day this term.  We also incredibly proud of those pupils who achieved the Silver Award for attending school every day this academic year!

Freedom Dance Factory

Today our pupils performed with energy, confidence and pride for their family and friends. They sang beautifully, performed their own rap with and danced with skill and precision.

It has been a true pleasure to watch the children grow and develop over the term. Thank you to Freedom Dance Factory for the opportunity given to our pupils.

Achievement Assembly

Congratulations to our Achievers of the Term.  We are so proud of the pupils successes in their achievements, behaviour and kindness. They are all truly amazing!

Waste Week 2023

Our Community Ranger Leaders shared important information about the need to recycle unwanted toys – did you know that over 80 million Lego bricks end up in landfill each year? Children were invited to bring their old toys into school and swap them for another toy. Their toys found a new home and they have also helped the planet too!

Year 1 – Greens Windmill trip

Year 1 visited Greens Windmill in Nottingham as part of our Great Fire of London topic to see how bread was made. The children had a great time exploring the mill and seeing how wheat is turned into flour and how that flour is turned into dough. The children then made their own bread from the dough, learning how to knead and shape the dough. Well done Year 1!

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