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Year 3 learn about friction

In our science lesson this afternoon we carried out an experiment to find which surfaces create the least and most friction by putting a car down a ramp. The higher the ramp was, the more friction there was between the car and the surface.

Year 2 explore in Forest Schools

Class 2 have had an AMAZING afternoon in forest schools. We have been on an acorn hunt, made transient art pictures with natural objects, peeled a stick, made leaf bunting, had a guess at what is in the freely bags and made fire using a dragon sneeze. We finished with a game of duck, duck goose. What a super afternoon!!!

Mini Police – knife crime week

Southwold’s Mini Police got stuck in during knife crime week! Pupils took part in a search activity, using metal detectors to hunt for metal objects on our local park.

Year 6 build wind turbines

A fantastic Design and Technology Day full of designing, creating and evaluating our William Kamkwamba-inspired wind turbines. Children developed their wood-cutting skills, practised using a glue gun and revisited their electrical circuit learning before assembling their wind turbines.

Teddy Bear Hospital visit Eary Years

Early Years had a great afternoon today with the ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’ visiting, learning all about our bodies and keeping healthy, including brushing our teeth and eating healthy foods.

Year 5 Design and Technology

A brilliant Design and Technology Day in Year 5 designing, creating and our evaluating our William Kambwamba-inspired wind turbines. Pupils developed their wood-cutting skills and revisited their electrical circuit learning before assembling their structures.

Year 3 sing with Nottingham Music School

This morning, Class 3 had a fabulous singing session with Alex from the Nottingham Music Service. We sung our hearts out!

Children in Need 2022

Children at school enjoyed dressing up and raising money for the annual Children in Need appeal. We had a fabulous cake sale and non-uniform day. Thank you to all our parents and carers for their kind donations.

Year 1 create pop art

Class 1 have been looking at pop art by Andy Warhol. They have created their own piece of pop art using bus image that Rosa Parks was on. Wow! Look at the results.

Mini Police visit Police Head Quarters

Our Mini Police were left in awe after getting a first-hand look at the police dogs in action.As part of their visit they got to witness a police dog chase and watched as the dog practiced chasing and catching an officer. The fun didn’t stop there though as the dog unit then showed them exactly how a sniffer dog is put to work in detecting hidden drugs.

As part of the behind-the-scenes look, they were also treated to a talk by a firearms officer and even given the chance to sit behind the wheel of one of the cars, test the lights and sirens and get dressed up in police vests and helmets.

The tour ended with a trip to the force’s memorial garden and a look at the pillars featuring the names of police officers who have lost their lives while on duty.

A video of the visit can be watched here: Police dog chase leaves Mini Police amazed | Nottinghamshire Police

VIP visitor for National School Meals week

As part of National School Meals Week, we were delighted to welcome Jacque Blake to our school. Jacquie is the past Chair of LACA (The School Food People). She enjoyed lunch with our pupils and seeing the fantastic service our Catering Team give.

Year 5 trip to Magna

Year 5 enjoyed a fabulous day at Magna. There were so much to explore! Pupils discovered interactive exhibits that linked to four themes (air, earth, fire and water). They watched ‘The Big Melt’ from the giant walkway, as ‘E’ furnace was brought back to life using a spectacular light and sound effects; recreating the moment when scrap metal is transformed into white-hot molten steel. Finally, pupils enjoyed the challenge of making giant electrical circuits from all kinds of materials.

Anti-bulling week

Children at school have begun thinking about anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks today to celebrate our differences and what makes us all unique.

Remembrance Day

Children today have been learning about what Remembrance Day means and have observed moments of reflection with poetry and observing a two-minute silence. We are so proud of the respect shown.

Year 1 Forest Schools

Year 1 had a fabulous time in Forest Schools with Mr Kingham. They collected branches and started building fences for our Forest Schools area.

Year 5 amazing project homework!

Wow! What an amazing piece of homework. Year 5 have been learning about migration and the Windrush Generation. Here is an incredible replica of the HMT Empire Windrush. Well done!

Years 5 and 6 visit Magna

What a brilliant day Years 5 and 6 had yesterday exploring the different areas of Magna! The children explored electrical circuits in the workshop before visiting the Water, Air and Fire Pavilions.

Primary Parliament

Our School Parliament members joined other schools from across the city to participate in Primary Parliament. How wonderfully they represented Southwold at Nottingham Council House!

Lunchtime Clubs

At Southwold Primary School some of the older children in school run various clubs at lunchtime for children to enjoy.  These clubs include a crochet club, where we have quite an expert who is teaching others this skill.  We have our ‘Computer Ambassadors’ who regularly meet at lunchtime to teach others coding.  We are always inviting children to share their talents and interests and encourage them to run their own club if they would like to!

Years 3 and 4 visit Theatre Royal, Nottingham

As part of local history week Year 3 and 4 visited the Theatre Royal to learn all about its past. They learnt that the first show was called ‘A School for Scandal’ in 1865 and that the theatre only took 6 months to build and cost £15,000!

Years 3 and 4 at Jorvik Viking Centre!

What a fabulous day Years 3 and 4 had in York! They became archaeologists, digging for artefacts. They also found out about Viking medicine and went around the Jorvik museum to find out about daily life of the Vikings.  The children gained lots from this hands-on experience as well as seeing part of the historical city of York.

Celebrating Diwali!

The children across the school have enjoyed learning about Diwali, finding out why this is celebrated by some people and traditional ways this is celebrated.  The youngest children in the school enjoyed learning a Diwali dance and looking at special clothes worn during this time.  All children in school took part in a special Diwali celebration assembly, giving them some reflection time during the ‘Festival of Light’.

EYC celebrate Bonfire Night

Early Years have had a lovely day learning about the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate bonfire night. They made a real fire and talked about fire safety whilst also enjoying mushy peas and hot chocolate. Have a safe and happy bonfire night!

Early Year meet the Fire Service

Children in Early Years have been learning about different types of clothes. Firefighters came to visit and shared with the children the special clothes they wear and the tools they use during their job. It was exciting to sit in a real fire engine!

Amazing commendation for RESPECT

We would like to say a massive WELL DONE to these girls from Key Stage 1 for showing one of our school core values. Whilst out on their school trip yesterday a member of the public commented on how well they behaved and represented our school with the respect value.

EYC’s Autumn walk

EYC had a glorious Autumn walk today. We looked for signs of Autumn and collected lots of objects. We also saw different animals who live on the Campus.

Year 5 World Mental Health Day

This afternoon, we took part in some relaxing activities ahead of World Mental Health Day, which is on Monday. We learnt some breathing techniques. We also did some guided meditation called ‘The Waterfall’ and created a mindful breathing stick.

Year 5 Explore Forces!

In their science experiment this week, Year 5 pupils investigated the amount of force needed to move a shoe across different surfaces. They worked collaboratively to discover that tin-foil created the largest force of friction!

Community Rangers go litter picking!

Our Community Rangers met with local councillors, our PCO, the local community team, our local MP and volunteers to give the area a nice clean up. They collected many bags of rubbish. The children were unhappy with the amount of rubbish we found in their park but were happy to be leaving it in a better state. “Why can’t people just use the bins?” was an often heard question.

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