Memories from Former Pupils

I was a student here from 1979-1981 and can honestly say Southwold was the first school I really enjoyed attending. Mr Aldridge was head then. I don’t know if they realised their influence, but after so many negative experiences, the positivity of Southwold shone.

– Francine 1979

I started at the school in 1952. In those days it was known as Wollaton Road School. When I started there was only the main building, but to accommodate the baby boomers temporary huts were erecter in the yard. These were never taken down. The toilets were also out in the yard. The old Nottingham canal ran at the bottom of the playground, and we would feed the swans at break time. However, the canal was soon filled in, and on it and the adjacent land was built the Raleigh cycle works. I can remember that we children were taken down Triumph road to see the official opening performed by Field Marshall Montgomery, if I remember correctly! One of the classrooms had a ladder in it, so that access could be gained to the clock situated in the tower. A man would come periodically to wind the clock by hand. I remember the sound of the air brakes on the number 39 trolley buses that stopped outside of the school every three minutes. The school dinners were delivered in large containers. The smell of boiled cabbage lives with me to this day!

– Graham, 1952

The canal at the bottom of the yard used to get all sorts thrown into it. I remember a skipping rope one day. The heads room overlooked Wollaton Road

– Pat, 1949

This information was researched and presented by: Sophie and Kafeel

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