Celebrating 30 Years

Celebrating 30 Years

June 15th – June 19th 1998

In February 1968 Southwold Primary School opened its doors for the first time at the new school. Although the school had existed since the 1800’s under several names, it was not until 30 years ago that we moved to our new home.

30 years of photographs – the hall display

Copy of the log from the first day;

“The children met the teachers in the playground of the new school this morning. Despite a lot of excitement and happiness – a very quiet, orderly start was made in these delightful surroundings. A service was the first act together. The children then moved to their own cloakrooms.”

We held a Week of Celebration Activities

Monday 15th June – England V Tunisia in the school hall & An afternoon of activities outside.

The Hall was prepared… The children were invited… The TV was tuned…

… and we all waited with baited breath. Well, England began their France 1998 campaign with the same old story – the press thought they knew better than the coach, but things looked up after only 43 minutes. Shearer leapt superbly onto a free kick and nodded the ball into the bottom left of the Tunisian net. The children went crazy !! they were in the air – they were shouting – they were cheering. The second half looked grim for a while, after all the pressure of the first we seemed to have eased of the pedal, the Year Six children began to murmor about the lack of invention in the side – then suddenly from nowhere Scholes burst through and curled a beauty into the top right corner. 2 – 0. The children were dancing, jumping, singing.

What a way to start the school celebrations week. And for those who didn’t want to watch the football – we had an afternoon of activities outside and in the classrooms.

Tuesday 16th June – Juniors visit the Nottingham Open tennis tournament, and the infants / nursery have a tennis tournament in school

Well there’s Wimbledon, the French Open and the Australian Open – but you will never find anything as good as the Southwold Open !!
While all the junior children spent a day at the Nottingham International Mens Open, the Infants and Nursery held their own tournament…..

Thank goodness the weather improved for the tennis today !! Well, the juniors all left school at 11.00am to go and watch the professionals play – full report coming from the children soon – leaving only the infants and nursery in the whole school. Did we keep the children inside and make them work ?? Of course not – it was time to get out the nets and play tennis

We split the children into groups and set them off on their tennis activity afternoon. We had a skills session of controlling the ball on a racket / bat, an area for short tennis, a badminton court set up and ( for one group ) a game of rounders. By afternoon playtime both the children and staff were absolutely exhausted and ready for a rest !!!!

Wednesday 17th June -Sports and Stripes day – wear anything spotty or stripey!!!!

We’ve gone completely spotty in school !!! The whole school joined in today in our Spots and Stripes day – we had some wonderful costumes from the children – take a look at the clowns in the pictures below – as well as some marvellous costumes from the staff ( Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a dustbin liner and double sided sticky tape !!!). The children were amazed at, and also laughed at, a walking domino, a very large dice and a pedestrian crossing. Thank goodness for Blue Peter – it finally helped us in life!

Thursday 18th June – Disco in School Hall

Friday June 19th – The Celebration Meal on the field + Surprises galore !

Well, what a week it has been. The children are in celebration overload from all the activities they have been taking part in !  Today included surprises that they just didn’t think could happen.

The morning began as normal – children in the classes working doing number activities or writing activities ( except for the morning nursery who had a little party of their own ) – but by dinner time a sense of anticipation had begun to sweep through the school.
Our student helpers and some of the oldest children had begun to place tables onto the school field, as well as stringing up bunting that the whole school had helped make. By one o’clock parents had arrived in school and began to take food outside and place it ready for a picnic.
Finally, at two o’clock, the children were led outside and onto the field in wonderful sunshine to sit at their tables.

The Picnic began. As the children began to eat their sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps, biscuits and chocolates a strange sight grabbed their attention.  Entering the school gates and making its way onto the field was a fire engine from the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. It arrived with lights flashing to a roar of approval from all the children. The crew began to wander around the field chatting to the children while the children quickly ate their food – all of them wanting to get a closer look at the engine. Another sight turned their heads again – as this time a traffic car from the Nottinghamshire Police Force entered school and parked on the playground.

In a ( fairly ) organised way the children were led to the vehicles and allowed to look at, and in them. At the police car the children were able to switch on the lights and activate the siren, and pretend to be an officer as they dressed up in hat and jacket.

The children climbed into the fire engine and then watched as the hose was brought out and a quick demonstration of how to tackle a fire was given.

Eventually the children returned to their tables and the special 30th anniversary cake was wheeled outside.

Our school cook had made a superb cake – and we asked our secretary – who has been working at Southwold since September 1968 – to have the honour of cutting it.

The cake was then distributed to all the children, staff and helpers to enjoy.

Finally, to round of the day, we prepared to launch the balloons in our great balloon race. After the children had paid for a balloon we attached labels to them asking anyone who found one to return it to school – the furthest reply winning the owner a prize for the furthest travelling balloon.
After a slight panic about how not to lose the balloons before we were ready had been solved we announced that it was time. The balloons were cut free and allowed to travel up, up and away. The children raced across the playground following the direction they were travelling in.

The release of the balloons meant the end of our celebration day, and also our celebration week. A wonderful week – one that hopefully the children will remember for a long time to come – and one thoroughly enjoyed by all staff involved. We hope you enjoyed reading about our special time too.

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