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Year 6 – World War 2 Evacuees

Dressed as evacuees, children discovered the impact of rationing during World War II and how people adapted to deal with reduced product availability. Children discussed and compared a wartime menu with a modern-day menu before cooking two war time meals. Children used scales and measuring jugs to accurately measure different weights of food and volumes of liquid. They used mathematical vocabulary to discuss size, weight, capacity and volume. It is fair to say not everyone enjoyed their pumpkin soup or eggless sponge!

In the afternoon, Auntie Eva spoke to the children about her experiences as an Evacuee. We learnt about her time in the Chislehurst Caves, Kent, which were used as a shelter during World War 2. The children listened intently as Auntie Eva described what is was like to be a child during this difficult time for everyone. This experience will assist children in writing their emotive letters home from the perspective of an evacuee.

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