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Year 6 – Holocaust Centre visit

Today, the children had the unique opportunity to listen to Holocaust survivor Bob Norton who detailed his remarkable life journey. His testimony will serve well in deepening their knowledge and understanding of The Holocaust.

Following lunch, we entered an exhibition called The Journey, and were guided through the story of a Jewish boy during the time of The Holocaust. This was an interactive experience and gave Year 6 pupils the chance to truly reflect on their own lives and the choices they make. It also encouraged the children to live without prejudice, always be kind and to always consider the impact of their actions. We also considered how there are some children in the world today who are still being treated unjustly or are in danger from war and conflict.

We’d like to thank the centre for an excellent, informative and emotional visit, and the children too for living up to our high expectations! They were a real credit to the school – well done!

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