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Year 5 Trip To The National Space Centre, 11th January 2017

As part of our project this term, Class 5 Southwold Space Cadets, embarked on their mission to ‘Rendezvous with a Comet’.


In preparation for their mission, children joined many teams as such as; Communications, Medical, Data, Probe Mechanics, Medical  Life Support, Navigation and Remote.


Children used a wide range of skills to analyse an unknown object heading towards earth. They also built and launched a probe into space to gather more detailed data. They were truly inspired to learn more about our solar system and never stopped asking questions.


Southwold Space Cadets worked brilliantly as a team, naming the newly identified comet ‘Southwold’.


Our cadets were truly committed to their mission and made the trip a most enjoyable day for all.  Well done Class 5  – a mission to never be forgotten!


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