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Year 5 Ancient Greece Day

An excited Class 5, travelled back in time to Ancient Greece to investigate life as a Greek child!  The day commenced with pupils role playing the story of ‘Kronus: The King of the Titans’ – the beginning of the first generation of Gods and Goddesses. Fantastic drama skills were displayed by those involved, creating a highly entertaining show!

Using math skills, pupils worked as a team to solve Archimedes puzzles and played strategy games.  Followed by a quiz hunt, pupils were keen to gather more information about that period of time.  Two leaders were then chosen to persuade their fellow classmates to join either a democratic or dictator led state!

Eager to learn more, children developed their knowledge and understanding of battles between City States, soldier armour and tactics used against their enemies!  Our pupils enthusiastically repeated battle commands and actions as they performed battle training!

Finally, our exciting and fun-filled day ended with ‘The Olympics’! Boys and competed against each other to win their team crown by participating in a variety of events!  Records were broken to cheers of joy, as pupils showed great athletic skills and a determination to win!

Throughout the day all pupils displayed were truly engaged and participated in all activities.  They showed great teamwork and a genuine interest in their quest to learn more about Ancient Greece.

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