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Year 4 Residential To Newstead Abbey 11th – 12th May 2017

What a fabulous time Year 4 are having on their overnight residential at Newstead Abbey! They set off yesterday with so much luggage they nearly didn’t fit into the mini-buses!

When they arrived they set up camp and had their lunch.

They then went off to explore the grounds and took part in activities such as going inside the water fountain, rolling down a hill, skimming stones, fishing with nets, rock and tree climbing and playing on the adventure playground.  They played games such as football and hide and seek in the woods, as well as dressing up in the Abbey.

Yesterday evening the children a camp fire with camp songs and stories from a storyteller (who said they were a wonderful, engaging and lively group!).  They roasted marshmallows on the fire then walked around Newstead Abbey listening to ghost stories!!

After keeping Miss Haywood and Miss Hardy awake for most of the night, the children awoke to a soggy day but they remained in great spirits and even danced around in the rain.

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