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Year 3 build a tomb for Queen Tut

Today, children from class 3 were challenged with building and designing a magnificent tomb for Queen Tut. Working in small groups, children began the day by designing their pyramid to protect Queen Tut in her afterlife. Queen Tut insisted on several specifications that her slaves had to try and incorporate into their designs. The slaves also had to adhere to a strict budget of 10 grains to buy all their materials from the nobles.

Having discussed which materials to purchase from the shop, the children then showcased their practical skills and began to construct their designs.

Later in the day, Queen Tut herself inspected the builds and suggested a few areas for improvement. Each design then had to withstand the ‘sandstorm test’ to see if they had met the specification. A very busy day was enjoyed by all!

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  • Southwold Primary School - Nottingham