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Southwold musician’s assembly

What an entertaining assembly seeing the children from Classes 4,5 and 6 performing to the whole school audience.

Thank you to the teachers from the Nottingham Music Hub for making this possible.

 This term the pupils in year 4 have learned to:

Sing with an awareness of breathing in order to support the voice in longer phrases

Sing with an increasing awareness of tone of voice and shape of the melody

Sing with musical expression

Control basic instrumental technique (blowing and tonguing/strumming, holding instruments correctly)

Develop the skills to play in time with a backing track

Learn short melodies by ear

Continue to pitch a range of notes accurately

Listen attentively to recorded music and identify musical details

Play in a range of styles

 This term the pupils in year 5 have learned to:

Sing confidently in a variety of styles with increased control of longer phrases through breath support and good diction

Hold a part in a instrumental ensemble when others are performing different parts

Follow a conductor to achieve accurate starts and endings

Begin to develop understanding of 5 line stave as a way of representing pitch (maybe start with one or two lines)

 This term the pupils in year 6 have learned to:

Show awareness of blending and balancing with other performers

Hold own part in an instrumental ensemble

Follow hand signals from a conductor

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