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Science Club For Years 5 And 6

Science Club is delivered by The Nottingham University for pupils in year 5 and 6.  Here is a summary of what they’ve been learning:

Week 1: Fruit DNA



Science club is so fun! We learnt about DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). Did you know that if you unravelled all your DNA you can reach the moon 6000 times! The people from the University were very helpful.

(Abdullah, Kaddi, Rudeina Year 6)

Week 2: Onion Cells


We peeled off a thin layer of cells from an onion. Then stained it with some ink and looked at the cells through a microscope.

Week 3: Surface Tension


We put water on a plate and then sprinkled some pepper onto the water. Next, we put some washing up detergent on our finger and placed it in the water. It was like magic the pepper moved around the side of the plate.


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