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Lego Lunar Based Town

As Class 5 continue to plan their relocation package to the moon, they spent the morning learning about town infrastructure.


With a visit form Lego Town Planners,  children enthusiastically discussed the needs of a new lunar  base! Their professional minds identified the need for: houses, schools, hospitals, shops and recreation- to name just a few!


Using their architectural skills and dynamic teamwork, they created state-of-the-art futuristic buildings! The children’s next challenge was  to  extended their town to include transportation. This included aspects like goods and people (local and outer space travel!). With roads fit for moon buggies and runways for space shuttles, our budding planners continued to excel with their imagination.


Our final lunar base is a dream destination for any future traveller!  A fantastic day was enjoyed by all. Well done Class 5!

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  • Southwold Primary School - Nottingham