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Freedom Foundation Dance Factory

Pupils from Years 3 and 4, enjoyed the first Freedom Factory Dance workshop this week. They used their co-ordination, listening and dance skills to learn a dance routine. Pupils also wrote their own verse describing why they are special and unique, which they shared with others pupils.

The workshops will introduce children to:

  • To street dance and hip-hop techniques, helping them to learn routines and construct songs and empowering them to perform along with understanding how to construct their own songs or raps, introduce topics, encouraging discussion and sharing, learning from others and inspiration for creative projects.
  • To  wellbeing tools and techniques to help children develop positive coping strategies to manage their wellbeing
  • To understand that social media does not define them and enable children to value their self-worth and understand that you don’t have to be “Liked” to be liked.
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  • Southwold Primary School - Nottingham