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Forest School Outing

Recently at Forest School we have had the chance to take a group to explore Wollaton Park.  We had a great time identifying all the trees on the walk to the park and searching for animal tracks in the mud.

The light was incredible in the park…


…and we found some interesting fungus.


We had a lovely picnic.


We really enjoyed playing dobby hide and seek in the woods too.  Then we went to explore the lake and see what birds we could find whilst we were there.There were swans, ducks, gulls, moorhens and coots, but the most exciting thing we found was MUD!!

We found a hollow tree that we could all fit inside and met a birdwatcher who told us all about the siskins that were perching in it. We had already seen: Great Tits, Long-tailed Tits, a Wren and a Heron (unfortunately my photography isn’t good enough to have captured these on film!)

Then we found a huge muddy puddle. (We were nearly late back to school!!)654 876

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