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EYC- Is A Goody Always Good?

This term we are learning all about traditional stories with our question being, “Is a goody always  good?” To start the project, the staff did a performance of “Jack and the Beanstalk”, for the children to watch.  The children really enjoyed the play and they were very excited to start the project.  They could not wait to start acting out the story for themselves.

We have also been making our, giant beanstalk for the display and the children have been busy using different media and painting techniques to make leaves.

The lovely Mr Rowland came into EYC to help the children plant their own beanstalks.

The Adventurers have had fun planting beanstalks and watching them grow.

Miss Whiley and the children have been talking about what they think a giant looks like. They did some transient art to make a giant and his wife.

The children have also been using their, “fixing and fastening” skills to make split pin giants.

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