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EYC-Goldilocks And The Three Bears 27/06/2017

Over the last two weeks, EYC have been looking at the book ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’.  Our school cook, Mrs Parr, came into class to show the children how to make porridge for the three bears and for the children to try. Mrs Dean took some of the children to Lidl to buy some porridge oats!

The Trekkers and Rainbows used some of the porridge oats to make flapjacks.

The Adventurers made bear biscuits.

Mrs Parr made porridge for EYC and the three bears.

While the porridge was cooling. The children went outside to look for the three bears.

When the three bears and the children went back inside to eat the porridge, the children discovered that Goldilocks had eaten all of baby bears porridge and broken his chair!

The children really enjoyed eating their porridge and ate it all up.

The Adventures have been busy pretending to make their own porridge and acting out the story.

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