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EYC- Celebration week

What lovely week we have had this week in EYC.  We have been celebrating and learning all about different cultures and celebrations.  It started  on Monday, when we learned all about Bonfire night.  The children made their own rockets out of toilet tubes and created their own firework paintings.  On Wednesday, we celebrated Diwali.  We learned all about the Diwali story and acted it out.  We used clay to make divas and showed them to the rest of the school during our Diwali assembly. As a special treat Krishav and his Mummy told us how they celebrate Diwali and showed us some Bangra dancing. They wore their special celebration clothes. They looked spectacular.  On Thursday we did finger painting and handprints to make poppy wreaths. We learned all about Remembrance Day and why poppies are worn.

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